Caning – ‘Brutal Naked Beating’ of ‘Reality Girls Scissors’ studio

Brutal Naked Beating of Reality Girls Scissors studio preview

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As she sometimes does, Maria Jade comes out naked and her body looks amazing. Hitting the gym highlights every rip in her gymnast body as she goes against the new competitive guy, Fringe. Fringe either loves pain or hates tapping or both. Maria doesn’t back down from anyone and the tough dude whose reluctance to tap out is remarkable is caught in a front headscissors. Naked, she taunts him in the hold but he flips her before her powerful legs push him off and she’s pressing down on his throat in a full front facesit. She catches him in headscissors. They face off and she locks on a standing guillotine. Maria’s body is tan and as he fights she brags about her cheerleader strength as she hurts his neck in a reverse facesit. She busts his mouth in the fight. She drops him in a guillotine and cranks back on the reverse, craning his neck with him in her guard as he gasps great gasps of air. She catches him in a headscissors, clamps on her vicious rear choke as they fight on, sometimes nearly breathless though Maria’s will always quickly overcomes — here locking on one of the greatest front facelocks ever; still Fringe fights as the pretty girl in the corner, Andi Page, before silent suddenly cheers on the naked ex-cheerleader now grown into an early-20’s marvel finally the insanely tough Fringe to quit.