Tickling torture – Octopus – The Sister – Feet in the Stocks – First Time

Octopus  The Sister  Feet in the Stocks  First Time preview

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FINALLY! Kelevra convinced her sister Ielena to come to Octopus home. I asked her a lot of times but she always answer ‘’I’m not ticklish!’’ So, let’s find out!
Ielena’s soles are perfection, the most soft feet you ever saw!
This clip is unique: kelevra stays close to her sister to support her, Ielena is very shy and will try all the time to show that she’s not ticklish, but the hard truth will fall on her amazing soles, enjoy!


Sock Smelling – Brat Princess 2 – Alexa, Kendall – Explain Everything to Mr Puckerman Part 2

Brat Princess 2  Alexa Kendall  Explain Everything to Mr Puckerman Part 2 preview

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Alexa and Kendall continue to reenact with Mr. Puckerman what they did with the nerds earlier. Puckerman plays his part, as he smells the dirty socks of his students. Kendall takes off her socks. She rubs her sweaty socks all over her teachers face. Alexa joins in with her dirty socks and they rub both pairs on Mr. Puckermans face together. They stuff as many knee socks as they can fit into Puckermans mouth. Puckerman looks ridiculous. His students threaten to throw him out into the hallway with their socks in his mouth so everyone in the school can see. What Alexa and Kendall did to their classmates is nothing compared to what they are about to do to Puckerman. Puckerman has a bank account, and his students plan to rinse it. Kendall doesnt care how many extra hours Puckerman has to pick up coaching soccer, or working in the bus lot, she knows that she deserves every ounce of cash that she can drain from the old loser. Puckerman is going to have to do whatever his students say, or they will blackmail him. They will tell everyone how much he loves his students feet. Alexa allows Puckerman to worship her feet as the threat sinks in. Kendall and Alexa decide that they are going to use Puckerman for Wednesdays. They explain that Wednesday is the day that the nerds get swirlies from Kendalls boyfriend, and they need a teacher to be the lookout so they dont all get in trouble. Mr. Puckerman continues worshiping his students feet as he agrees to be the lookout. The Princesses want one more thing from their teacher. They hate having to walk all the way to the student parking lot. They want a parking pass to park in the faculty lot, which is closer. This is one thing Puckerman thinks he cant do. Hell have to go to the president of the school to get the pass. Again, Puckermans students threaten him with exposure. Puckerman promises to get his Princesses the parking pass they want. The girls giggle together.


Foot fetish – Miss Serena – Licking her sweaty Nylonfeet

Miss Serena  Licking her sweaty Nylonfeet preview

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Miss Serena takes off her heels and her new footslave can?t wait anymore to lick her sweaty feet covered in nylons. He is a pantyhose freak and he loves to lick off the sweat of his mistress feet. She loves to f4ck his mouth with her feet finally.


SADO LADIES – Lady Chanel – You Are Late, Stupid

SADO LADIES  Lady Chanel  You Are Late Stupid preview

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Lady Chanel is already looking at her clock as one of her old slaves arrives, too late. He says that the city train was late but for such a stupid answer he immediately receives some face slaps from the young goddess.Chanel looks so stunning in her skin tight and bitchy dress. Her eyes are covered by big sun glasses what gives her an even more arrogant aura. She points down on the floor and the old man falls on his knees. “For being late, you will lick my dusty heels now!”, Chanel orders the slave and he starts to do as he is told.The old man crawls on the floor now and starts the spiked heels of the young lady, who sits high above him and looks down at him with an arrogant smile. That’s where he belongs. Under her heels.


Foot worship – FRENCH GIRLS FEET – When roommates become foot slaves

FRENCH GIRLS FEET  When roommates become foot slaves preview

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Cleo and Angelica are talking about there last night party when Cleo tells her roommate she saw her sniffing her shoes while she was sleeping. Angelica tries to explain her it was because of a strange smell in the room but Cleo knows it’s because she has a foot fetish. So she orders her to get on her knees and to smell her stinky 3 days worn socks. Cleo turns her roommates to her foot slave and she loves it! She humiliates her, smothering her face with her smelly socks, then barefeet, socks in mouth. She also take her mobile to shoot a video of her stinky feet getting worshiped by her new foot slave, telling her she will upload it on facebook and ordering her to lick her soles from heel to toe. A lot of POV shoots of socks and barefeet are included so you feel like her foot slave, pathetic and at the mercy of this goddess feet


Sole licking – Brat Princess 2 – Hailey, Hannah – Brat Princess Convinces Servant Girl to Worship Feet

Brat Princess 2  Hailey Hannah  Brat Princess Convinces Servant Girl to Worship Feet preview

