Brat Girls – Brat Princess 2 – Amber and Lexi – Use their Houseboy Mutt (Foot Worship)

Brat Princess 2  Amber and Lexi  Use their Houseboy Mutt Foot Worship preview

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Amber and Lexi have little Danni as their household slave. He is locked in chastity and must do whatever they tell him to. They call Danni “Mutt” and are very mean to him. Danni is overwhelmed with the amount of work. He is very stressed. The girls keep him busy with a lot of chores and they are constantly interrupting him to make him worship their feet. The girls love foot worship and require it from “Mutt” multiple times a day. Danni does not like the treatment, but what can he do? He is just a loser. The girls spit on his face and laugh at him. They will never treat him with dignity or respect. Mutt gets what he deserves.
The girls can’t tell if having a servant like Mutt makes their life easier or harder. He is such a pain to manage. He is just not as attentive as they would like. The girls decide to put a shock collar on his balls. That will make him pay more attention! Mutt does not want to wear a shock collar, but a pathetic mutt should be grateful for a home and whatever attention it gets. When the girls are done getting their feet worshipped, they send Mutt away to go clean their rooms. Amber’s boyfriend is coming over and they will need Mutt to do even more tasks before and while Amber’s boyfriend visits.