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Posted: May 21, 2021

Lady Fyre  The Sitters Appetite preview

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Sequel to “Watching Porn with Your Sitter”. Part 1: I start to edge and tease you while talking about how you’re going to bring me one of your friends to play with. I show off my legs for you because in the little time we’ve spent together, I’ve learned that you love looking at my legs. You will only get release after I get to play with your friend. If you want to feel this pleasure again, you will bring me soft, young cocks to touch. You can even listen outside the door if you’d like. Part 2: I’ve played with your friend, so now it’s time for your release. I’m still wearing my clothes from earlier, which means that I’m still wearing the clothes I wore with him. Can you smell his fear? You were once afraid, and then you gave in. Now you beg me for release. It’s all you think about. You’re even willing to bring me more young cocks to touch just so you can feel the pleasure once again. You’re a good boy, and your friend is too. He loved my touch, even though he was afraid. He gave in. They always give in. You’re going to bring me even more boys. Say it. Tell me you’re going to bring them to me, and I will let you release. I’ll give you that sweet orgasm you’ve been craving, that orgasmic release that you need.


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