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Spoiled Princess Hailey is used to getting everything she wants. Haileys rich dad recently hired a new servant girl, Hannah. Hannah doesnt yet seem to understand that part of her new job is doing ANYTHING the boss daughter wants. Even if its something as humiliating and degrading as licking Haileys feet. Hailey threatens to tell her dad that Hannah isnt doing her job. She tells Hannah that shes had several servant girls before, and they all did it. In fact, Hannah is the only one to resist. Finally, Hannah gives the spoiled Princess one kiss on the toe. Hailey can see the girls will start to break. Her dark eyes light up. Hailey pushes Hannah further. Hailey tells Hannah to lick her toes. Hannah begins to do as she is told. Soon, Hannah is sucking on Haileys toes. Hailey tells Hannah that she is being good now. She wont tell her dad on her yet, but if she acts up again she will not hesitate to in the future. Hannah licks in between each of Haileys toes. Hailey loves the feel of the servant girls mouth. She moans as Hannah works. Hailey tells Hannah that shes had disobedient servants in the past. Shes never once hesitated to dismiss bad help, but hopefully Hannah will be able to work hard enough to keep her job. Hannah is trained to service Haileys feet in exactly the way she likes. Hailey reminds Hannah to do exactly as shes instructed, or she might make her angry. Hailey talks about her charmed life while poor Hannah services her feet. Hailey is rich and can have anything she wants. All she ever needs to do is tell daddy. Hannah is poor and ugly. She will never have the nice things that Hailey has. She will work hard her whole life and always be poor. Hailey tells Hannah that it isnt so bad, because eventually she will get used to her place. Really Hannah should feel sorry for Hailey. Hailey is stuck with an ugly servant. She wishes she had gotten a prettier one. Hannahs ugliness is making Hailey feel sort of angry. Ugly girls have to work much harder to be pleasing, so Hannah better be a real hard worker. Hannah does her best. She tries to do an excellent job Worshiping Haileys feet. Hailey begins to feel sleepy. She tells Hannah to go run her a bath before bed.


Foot worship – Bratty Foot Girls – Vanessa Vixon, Alexa Ray – Alexa Smell My Stinky FEET!

Bratty Foot Girls  Vanessa Vixon Alexa Ray  Alexa Smell My Stinky FEET preview

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Poor Alexa has been tricked and trapped by her room mate Vanessa. After She got hers the other day by forcing Vanessa to worship her soles (Coming soon) . Vanessa has turned the tables on her bitchy room mate and cuffed her and taped her mouth closed. She’s been wearing the same socks for a week straight knowing she was going to exact a cruel revenge on Alexa. She pins her head down on the couch and forces her to sniff in all her sock funk, a full weeks worth! She humiliates her further by removing her socks and wiping her disgusting bare soles all over Alexa’s face, really burying her nose right between her toes, making sure she gets a good hard whiff of toe funk. She stands over her and really jams her soles hard down onto Alexa’s face till she has to give in! A VERY HOT foot smelling clip!


Small feet – Xanas Foot Fantasies – The Five-Girl Trampling Record

Xanas Foot Fantasies  The FiveGirl Trampling Record preview

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Miss Xana gathers her most gorgeous, sexy and demanding foot models to deliver a vicious trampling punishment to an unlucky foot slave. The slave is commanded to turn himself into a human carpet, lay on the floor and take his well-deserved trampling punishment under ten cruel and dominant feet. Without any mercy, Goddess Xana, Miss Kaelyn, Mystique, Melody, Paige and Miss Shea walk all over the foot slave with their high heels, stilettos, and boots. The slave gets to feel the weight of the five gorgeous ladies and suffer under a very diverse mixture of smelly feet, small feet, large feet and lick their sole, suck on their toes while being a good floor mat who the girls see as nothing more but an object of amusement and a foot cleaner.


Foot slave training – Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Kendall – Fired Lackey Begs for Job Licking Shoes

Brat Princess 2  Alexa and Kendall  Fired Lackey Begs for Job Licking Shoes preview

794 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:16:31

Internationally acclaimed pop superstar, Adriana Venti, admires her beautiful self in a full length mirror. Her best friend since forever, Princess Kendall, takes care of all of Adrianas important affairs. Tonight, Kendall is dealing with a moronic roadie that dropped Adrianas microphone. The microphone was exclusively made, covered in thousands of real Swarovski crystals. It is irreplaceable. Roadies, however, are completely replaceable. Kendall fires her best friends loser roadie on the spot. She explains that Adrianas custom microphone is worth more money than the roadie will ever make in its lifetime. The roadie apologizes. Kendall laughs. Im sorry, is not enough. Arianna does not have time to deal with mistakes. The lackey needs to hurry up and get it through his thick skull that its fired. The resistant loser drops to his knees. He pleads. He really needs this job and isnt qualified for anything beyond carrying things. The girls are mildly entertained by his desperate begging. He actually says that he will do anything to get his job back. This statement intrigues the girls. Arianna tells the loser to start by kissing her shoes. He actually does. He is really desperate. Kendall decides that they will rehire the loser, but his new job title will be shoe licker. After every show, he will have to lick Ariannas shoes clean. She gets really sweaty during performances. Arianna and Kendall make the shoe licker lick a second pair of Ariannas shoes. Arianna reveals that shell be using his mouth to massage her sweaty feet after every show. She has the shoe licker remover her stiletto, and before he even realizes whats happening, her toes are in his mouth. The shoe licker learns his new trade. Soon he is sucking on Ariannas feet like a pro. Kendall is extremely bossy to the lackey, but its because she wants him to be perfect at his new job for her best friend. The foot licker gets a lot of use on its first day. He licks the soles of Ariannas feet until its time for her to make an appearance at the club. She tells him that he will have a lot more work to do when she gets home at four in the morning with extremely sweaty feet.