Ass Worship – Brat Princess 2 – Raven Hart – Lick Me While I Enjoy the View

 Brat Princess 2  Raven Hart  Lick Me While I Enjoy the View  preview

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Raven is seeing her new boyfriend, Marcello’s penthouse for the very first time. The view is incredible, and Raven is starting to get an idea for just how wealthy her date is. The opulence of Marcello’s penthouse balcony, and knowing how loaded he must be, is a real turn on to Raven. Marcello doesn’t know it yet, but the financial succubus can’t wait to dig in and drain his funds dry. Raven asks her date to get on his knees and start to worship her ass while she enjoys the view from his penthouse. While Marcello’s face is buried in her ass, Raven asks her new boyfriend to take her shoe shopping. Marcello is so turned on by the beautiful woman that he agrees to buy her some nice things. Raven gets more turned on and tells her date to worship her pussy. Rave fantasizes about hotter men while Marcello eats her out. Raven climaxes on her date’s tongue, then pushes him away to go inside. She wants to see the rest of his beautiful home.