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Posted: April 28, 2021

Domina Planet  Your Name Is Yoga Mat III   Queen Violet Viper preview

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Teen-Queen Violet Viper has been training Her pain slave over the last few weeks and now She wants to take him through some of the other basic slave skills that he will need to learn in order to properly serve and please his female owner; in this case, via breath control and smothering.
Violet strolls into the dungeon wearing just a pair of tight white booty shorts and a bra, with the slave already bound spread eagle on the floor, a pair of spreader bars holding his arms and legs wide apart, a collar and leash on his neck. She tells the slave what today’s training entails:
“Do you think you can hold your breath a long time slave? Long enough to service and worship my perfect ass and juicy pussy? You’d better be, because we’re about to find out. Start off by planting a slow, loving kiss on each ass cheek to display the proper reverence for My royal ass. Now smell it…does it smell good?”
She straddles his head, Her round ass descending onto his hapless face. He starts showering Her ass with kisses, one after the other, thanking Her each time. She seems to enjoy this and has him continue for a while, planting more and more passionate kisses on Her bubble butt. Then She announces that his breath control training will commence and begins with a short smother session of 10 seconds, which he passes without a hitch. Then She decides to amp things up a bit. She lifts up Her long arm, revealing Her deep armpits soaked in sweat. She pushes Her armpit into the face of the slave:
“My armpits are soaked with sweat and smelling pretty ripe after my long workout, slave. Smell them”
He inhales deeply, his nose wrinkling at the stong scent. But She mashes Her armpit down hard onto his face and mouth, sealing it against his airways and telling him:
“Kiss it, lick it, do you smell it slave? Is it a strong smell? It IS! Lick it clean! – you’re nothing but human deodorant to me. Just a trash can for my bodily waste!”
He eagerly french-kisses Her armpit, slurping away as She counts down 15 seconds under Her steamy armpit. She makes sure that he licks every inch before giving it the sniff test and then lifting up the other one for him to lick clean also, which he does in short order.
“We’re going to move up to 20 seconds under my royal ass. I want you to beg me to smother you, slave.”
“Please Goddess, honor me with Your royal ass!”
Which of course She does, mashing Her sweet ass down hard onto his hapless face. It disappears inside the cheeks of Her booty short-covered ass, his nose and mouth hopelessly sealed against Her moist and fragrant crotch. She wiggles it back and forth as he maintains his composure, but he starts to struggle a little as She gets to 20 seconds.
She hikes up Her hot booty shorts in Her crotch, giving Herself a deep camel-toe, and then slams Her crotch onto the slave’s face, starting a countdown to 30 seconds. As he struggles for breath around 20 seconds or so, She starts laughing and grinding even harder:
“I love the feeling of you struggling for breath under my asshole, it makes me so wet!”
Finally, She peels Her shapely ass off of him and as he struggles to get his wind back, drops Her shorts-covered pussy down onto his mouth and starts off a count to 40 seconds, wiggling back and forth while he strains and squirms. When She lets him have oxygen finally his breathing comes in gasps as he struggles to get his wind back before She starts the next round.
She finally announces he will go to a full minute, which causes him to whine audibly but She just flogs him a few times to shut him up. She then plops down onto his face, sealing his airways and erasing his protests. As he struggles through the count, She holds his head down between Her legs, ensuring that his mouth and nose are sealed tightly against Her moist crotch, with no chance of breathing.
As he chokes and gags back to life after the count, She announces that today’s session is through but tomorrow the time will double. She walks out of the dungeon, leaving the slave to contemplate tomorrow.,, online, femdom online, femdom tube, download, FACE SITTING, FACE SITTING online, FACESITTING, FACESITTING online, ASS SMOTHERING, ASS SMOTHERING online, BREAST SMOTHERING, BREAST SMOTHERING online, BIG BUTTS, BIG BUTTS online, smotherbox, smotherbox online, smother, smother online, pussy licking, pussy licking online, pussy worship, pussy worship online, ass licking, ass licking online, ass worship, ass worship online, ass smelling, ass smelling online, ASS GRINDING, ASS GRINDING online, face squatting, face squatting online,


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