Slave Training – Miss Lexi Chase, Princess Amber, Goddess Platinum starring in video ‘Miss Lexi Chase Breaks Balls For The First Time’ of ‘THE MEAN GIRLS’ studio

Miss Lexi Chase Princess Amber Goddess Platinum starring in video Miss Lexi Chase Breaks Balls For The First Time of THE MEAN GIRLS studio preview

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So you know we have another hot new Mean Girl who joined, Miss Lexi Chase!!! As you see there are also always new slaves replacing the old and worn out out ones we invariably bury in the desert… lol…. So on Miss Lexi Chase’s first day as a Mean Girl, We had a few new losers to break in as well…. And what better way to do so than by showing them what their future holds with one of our ballbusting slaves propped up on a few stools and his pathetic little cock and balls dangling below ready for any we choose to inflict…. Hahahaha
So after getting the loser restrained and in position, Princess Amber and Lexi drag in the two new losers and position them so they can watch the action as it happens. First, I demonstrate how to ball bust a loser and crush his fragile boy parts so Lexi gets the hang of things and doesn’t risk hurting her foot (Because why would we ever risk hurting ourselves to fuck up a pathetic slave???)
Anyway, after giving him a good kick, I let the girls have their fun and watch as Lexi gets better and better with each passing kick. And all the while these two other losers are to watch and listen as tour cbt bitch gets his pathetic balls destroyed. But guess what? Even just watching was way too much for one of these pathetic ass sissies…. So despite starting the day with one new Mean Girl and two potential new slaves, we only added one of each as the slave quickly bitched out, begged to be let go, and cried and pleaded until deciding to cough up more cash to buy his freedom from Mean Girl Servitude….
Buy the clip to see who stays, who goes, and how badly this loser gets his balls kicked into his throat by myself, my niece Princess Amber, and her bestie, the new Mean Girl Miss Lexi Chase…


Pegging – Miss Lana Wolf starring in video ‘Spitroasting the slave’

Miss Lana Wolf starring in video Spitroasting the slave preview

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SPITROASTING THE SLAVE with Miss Lana Wolf | This pathetic sub drove me 5hours, all the way to Scotland, just to visit Miss Lana Wolf’s dungeon. He thinks he’s brave enough to handle two dommes, but how do you think he takes it when we start spanking him, degrading him, sitting on his face, and fucking his ass and mouth with our big strap ons??


Fists – Miss Kelly starring in video ‘Mega Plug Booster – Part 3’ of ‘Carmen Rivera’ studio

Miss Kelly starring in video Mega Plug Booster  Part 3 of Carmen Rivera studio preview

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Where ever, London or Geneva – the fist fits! Baroness Carmen follows an invitation to the capital of England. Together with Miss Miranda, they show novice Zoe the anal depths of this world. Zoe moves into a bizarre new world as she places her foot for the first time into a slippery slaves ass. After this fuck-you-dead with an arm and a leg, her Baroness jets straight to Switzerland FI®ST CLASS where the next hungry bowels are waiting for a hand shake until his ass breaks. When the Baroness and Miss Kelly drill an ass dildos get to be available by the yard. A horny fuck with her girlfriend rounds the day off nicely. Baroness di Rivera knows what men and women want. Oh dear all it needs is hand and foot! (3 of 4)