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Posted: May 7, 2021

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Teenage Mistress Destiny has been training Her slave in the different basics of slave training, such as foot worship and ass worship, and now is conducting a training session of breath control. She requires Her slaves to hold their breath up to two minutes at a time while orally servicing Her sacred pussy, asshole or both at the same time.
The slave has been secured on his back, in sensory deprivation and completely helpless. Mistress enters the dungeon clad in just a little black sports bra and a pair of bright red metallic booty shorts. She explains the slave’s task:
“We’re going to work on your breath control under my perfect pussy and ass, slave. And I better hear some appreciation for what I’m doing for you.”
She lowers Her big, beautiful, round ass onto his face, cutting of his oxygen to both his mouth and nose and muffling his complaints. She starts smothering him and lets him up for air after 10 seconds, to see his reaction. He tells Her it was no big deal and She just giggles lightly. Then immediately, without warning, She sits back down on him while he’s still catching his breath from the first one.
She takes him through 30, 40, 50 and then finally tells him he’d better get ready for a full minute. She plops Her plump, round cheeks onto his face, his head almost completely disappearing, as She puts Her FULL WEIGHT on to his face, while viciously yanking on his leash and collar. He barely makes it through the 60 seconds, thrashing around desperately for air but She is merciless. She finally walks off, leaving the sobbing slave to recover for the next session.


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