Beatdowns – Princess Amber and Goddess Draya starring in video ‘Hot Boxed Ginger’ of ‘THE MEAN GIRLS’ studio

Princess Amber and Goddess Draya starring in video Hot Boxed Ginger of THE MEAN GIRLS studio preview

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Wow, you wouldn’t believe My surprise when My Aunt lead Myself and Goddess Draya outside to Our little courtyard area and opened up the old fridge that had been sitting there since forever. Not only wasn’t it empty, it also contained a stinky nasty ginger slave, EWWWWWWwwww….
Well, granted it was some incredibly “rotten meat”, but that wasn’t going to stop Us from tenderiing it and making it into something worthwhile. First Auntie pulled out a big wooden yardstick and took to whacking it… and the thing immediately started crying out and whining… as She continued to torment the idiot, I grabbed a crop and Draya took the yardstick as My Aunt grabbed yet another tool to beat, errrmmm Tenderize, lol, this worthless piece of meat…
We rapidly took turns smashing things into it’s back, legs, ass, and more…. and Draya used the yardstick on it’s feet repeatedly as the thing continued to wail… Getting sick of hearing it, My Aunt quickly wrapped the idiot’s head in Gorillla Tape to shut it up and muffle it’s noise and that made all the difference… because now I could get close enough to its face without having to worry about it yelling while I was there or having to accidentally smell its breath…. god, could you imagine??? Yuck…. But being that close, it made it super easy for Me to crop the dummy on its forehead, chest, nipples, or anywhere else I wanted..
Watch the whole clip to see how brutal We are to this sad sack loser and just what every loser slave is willing to go through for the Mean Girls
<3 Princess Amber <3