Beatdowns – Violence To Men – Muscle Girls Mauling – Dometria

Violence To Men  Muscle Girls Mauling   Dometria preview

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Dometria brings in her friend, the champion bodybuilder Muscle Mistress, to help her beat her slave into shape. The result is forty minutes of unbelievable female brutality. Pain slut Stephen Paine is put through the grinder. His cock and balls are clamped up with a forest of clothespins and thrashed by Mistress Muscle with flogger and crop to test his endurance. Then Muscle Mistress puts her training skills to work by driving him through an abs and legs workout while his groin and balls are clamped with steel surgical forceps and heavy chains are hung from his nuts. Finally the girls put the slave on a block in the middle of the room and order him to remain standing there while they batter him with heavy straps and leather floggers. Muscle Mistress is one of the UK’s strongest women and she hits with the impact of a speeding train. Even Dometria gasps in shock at the power of some of her blows…… but that doesn’t stop her from taking a good run up to be able to smash the guy with maximum power herself. The slave hangs in there for the full ten minutes, his body a mass of glowing welts and bruises, until finally Muscle Mistress batters him into oblivion and leaves him writhing and groaning on the floor. The Complete Movie contains the Clips: “COCK AND BALL CLOTHESPIN FLOGGING”; “MUSCLE MISTRESS TORTURE WORKOUT” and “BRUTAL BEATING ON THE BLOCK”.