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Posted: April 28, 2021

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18 Year-Old Queen Carter is in Her first year at Femdom University and so far Her favorite topic is degradation. She just loves – no it makes Her absolutely WET, to degrade an inferior male slave to nothing more than an object for Her use and amusement; including as an everyday utility in place of traditional objects. Like toilet paper. Queen is regally seated on Her porcelain throne, having just had a large bowel movement. She takes the toilet paper off the roll and hides it away, and then calls out an order for Her slave to come and assist Her. The slave shuffles in the bathroom on his knees, leash in his mouth, like a good pet. She announces to the slave: “Well my little slave, you’ve actually done a good job in learning the basics of worshipping My divine pussy and sacred asshole, but now it’s time to step up to the next level; you will now learn how to properly CLEAN my most intimate parts. As you can obviously smell – and I know you DO love that smell – I have just taken a rather large dump. You will clean me.” She spreads Her sweet cheeks wide, revealing a recently-used, smeary asshole. “Yes Mistress, but where is the toilet paper?” “There is none – you will lick me clean slave; this is your new duty every time I take a dump.” The slave screeches in disgust but She sternly warns the slave that disobedience is not an option as She yanks his leash hard, pulling his face into Her gorgeous, round – but filthy – asshole. He continues to wail, but She smacks him on the side of the head, getting his attention – and then She pulls so hard on the leash his face become pressed into Her crack and he has no choice but to stick out his tongue. As soon as it makes contact with his Mistress’ dirty ass he emits a howl of disgust and starts gagging. She warns him to keep it down and not throw up: “LICK AND SWALLOW, SLAVE. LICK AND SWALLOW.” He is gagging, mewling in disgust but She just keeps on pushing his head in further, yelling at him to get it clean, get in deeper. He keeps lapping away and She periodically makes him swallow to ensure that he is ingesting every last bit of it. She tells him: “Tongue fuck my asshole, bitch!” Which he does with gusto, his tongue going in and out of Her ass like a piston. But then She lets loose with long soft fart into his face and tongue. He howls in disgust but this angers Her and She demands: “You’d fucking better start loving that smell slave, because it’s going to be something you’ll be smelling a lot more of” She then rips a slow, long hissing fart directly into the slave’s face. He can’t move his head away because She has a firm hold on his leash, and he struggles but has no choice but to inhale Her ass gas. She lets him start licking again and then lets loose with a massive wet fart onto his tongue, he retches and screeches but She darkly warns him to shut up and learn to enjoy it, because it will become a big part of his life soon. She blasts him with no less than four FARTS into his mouth and nose. She finally realizes the limitations that Her current ass-cleaning position won’t allow and She wants the slave to leave Her colon smelling as fresh as a spring day. He fails at the white toilet paper test, so She has him lay on the bathroom floor and sits Her ass on his face, making him stick his tongue deep, deep into the inner recesses of Her rectal cavity. Finally after the slave has had his face fucked by Her dirty ass and he groaning in pain, She is satisfied; She feels so much better, so She walks off, leaving the smelly, beaten wreck of a slave to compose himself in time to service Her next demand.
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