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Posted: June 9, 2021

Domina Planet  Dating Mistress Brown   Mistress Ravyn Alexa preview

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HeadMistress Ravyn Alexa has a training session with Her ass slave in the dungeon; so She has him chained to a sex chair, his face directly underneath, so that he may have full access to Her entire glorious 40-inch ass and anus. The slave is equipped with a mobile camera so that he may be critiqued, graded and punished for any flaws whatsoever in the pathetic ass-kissing slave’s service.
She tells the slave that She doesn’t feel that he’s been taking his slavery to Her perfect ass seriously enough. So She tells him that he will now treat Her ass as his Mistress, and Her name is Mistress Brown. But NOT SO FAST She tells him:
“Mistress Brown is a virgin, and is shy. You will need to court Her like a lover, bring Her flowers, compliment Her, tell Her how good She smells, that sort of thing. Then you will start nuzzling Her with your nose, whispering ‘sweet nothings’ in Her ear…Ok, good, now give Her a very light, tender kiss. Now give Her some tongue…Good, good ass bitch”
She makes him start french kissing Her big beautiful ass, sticking his tongue deeper and deeper into the inner recesses of Her wrinkled brown starfish. He tells Her how beautiful She looks tonight, he showers Her with tender kisses and then finally is giving Her deep, deep french kisses. Miss Ravyn starts to obviously enjoy it more and more, as She starts bouncing up and down, harder and harder on the ass slave’s face. When his tongue isn’t far enough out, She flogs his cock and balls, making him scream in agony, only to get a mouthful of ass slamming down onto him and cutting off his air.
She spreads Her big cheeks wide open, ensuring the deepest penetration of his pointed tongue into the inner sanctum of Her rectum and colon. She continually screeches at him to keep his tongue out and hard.
She parks Her big ass down, smothering him to close out the clip to the next torment…
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