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Female Supremacy – Mz. Devious starring in video ‘Butt Fucked by a Woman’

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I take it you’re looking for a woman to entertain that lifeless, drooping dick hanging between your pale, hairy legs? Surely, I could just take your ca$h, undress, coo and pretend to treat it like the prize you THINK it is. But, I’m not here to stroke your ego. Truth is, nobody gives a fuck about your dick, except you. That unsightly flesh appendage couldn’t fuck its way out of a paper bag. Yes, you suck at fucking. Bend over bitch, let me show you my dick skills, school you on how to fuck like a man. Make you stroke to my pretty pink dildo, as I cock-smack that smug look off your face. Do not stop jerking, until you spew a cum puddle of shame. Once done, I’ll give you a few moments to collect your thoughts and hunt down your dignity.

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Mz Berlin Billy DeWitt Gabriel Dalessandro starring in video FUCK HUBBYS FACE UNTIL HES TURNED GAY of Banana Jacks studio preview

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Cuckold Wife Berlin is not happy with the ho-hum sex life with hubby. So She brings home a nice hard cock to Make Hubby Bi. She’s going to make him get Face Fucked, whether he agrees or not. She fish-hooks his mouth and shoves it onto her boyfriends dick. She’s going to spank his ass while he has to suck cock. Her boyfriend gets to suck her big tits, while hubby has to suck his balls. She makes him bark like a . She slaps his face and crams his mouth to gag on dick, until he’s on the verge of tears. He’s not going to get laid. He’s only going to make Wife’s Boyfriends Cum, and then have to eat it all. He loves his Wife, so she makes him Gay.


Slave Duties – Ms. Lexi Chase and Princess Amber starring in video ‘The Lesser Beings’ of ‘THE MEAN GIRLS’ studio

Ms Lexi Chase and Princess Amber starring in video The Lesser Beings of THE MEAN GIRLS studio preview

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After a long day of shooting at the Manor, Princess Amber and I were sitting around, talking, taking selfies, and discussing how amazing it is that Our wants and needs are completely tended to by loser beta males and how they sacrifice nearly everything for US! Just take these two sad sacks for example; instead of having any real useful purpose, We use them as chairs as We reflect on the day and consider what to do later tonight. These idiots just sit there quietly being objectified and abused while We mock and taunt them.
And then the stupid ginger one had the gall to say its back was hurting. OMFG??? Are you kidding Me bitch? You’re a fucking chair. CHAIRS DO NOT TALK SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Needless to say, this just inspired more abuse and degradation from Amber and I and even Platinum joined in on the taunting from behind the camera. The bald one that Amber was sitting was sweating like an NBA All-Star after barely 10 minutes, and My god are these things so beneath Us (Literally and Figuratively…)
Check out the clip to see what happens when Mean Girls sit around and gossip about slaves, previos other slaves, Our boyfriends, Alpha and Beta males, and how pretty much everyone in the world who isn’t a Mean Girl, is beneath Us, and truly a Lesser Being…


Step-mommy Domme – ‘Mommies Baby Boy’ of ‘Lindsey Leigh Addiction’ studio

Mommies Baby Boy of Lindsey Leigh Addiction studio preview

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Step-Mommy is back and pushing your limits even further. I want you to be my baby. Sucking a pacifier, using a diaper and letting me change you. Step-Mommy always knows whats best for her step-son, come suck on mommies titties. “I am going to take care of you and take complete control baby” I say it over and over like a nursery rhyme. I want your potty privileges to be up to me. I want that ass to belong to me. Dont you want to be a good boy for step-mommy?