Astrodomina – Astro Domina – A Robber’s Affair – Part 3

Astro Domina  A Robbers Affair  Part 3 preview

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Part 3 of this series has Sydney in complete control. Check out part 1 here, part 2 here and part 4 here.
After taking care of the jewelry buyer, overpowering the security guy D and getting the best of jewelry seller Karlee, Sydney has both D and Karlee tied up in her dungeon. She plays with both for a while as they’re bound and gagged and helpless. Sydney plays with D’s balls and his dick and spends some extra time on Karlee’s majestic boobs. She knows that there are secret safeguards in place with Karlee’s company so she makes Karlee call in to make sure they don’t get suspicious. D gets to speak with his company too so Sydney can make sure no one will come after them. Satisfied with how her captives handled the phone calls, Sydney has something fun in mind. She puts on a strapon and picks D to have some fun with first. Bent over with his ass up in the air, there is nowhere for D to go as Sydney approaches his naked butt. Truth be told, D takes it like a champ. Makes you wonder if he’s done this before in his personal time. Regardless, Sydney doesn’t want to leave out Karlee so after she’s done with D, she gives Karlee a good fucking too. It’s only fair! Sydney is having so much fun with these too, it’ll be a shame to get rid of them.