Boss Goddess – THE MEAN GIRLS – Smashing Pumpkins – Princess Mia and Goddess Platinum [BALLBUSTING, CBT, BRAT GIRLS, BALL ABUSE, HANDCUFFS

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Smashing Pumpkins   Princess Mia and Goddess Platinum BALLBUSTING CBT BRAT GIRLS BALL ABUSE HANDCUFFS preview

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Goddess Platinum and I were getting ready in our costumes for some Halloween fun. We were almost ready when Goddess Platinum told me she had a surprise for me. She led me out to the dungeon room and to my surprise when we walked in there was a pathetic, fat slave strapped into our ball torture chair. Not only that, but a giant pumpkin shoved onto its head! Hahahahaha….funniest crud I’ve ever seen.
I was so excited to destroy this freaks balls. And it’s so much more fun because the freak can’t even see what’s going on. With it being so restrained it LITERALLY can’t move. Lol…it’s balls are ours!
I’ve never had the amazing opportunity of trying out this ball destroying chair, so this was a first for me. The first stomp on the drum pedal was so awesome…watching the “ball hammer” slam down onto this pathetic losers gross balls so hard. It made such an incredible THUD sound. Watching this loser break into tears immediately….I’m sure I broke it’s balls right there…..buuuuuuut….we both kept going ��
We took turns slamming our perfect feet onto the drumming pedal…over and over. Listening to the slave in excruciating pain the ENTIRE time was HILARIOUS! Goddess Platinum and I decided that we would leave this freak strapped in this chair and destroy its balls while trick or treaters came, so they could hear his screams and painful cries and think it’s just halloween scares!
If they only knew…..hahahahaha
I’m pretty sure this is my new favorite CBT machine….Happy Halloween!