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Posted: August 30, 2020
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The Queendom  100 Degree Ass  preview

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Its been a long, hot, sweaty day for the beautiful Goddess AstroDomina. She has just arrived home and wants to sit and relax, but its just too hot to get comfortable, even on her favorite human seat! Of course she keeps her slave zipped up in a very hot rest sack at all times, especially while she has her lovely ass planted on his face! “I know its hot! You’re gonna be smelling my sweaty, salty ass!” she says after stripping off her overalls and planting her panty clad ass on the slave’s face! Her luscious cheeks swallow up his face, but AstroDomina makes sure to wiggle her ass and get the slave’s face as deep as possible. “Smell that!” she orders her slave. “Its so gross slave! Salty ass sniffing!” Astro loves rubbing her sweaty ass all over her slave’s face and doesn’t let up!
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