Brat Girls – THE MEAN GIRLS – Pony Bitch – Miss Dandy and Goddess Platinum

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Miss Dandy was coming over today to play, and I happened to have a pathetic loser that drove in from L.A. to serve us, over at the Mean Girl Manor. This loser had written in begging to serve, but it had told me that it loved pony play and foot worship. These nice, cutesy fetishes….LOL! Well the Mean Girls are never really nice…and just because this loser drove in for the weekend to serve us doesn’t change that.
This loser begged to please…please please try this pony play that it was obsessed with. So I finally gave in and said..”OK…we will do this pony play but it’s going to be the Mean Girl way.”
I have the freak get into its pony gear and had it wait until Miss Dandy and I were ready to come play. I didn’t tell Miss Dandy what we were doing…I wanted to surprise her with how pathetic this loser is! All that matters is that we have fun, and we did. We rode the pony, we hit the pony, we kicked the pony and we whipped the pony. We even taught the pony to do tricks!
All in all I think the pony was really pathetic…maybe we need a better pony slave because this one sucked. By the end of our little pony play it even had red stuff all over its knees. I guess it’s a little pussy pony or we just broke the pony. Hahahaha….