Femdom Pov Online – Princess Samantha – Beg For Breasts HD

 Princess Samantha  Beg For Breasts HD  preview

637 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:07:25

You want these perfect, big, round breasts. You wish you were mine, wish you could touch them, maybe this time it might come true? You know you wont last long and its already hurting after a few minutes that you cant release. But no, if you release then you wont see them, you have to wait till I say. Oh , maybe Ive changed my mind , maybe I will just tease you , tease you till you cant take anymore , tease you that youre not alpha enough . I guess if youre not alpha enough then youre more of a faggot? I got a little treat for you as you release at the end!! But will it be my boobs or ultimate humiliation???


V – Mistress Petra Hunter – Mistress Will Wreck Your Ass

 Mistress Petra Hunter  Mistress Will Wreck Your Ass  preview

200 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:10:04

Mistress Petra Hunter will wreck your asshole. She’s here to fuck you up, here to bend you over and make you take the thick strap-on in between her legs. You’ve never taken anything this large before, but that doesn’t matter to Mistress Petra! This is a truly rough pegging, and you have no choice but to take it. Mistress Petra’s going to tear your hole apart.
[Contains: Female Domination, FemDom POV, Pegging, Strap-On]


Femdom Pov Online – Miss London Lix Femdom and Fetish – Custom Fit For A Loser

 Miss London Lix Femdom and Fetish  Custom Fit For A Loser  preview

359 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:10:48

So you won a free custom clip from me…hundreds of dollars in value, a rare opportunity to craft your own fantasy with my unique spin, and you choose…this. Denial, essentially. You want to waste your custom, because you know you deserve NOTHING. You’re a loser. You don’t deserve to get to see me in lingerie, or latex, or a special shiny outfit. No high heels or stockings or elaborate roleplays, editing or lighting for you. I’m in sweats & hardly any makeup, and I’m not even going to tease you in this. I let my ass grace the screen for about 30 seconds, but after that, we’re gonna see if you can jerk and cum to verbal humiliation and sub mockery alone. I’ll lay into you psychologically for being such a wankstain, sure, but that’s all the effort you’ll get. Does this feel more ‘right’ to you? Can you cum? Do you think I fucking care either way? Not really, except there might be one thing a loser like you deserves…


Femdom – Lindsey Leigh Addiction – Inhale, Roll Over and Eat That Load

 Lindsey Leigh Addiction  Inhale Roll Over and Eat That Load  preview

260 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:10:19

This clip features some of my favorite fetishes to exploit- cei, p o p p e r s and humiliation. I find legs over head is the most humiliating way to feed you your load. You cant miss a drop and if you do its on your stomach instead of the floor. I also love making men super subservient with the use p o p p e r s. One sniff and they turn men into wild sluts without brains. My favorite. I waste no time getting you “high” and encouraging you to stroke before ultimately feeding you a salty load pumped just for Lindsey Leigh.


Humiliation – Lady Nina Leighs Royal Domination – Humiliating ass worship for all

 Lady Nina Leighs Royal Domination  Humiliating ass worship for all  preview

246 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:07:46

My ass is no doubt, a dream. You become so mindless when you’re worshipping it. A mindless, horny, ass worshipping freak. Today is certainly no exception! As i control your every second of worship here. Prepare for an overwhelming sight of your GODDESS. Along side a heavily frustrating, humiliating, stroking session…


Online View – Lady Nina Leighs Royal Domination – A fortnight in chastity milestone

 Lady Nina Leighs Royal Domination  A fortnight in chastity milestone  preview

286 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:09:02

“The chastity timeline.” The first two weeks are an emotional rollercoaster for boys like you. You’ve made the struggle very clear, but here you are, two weeks in for me. And what a reward this is. Id like to say it all gets easier from here but we both know, my words of assurance aren’t always ones to hang on to. Frankly, you don’t know what today has in store for you. You know you would love just a small break to re centre your brain and ease your balls, fingers crossed right.


Mental Domination – Humiliation POV – You Stupid Little Mindfucked Idiot, You Can’t Escape This Addiction, Can You

 Humiliation POV  You Stupid Little Mindfucked Idiot You Cant Escape This Addiction Can You  preview

