Brat Girls – Dominant Princess – Mind Popping Sniffing

 Dominant Princess  Mind Popping Sniffing  preview

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This is a nice sniffing session that will pop that puppet mind. You will sniff and sniff and sniff some more, of course on every instruction of Mine. Do as I say and copy Me, yes mirror Me as I sniff with you. I’ll have you sniffing to the snaps of My fingers, starting slow getting faster, don’t let the quality of your sniffing stop. Breathe out and empty those lungs then breathe in deep and hard.
I’ll control your sniffing completely, to the snaps of My fingers slowing down your sniffing as I slow down your brain, I want to make you mindless, focused on Me! Speeding up again to My very fast snaps! I want to pop that mind. You’ll sniff on one side then to the next, 5-4-3-2-1- swap over 5-4-3-2-1- then again 4-3-2-1- and swap again 4-3-2-1- swap again 3-2-1- and so it continues! You’ll think you’ve stopped at the end but I’ll make you fit in a few more sniffs before I let you go! Bring plenty with you, lets get you sniffing, lets pop that mind!