Ball Abuse – Miss Melisande Sin – Food tastes better seasoned with some ball kicks

Miss Melisande Sin  Food tastes better seasoned with some ball kicks  preview

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Mistress is sitting on Her Royal Chair, looking stunning dressed in a beautiful red latex top and striped pants. Mistress’ slave wearing a puppy mask and true to it’s looks walks in on all fours holding the bag of food in his mouth like a puppy. Mistress has been walking barefoot all day long and makes Her puppy start licking, sucking and cleaning the soles of Her beautiful feet.
Now it’s time for lunch and Mistress prepares a delicious spit sandwich for Her puppy. Note down the ingredients carefully – bananas, crackers, berries, nectarines spread on a cock box, perfectly crushed and mixed with Mistress’ beautiful dirty soles and flavoured with the world’s best sauce, Mistress’ spit. Mistress feeds the puppy with Her beautiful feet and puppy chokes on the foot and food.
Mistress is feeling kind and replenishes the puppy’s food with more crushed berries and bananas and also makes the puppy eat delicious berries right from Her toes. Mistress does not like how the puppy is hesitating to finish the food from the table or Her feet. To teach Her puppy a lesson, She kicks him hard in the balls one after the other.
After some hard punishment puppy is back to eating and this time Mistress’ makes an extra special sandwich, She chews the crackers and then spits it out onto the table, perfectly seasoned with Her saliva and consistent gooey texture. Mistress adds to the humiliation further by making the puppy wank on the left over food on the table while She stands on the food and threatens the puppy that he will finish the food with his cum mixed with the food.