772 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:10:27

Princess Mabel will mindfuck you and completely obliterate your ego. This clip will fuck you up.
Are you feeling weak, horny, desperate, craving to be humiliated? You’re so fucking predictable. Do you even realize what a weak willed little wimp you are for me? Didn’t you try to stop this addiction? Didn’t you promise yourself that you were going to stop buying my videos and compulsively masturbating to them? Well, what the fuck happened? LOL! You stupid mindfucked little idiot. You’re never going to leave me. What is wrong with you? What were you thinking? Why haven’t any of those attempts worked? It’s because you’re a stupid mindfucked little idiot for me. You’re never going to leave me, you don’t have the strength or the confidence. And with every word that you cling on to, and with every stroke of your pathetic cock, you lose a little bit more of that strength and confidence, and you become a little bit more mine.
I’ve mindfucked you so hard that you couldn’t leave me now no matter how hard you try. And we both know you’ve tried, don’t we? You’ve bargained with yourself, ‘Please let me stop this.’ LOL! You’re so fucking dumb! I can’t believe you thought that you could overcome this. Maybe you thought you could resist me? But you couldn’t, could you? No, you’re once again melting in the palm of my hand. You are so weak for me. I see the desperation in your eyes as you’re getting rock fucking hard.
I see you trying to resist as you jerk that cock, you’re so conflicted. You wish you could stop this addiction, you know it’s destroying you, but if feels so good to let Princess Mabel destroy you, doesn’t it? It’s what you live for. It gives you that thrill that you’re lacking in your real life. Your life is so boring. All you do is work all day to give it all to me, isn’t that right? You work so hard and then you come home, you turn on your computer, you go to my clip store, my blog, my twitter, whatever and you say, ‘Here you go Princess Mabel, here’s all my money because I’m a stupid little fuckhead.’ LOL! Yes that’s exactly what you are and that’s exactly what you do, you’re so fucking retarded.
It’s a wonder that you were even able to buy this clip with so little brain activity up there. LOL! You are so stupid, do you understand that? You have been mindfucked so hard by me that you’ll do anything I say. You Beg me to serve me and you give me everything you own. It belongs to me and you know it. Because you are mine. And you will never, ever leave me. I have you wrapped way too tightly around my little finger. I’ve got you like a little puppet, dangling on a string. Stupid fuck.
C’mon, turn this clip off, I dare you, prove to me you’re a real man. Turn it off. You can’t can you? LOL! That’s because you’re not a man. You’re a worthless little jerkoff addict for me. Without me you are completely worthless. I give you purpose. Without me, you are nothing. Think about it, what would you have without me? If your life was actually good, why would you be jerking off to this clip that you just paid for? Why would you be paying girls for their attention if you had anything going for you? If you did you wouldn’t be sitting there listening to me putting you down, now would you? You wouldn’t be jerking so fucking hard to me completely degrading you and telling you what a worthless fuck up you are, LOL!
Face it, you are nothing without me. You need me. You exist simply to serve me. So give up any thoughts you had of ever leaving me. Because you’re going to fail just like you do at everything else in life, you fucking loser. So give up, and give me your life, your money and all of your dignity. I have you exactly where I want you. You’re mine.


Joi – Humiliation POV – Gross Old Pervert Addicted To My Hot Young Bratty Ass

 Humiliation POV  Gross Old Pervert Addicted To My Hot Young Bratty Ass  preview

623 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:08:26

Look at you pervert. Just one second into this clip and you already have your eyes glued to my hot young ass. So pathetic. I’m not even naked yet, not even in my thong and you’re already over there drooling, getting a gross old man boner. You’re so old and gross compared to me. It’s no wonder that you feel so weak and addicted to my hot young ass. You probably haven’t been near an ass like mine in so long, if ever honestly. You’ve probably always been a gross little pervert for hot young girls’ asses. You just can’t stop creeping on us hot young girls, it’s gross honestly.
You are so addicted to worshiping hot perky asses like mine, aren’t you? You’re such a pervert, I know you’re jerking to my ass right now, gross. Like you are so lucky that I even let you look at it. You’ll never be with a girl with an ass like mine, you’re stuck jerking off to your screen forever. No hot girl like me would ever let a gross old perv like you near their ass. You can’t get my ass off of your mind or your screen. You can’t stop staring, and drooling and jerking off to my hot young ass, can you? No you can’t because you’re just a gross old pervert.
My ass just takes control of your life. I don’t even have to do anything. I own weak willed perverts like you with my ass. Just look at it loser, I know you can’t look away. It’s just fucking perfect. You’re obsessed with my bratty ass. Even though I’m such a bitch to you, that doesn’t stop you, in fact, that makes you jerk off for me even faster. You know my ass would never give you any attention at all. It’s so funny how little me and my ass care about you yet my ass is the center of your fucking world, isn’t it pervert? That’s why you can’t take your eyes off of the screen right now, you can’t stop pumping your gross old cock to my ass.
You’ll never be able to stop. You’re just a stroke zombie, staring at your computer screen at the young bratty ass that owns you. It takes over your life, doesn’t it old man? It’s so easy for me, just effortlessly making you addicted to my ass. Admit it, you’re obsessed with my ass. You love being under the control of my young tight perky ass, don’t you? You’re such a gross old pervert compared to me. You’re not going to able to stop thinking about my ass after you watch this clip. Now thank me pervert, thank me for allowing you to even look at my ass. You’re welcome pervert.