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Posted: March 22, 2022

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Domina has been training her ass slave for some time now. She removed him from the cage, chained him onto it, and placed his head between Her legs. Her formidable ass towers over him. She wants Her slave to be in awe at Her ass. To love and fear it. Then she spreads Her plump and tanned cheeks with Her hands. She then places Her sexy, blonde mouth on the pig slave’s lips, telling him: You will first need to gently rub the anus. Then, you’ll want to open the anus like a beautiful bloom. You will then point your tongue as a harpoon and pretend that you are deep-sea fishing spear fishing! He’s mumbling, but she realizes that oxygen may be distracting him. She moves back to cover his nose, and then she sits down with her full weight to make sure that there is no cheating. She reminds him not to let the tongue go too far, in order to search for candy. “Slave. While you’re down here since you can no longer breathe, you might as good make yourself useful and find a chocolate easter Egg in there somewhere.” The slave is still breathing fast now so she grabs him and continues the process. If he seems to be in danger of passing out, she gives him oxygen by lifting one of Her lovely ass cheeks a few inches. It is enough to allow some oxygen in and keep the slave alive for another round. He is still breathing hard as She opens the ass-window and then closes it just seconds later. He needs to take in as much air and as quickly as he can. The panic sets in when he starts counting down. Diabla shows no concern. She patiently waits for him to start shaking and weakening, giving him less each time. The slave was finally released. However, the state of his body is not known.


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