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Posted: March 22, 2022

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Goddess Abigail is now attempting to make Her assassin a fully-fledged toilet. After a massive dump, She is now sitting on Her porcelain throne and calling Her slave. Get the FUCK INSIDE HERE, NOW! He moves in complete pet gear, including mittens, kneepads, and a puppy face mask. As she sits on Her porcelain throne and tells the slave, “Slave,” as you’re aware, is an inferior being who also owns my bitch. As such, you must worship and revere all that my superior body produces. My big, round, and muscular sex, which I clearly just did. She attaches a leash to his collar and fastens his mittens behind his back. Standing up, she asks the slave to sniff the toilet. He leans forward slightly and sniffs hesitantly. She pulls the mask off his nose and pushes him toward the toilet. “Get closer slave. That smell must penetrate your lungs.” …” She continues to push the slave’s head toward the toilet hole, eventually pushing it into the bowl. Finally, she closes the lid on him. He begins to scream in shock, humiliation. However, She covers her head and then sits down with all of Her weight. Finally, she pulls him aside and informs him that he needs to clean up Her dirty, recently-used sexhole. She tugs at Her cheeks and pulls on the leash hard. He is pulled into Her genitals. “Lick it clean! Slave!” He is coughing and retching. She maintains the tension and holds the leash. Flush the toilet. Now, get up, bitch. I’m going on your tongue to give you a slave tongue enema. The slave lies on the bathroom floor. She spreads Her cheeks out and starts to ride his tongue. She faces him and begins to fuck her with Her genitals. After telling her that it was clean, she finally gets up. She then wipes Her underarms with some white toiletpaper. “Ugh! You can’t even use toilet paper. Perhaps a night in the toilet with your head in it will inspire you for next time. She puts her head in the toilet bowl and attaches the leash to the toilet paper holder. She turns off the light and goes about her day, exclaiming:


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