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Posted: July 1, 2022

 Evolved Fights  Dakota Marr vs Will Havoc  preview

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Will Havoc has good days and bad days here on the mats. He has his share of victories as well has his share of losses. He’s taking on a Rookie today. A tiny little thing from Nebraska who has never wrestled a day in her life. Please welcome Dakota Marr. Now I know that by looking at Dakota, and knowing that her wrestling name is “Unicorn Sprinkles” you’re thinking she’s got nothing for Will Havoc. Dakota nearly gasses herself out in round 1. She comes out hard and with little reward. Will is able to deflect her and throw her around like a little rag doll. The size and skill disadvantage that Dakota has does nothing to deter her. She keeps coming at Will as if she were an amazon warrior. She wears him down and eventually, and this is fucking crazy, she gets a tied match at the end of 3 rounds of wrestling. This match ends up going to a tiebreaker sex fight. These two are given 20 minutes to make each other cum. The only rule really being that all sexual things must be mutual and simultaneous so that no one has a disadvantage. That allows for penis in vagina sex, and 69 oral. This is just crazy, the outcome is completely unpredictable and unprecedented. You simply will not believe this one! All you need to know is someone wins and fucks the loser in the ass and the winner makes the loser kiss their muscles and then makes them crawl off the mat like a little bitch.


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