Ass Smelling – AstroDomina – DOMINATING MY STALKER feat Astrodomina

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You’re getting ready for bed at home, after another day spent stalking Sydney. To your shock, she shows up and is suddenly standing in front of you in your room! Not knowing what to do, you just stand there dumbfounded. She’s been onto you this entire time! Not only that, she’s apparently better than you at this, because she got access to all your accounts and your computer and found all your twisted fetish porn!
Too bad for you huh? Now she’s threatening to show your boss and everyone what sick fetishes you jerk off to! She did notice you had a lot of porn focusing on socks and feet. She dangles her foot right in front of you, getting up closer and closer.. you’re almost mesmerized.. WHACK! She kicks you right in the nuts! You double over in pain and she kicks you a few more times.
Not such a big fan of her feet now are you? She toys with your cock some more then kicks you again and again! You crumple to the floor and she just stands on you. Now what are you going to do? She has all your personal info, you can’t even fight her. She orders you to smell her shoes, kiss her feet and smell her ass.
She’s really got you by the balls now. Hopefully this will teach you not to stalk people who just might stalk you back..