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Posted: March 22, 2022

Domina Planet  Human Goddess Jaceys Buttplug IV preview

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Goddess Jacey’s favorite pastime is sitting on a hapless and helpless, inferior male face. She loves feeling the pig struggle for breath while simultaneously struggling even harder to please Her always-hungry holes; namely, Her pussy and ass. Although She regularly cums via pussy worship and cleaning, She wants to experience and ANAL orgasm and has tasked Her ass slave with the job.
She has the slave splayed out on his back, with his hands chained over his head while She sits atop his chest. She explains to him his task:
“Slave, your job is to give me an anal orgasm, and then after that, many others on a regular basis. A Woman’s G-Spot is connected to Her anus, so you will focus on extra-deep, tongue fucking, and exploring of my colon. Start by saying hello to your Mistress Brown with a nice, soft kiss”
She turns around on his chest with Her glorious ass in his face. She grasps both cheeks with Her hands and spreads Her big ass WIDE open. The slave plants a gentle, delicate kiss directly on the wrinkled brown starfish, causing Her to moan with pleasure and just say “Again” over and over. Then She has the slave stop, and She reaches back and spreads Her cheeks even wider, causing Her asshole to gape open. She orders him:
“Now give Mistress Brown a deep, french kiss, good. Now, push that tongue in deep, then put your tongue back in your mouth and swallow. Don’t forget your job as my personal bidet is always in effect. Don’t you DARE put a dirty tongue in my body!”
After several deep, soul kisses with Her asshole, She orders the pig to start licking the hole in earnest, which he does. She starts rocking back onto his face, smothering him and burying him in Her ass. She tells him to lick harder and harder as She fucks his face with Her ass. He starts making loud slurping sounds, which cause Her to start screaming at him to swallow and “Flush the toilet”
Finally, She tells him:
“Now, stick your tongue out straight and hard, and don’t you DARE take it out of my asshole. I’m gonna fuck your face with my ass and then I will smother you with it so you can focus on my pleasure and get your tongue in deep.”
She pulls Her cheeks apart and orders him to stick his tongue out straight, while She backs Her open asshole onto his tongue. Get busy in there place. Think of yourself as an anal explorer; kinda like an anal Magellan, your gonna explore every inch of my rectum. It’s your natural place”,, online, femdom online, femdom tube, download, FACE SITTING, FACE SITTING online, FACESITTING, FACESITTING online, ASS SMOTHERING, ASS SMOTHERING online, BREAST SMOTHERING, BREAST SMOTHERING online, BIG BUTTS, BIG BUTTS online, smotherbox, smotherbox online, smother, smother online, pussy licking, pussy licking online, pussy worship, pussy worship online, ass licking, ass licking online, ass worship, ass worship online, ass smelling, ass smelling online, ASS GRINDING, ASS GRINDING online, face squatting, face squatting online,


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