Mixed Fighting – ScissorVixens – ‘SEXY SARAH BROOKE’S SAVAGE SCISSORS!’ – Sarah Brooke

 ScissorVixens  SEXY SARAH BROOKES SAVAGE SCISSORS   Sarah Brooke  preview

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SEXY Sarah Brooke finally returns to ScissorVixens and WOW…what a return it is!
When we first worked with Sarah she was relatively new to the scene although she did have some competitive catfighting experience and was known for being for very good at kicking other girl’s assess!
So she decided it was time to use her ass-kicking skills on men as well and what better way than to use her deceivingly POWERFUL THIGHS!
When you first meet Sarah…you’d never imagine the power she can generate between her thighs at only 105 pounds but trust us, and the poor victim in this video, her KNOCKOUT POWER IS VERY REAL!
In fact, within less than 10 seconds of Sarah’s SAVAGE front head scissors…he went to sleep…a COMPLETE KNOCKOUT!
It took a few seconds for him to come around and when he did…he clearly had that ‘Where the fuck am I!?’ look on his face!
I reminded him to tap out whenever he has to and boy did her ever tap out…a lot…for the remainder of his torturous time between Sarah’s SAVAGE SCISSORS!
And there were several moments no matter how frantically he was tapping out, Sarah just ignored him and kept the pressure coming!
He was scheduled to go through 20 minutes of SCISSOR HELL but at some point bit his tongue and lip from clinching his teeth so hard in response to the BRUTAL PRESSURE of Sarah’s ANACONDAS!
So, after watching Sarah DESTROY him from behind the camera…I VERY RELUCTANTLY decided to take the last few minutes of PUNISHMENT and was very happy it was only for a few minutes!
She had me tapping out in seconds and good lord…her figure-4’s and across-the-throat scissors are INSTANT LIGHTS OUT!
So check out SEXY Sarah Brooke showing she’s as SAVAGE as any in ‘SEXY Sarah Brooke’s SAVAGE SCISSORS!’.


Foot Licking – GODDESS REA LONGEST LEGS – REA – Play Dirty – Worship My Dirty Socks! – Ankle Socks Worship And Domination

 GODDESS REA LONGEST LEGS  REA  Play Dirty  Worship My Dirty Socks  Ankle Socks Worship And Domination  preview

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After cleaning my muddy sneakers, I command my slave to remove them and I stay on my socks. They are very dirty as I removed my shoes when I was at the park and I was walking on my socks. My stupid slave complains that he washed my socks and now they are so dirty and his answer is my feet on his face! I kick and stomp his face hard and I smother him, pressing my feet in my sexy ankle socks. He has to worship my socks and lick my soles, trying to wash with his tongue. Of course is impossible, so he gets more domination. At the end, I remove my socks and put them in his mouth, using it as a sock washing machine!