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Posted: May 13, 2020
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The Queendom Kawaii Smother Marathon 7 Back to Business preview

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Its the 3rd and final day of the smother marathon. Mistress Kawaii has had a nice breakfast and she’s ready to get back to business; ass smothering her helpless slave! She goes right into reverse facesitting and smashes the slave’s nose beneath her tight leggings. You can see the slave’s nose bending and beings smushed between her cheeks as the tight material of the leggings keeps Kawaii’s ass from completely eating the slave’s face… for now! She flips around for some forward facesitting, but 4 minutes in Mistress kawaii decides to take off the leggings and let her ass really get to work on the slave’s face! Mistress Kawaii stands up, strips off her leggings, then literally jumps backwards, landing ass first and full weight on the helpless slave’s face! It happens so fast that the slave is actually dazed from the impact of Kawaii’s ass! The slave is still dazed as Kawaii moves into an inescapable forward facesit. She is so comfortable in this position she barely even notices is face trapped beneath her! When Kawaii turns back around for more reverse facesitting her huge ass, now free from the leggings, swallows up the slave’s whole head! She stretches her legs out, increasing the weight on the slave’s face, and rocks slowly from side to side, occasionally lifting a cheek enough to let the slave suck in some air from inside her ass crack. Kawaii has really enjoyed smothering this slave non stop for 3 days and she intends to enjoy this last day to the fullest! She pushes the slave, giving him just enough air to stay alive and squirming, but enjoying how weak and pathetic his struggles have become as the marathon has gone on. Mistress Kawaii is determined to make this last day the toughest and the slave will be lucky to survive!
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