Balls Busting – The Mean Girls – Your Balls Are Mine – Goddess Platinum

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I have a brand new sissy slave that traveled in from L.A. to serve me. This sissy slave is more into pony play and foot worship, lol. It came dressed like a normal male would and since this sissy isn’t good with anything with pain I decided to introduce it to my ball shocker, hahahaha.
I was looking for this disobedient freak and I find it dressed like a fucking woman. What a train wreck. And it obviously doesn’t need its balls anymore since it wants to be a female now. I forced the freak to strap on the ball shocker above its chastity cage. Man oh man it did not like that!
I shocked its balls so severely it was rolling around crying like a little bitch; begging me to stop.
So we made a deal. I would stop shocking its useless balls if I could kick them…lol. Since this freak wants to be a sissy fag I will just help it along by destroying its testicles. See I can be nice x1f609;