Ass Smelling – Domina Planet – Ass Re-Orientation IV – Queen Babette

Domina Planet  Ass ReOrientation IV   Queen Babette preview

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Queen Babette is weaning Her slave off of Her sacred pussy and training the slave to instead crave Her pungent anus. She wants the slave to enjoy the smell, taste, texture, and the experience of sucking and licking Her unwashed asshole, just like it does Her sweet smelling pussy. She has the slave secured to a rack and in sensory deprivation. She tips the slaves head back and jammed its nose into Her sweet pussy She orders it:
“Slave, first you will plant gentle kisses on my right ass cheek and then my left ass cheek; gentle light kisses. Then you will plant one soft kiss directly on my puckered asshole. Slowly, like a lover. A long, lingering, love kiss. Because She is your new Mistress. Slave, meet your new owner, Mistress Brown”
The slave introduces itself to Her anus after performing the required kisses telling Her caviar stained rectum:
“Oh thank You so much! I’m so honored to meet You Mistress Brown please accept my fondest affections“
But it isn’t sincere enough or earnest enough to impress Queen Babette. She starts cropping the slave who starts to scream immediately. Then She tells the slave to French kiss Her unwashed asshole. The slave kisses Her asshole again, pushing its tongue deep up into Her sphincter. She orders the slave to start tongue punching Her anus in and out. She takes the slave off of the rack and stands on a chair, making the slave kneel in front of Her ass and start paying homage to Her brown starfish with more deep soul kisses and tongue fucking.
She has the slave lay on its back so She can straddle the slave’s face and drive its tongue deeper into Her rectal cavity. Meanwhile, The slave’s nose is plastered to Her wet cunt with Her full body weight, and it can’t breathe. She starts fucking its nose back-and-forth, screeching at the slave to get its tongue deeper and deeper into Her asshole, flogging the slave to compel it farther and farther.
She suddenly tells the slave She has a treat for it and tells the slaves to open its mouth. She blasts a fart directly into the slave’s mouth, causing it to scream and gag in disgust but She plants Her ass down onto its face ensuring that it will inhale every bit of Her tangy fart. She tells the slave that She wants it to keep digging its tongue in Her ass hole, and to clean up any residue that may have been expelled along with Her gaseous emission. She treats the slave to two more farts before becoming bored with the slave leaving it to stew in Her juices.