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Posted: March 22, 2022

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Miss Ravyn Alexa, 18 year-old mistress Destiny’s mentor, has just returned to the dungeon from a tough workout. They both wore sports bras and yoga pant, and showed off their bodies to a sensory impaired slave. He has a blindingly hooded head but is also bound to his cuffs by a head strap. Mistress Destiny says to Miss Ravyn that she’s tired, and Ravyn answers: Let’s try this…thing. You can use it to cool off, to stretch, to relax and even to lick your sweat. Slavery is an utility. It is what You, A Superior Goddess want an inferior male slave. Let Me show you. Miss Ravyn slowly lowers her perfect ass onto the head and face of the slave, putting both her legs on each side. Her full-figured cheeks bulge out to the top of the slave’s head and cover him with yoga pants and covered female ass. He is clearly unable to breathe as She presses Her entire body onto the slave’s face while touching Her toes. Because he knows that any expression of humanity is going to be brutally removed from him, the slave doesn’t even make a sound. “I like to do this when my pussy gets really sweaty” She turns around, grabbing Her yoga pants, giving Herself a camel’s toe. Mistress Destiny sat on the slave and turned her back, smashing Her yoga-pant-covered pussy into his face. She grinds it into the slave, evidently enjoying the control she has over their breath and lives. When Mistress Destiny dawns, the two of them take turns trying different stretches. “It’s too terrible We only have one slave. Hey, could you both use it together? Miss Ravyn, of course, loves the idea so they both climb onto the slave. Ravyn does the splits over Ravyn’s slave face. Ravyn and Mistress Destiny swap places, and Destiny becomes more aggressive with Her beautiful ass, pushing the slave deeper into the ground. Mistress Destiny says, “I love the sensation of him screaming into mine and his trying to get air. It’s making my skin swollen! Mistress Destiny notices the slave has stopped responding, and she alerts Ravyn. “I think it’s been blacked out!” “It’s fine, it doesn’t have to be up. It will need to be given some air, and then you can start to smother it again. Finally, the slave is able to appear black again and the two players get tired of playing this little game. “Let’s go have a beer, this isn’t as much fun if it’s not suffering.” Look for the Next Title in The Series:


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