Ass Worship – The Laughing Latina – Jiggling Ass JOI

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Custom: I want you laying flat on your tummy, the whole video, on the ground, up on your elbows with your back arched and with your legs out straight and together behind you. Basically like you’re sunbathing.
You are looking at your phone when I immediately come into the room (within10 seconds of the start of the video). You say hi and “wow that’s a huge cock” You encourage me to jack it off and come all over your ass. You tell me you can’t wait to see how much cum is going to come out of my huge cock. You moan and make pleasure sounds while clenching your ass cheeks and jiggling them.
You reach back from time to time and grab your ass cheek and jiggle it and rub oil on it. Then you ask me about 4 minutes into the video if I’m almost ready to cum.
You are getting so excited to feel my hot load on your ass. Then at 4:15 I tell you I’m ready to cum so you really start clenching a little faster and really making your ass jiggle, as I come and you moan “ahh yeah ahh doesn’t that feel good ahh yeah ” etc for about 20 seconds. Then you thank me for all the cum.