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Posted: September 10, 2022

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19-Year-Olds Superior Goddess Temptation and Her bestie, Mistress Psykoda have enslaved the former toxic boyfriend of a close friend of theirs, and now, they’re looking for new ways to use their new bitch. They’ve blindfolded him, put him in bondage, with arms and legs secured to twin spreader bars. They walk into the dungeon, each wearing a pair of super-sexy, metallic red and blue, skin-tight, yoga pants and sports bras. Standing over the prone slave, Mistress Psykoda says:
”You know the great thing about owning a slave? You can use it for anything you want; if you need a chair, use the slave! Need a garbage can? Use the slave! Need a toilet? Use the slave! Now what exactly do we need right now?”
They straddle the slave, facing each other. Goddess Temptation informs the slave:
”Ok Maggot, we’re going to use your pathetic body as our yoga mat. We’re going to do squats, and you will assist us. Every time I complete a squat, you will kiss my perfect ass and thank me by name. Got that, bitch?”
She lowers Her incredible ass onto his face over and over while Mistress Psykoda does the same over his lower body. They do a set of 10, then switch positions and have the slave kiss and count also, but She tires a bit and sits down on the slave’s face to rest, cutting off his breathing completely. After about 15 seconds the slave starts thrashing around, struggling for air, so She lifts Her sweaty, round ass an inch or two to allow him a breath, before sitting back down firmly on his face again. Then the two switch positions again to do lunges, but need to take another rest fairly quickly and of course where else would they take a breather than on top of the slave’s face and body. They keep extending his smother time under their perfect, yoga pants covered asses, holding his arms down and slapping his face.
”I want to hear MORE enthusiasm from you bitch, you don’t sound as happy to kiss my ass as you should be! I want to hear REAL enthusiasm and appreciation when you’re granted privilege of kissing an ass as perfect as ours are!”
She picks up a riding crop and has Mistress Psykoda stand on his body, while She traps him under Her exquisite hindquarters. She starts whipping his exposed flesh, making him to scream into Her yoga-pant-covered pussy and ass, causing Her to smile at the slave’s suffering. They switch places, with Goddess Temptation standing on the slave’s chest, She practices different yoga poses, often on one foot, crushing the slave’s chest and making him moan in pain:
”Shut the fuck up, bitch! Yoga mats don’t make noises!”
They finally are satisfied and walk off, leaving the slave to recover before requiring another round of service and use by Superior Women.


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