Ass Smelling – Goddess Amelia starring in video ‘You need It, you’re a TOILET’ of ‘Club Stiletto’ studio

Goddess Amelia starring in video You need It youre a TOILET of Club Stiletto studio preview

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Goddess Amelia is on her discipline bench waving and bouncing her ass around… because she knows you like that. Imagine being allowed to kiss that big fleshy butt or having it on your face. She turns and hooks her finger at you and tells you to come closer. “Get in here I need my ass sniffed” she says. She pulls up her skirt so you get her full ass and she even tells you she left it extra dirty for you. Nothing worse than a woman right out of the shower, all their essence washed away. Amelia also makes sure you get the full pleasure of her godly smells. She grinds her ass and thrusts it in your face. You’re in heaven. She then pulls the fabric of her onesie to the side and spreads her butt cheeks so you get a perfect up close view of her sweet pink hole. “I know this is what you want, you want to lick it, stick your tongue in it, and hope that I schl1t in your mouth” she says. She tells you to admire how big and beautiful her ass is and she shakes it some more. If you’re into soles while you get a fair bit of that here too. “What would you do for a taste of that, sell your soul to the devil?” she asks about her ass and adds “Just like this guy” and now the camera pulls back and we see she has a slave under the bench. He is there for when she needs to use a toilet.
She gets up and removes the top layer of the bench and we can see there are holes in the bench exposing all his tender spots, nipples, cock and balls and of course his mouth. She pulls his nipples and punches his balls and then puts her ass over the round hole just above his face. She unsnaps the lower part of her onesie and waves her ass some more before sitting down. She sits down and then the camera angle changes so you now have the slaves point-of-view, on the ground looking up at her butt, pussy and asshole. She looks down between her legs and tells you to lift your head up and to stick your tongue in her ass to loosen her up. “You fucking toilet you need my schl1t and don’t forget it” she says. She rubs her pussy and fingers her asshole, even sticking a finger it, removing it and telling you to lick it. “What would people think if they saw you now?” she asks. A wet fart sneaks out and now she is ready to empty herself. “Open up… wide” she tells you.