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Posted: April 16, 2022

Bellas Wrestling World  BWW015 Maxxis Little Ass Slave  preview

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Maxxi, a dominating little girl, will stop at nothing to get what her heart desires. If you don’t listen she will make your life miserable. Today she steps on the mats in her cute lace bra and thong, ready to face Bella. Bella loses her balance when she locks up and fights for control. Maxxi makes the most of this and slowly climbs up into a reverse faceit. Maxxi gives Bella a full do of her antics once she is fully planted. Bella is impressed with her perfectly toned, perfectly tanned ass. Maxxi asks Bella for a massage, but she refuses. Maxxi continues to instill more ass in Bella’s face, sometimes even ignoring Bella’s taps. Maxxi shakes Bella’s head and grabs her own genitals. Bella heard Bella gasp for air as her blonde tormentor continued to smother her. Maxxi refused to give up. She took her victim’s arm and forced her to grab her ass. Maxxi became quite happy and somewhat obsessed with Maxxi. Maxxi twerks with Bella, and rubs her stomach all over her face. Bella was forced to rub Maxxi’s ass. Maxxi finally lets Bella go by kissing her cheeks. Maxxi is satisfied with Bella’s performance and walks away, hoping to have another encounter. This is as sexy, as hell. Watching Maxxi rub Bella’s twerks and play with her genitals was amazing.


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