Caning – Evil Bitch – Princess Brook – Caned in return

Evil Bitch  Princess Brook  Caned in return preview

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If you like EXTREME caning you will love this, this is caning from cold with no warm up and the marks are beautiful. This imbecile was desperate to meet me. He’d bought my POV clips and was smitten by me. He told me he would do anything just to spend time in my presence. I told him the only chance he had of meeting me would involve him being tied to a horse bench and me thrashing his ass non stop with a cane for 10 minutes. He has no previous experience being caned, but he agreed. I completely tore his ass up big time. I thrashed him so hard that his ass was a complete mess, and not only his ass! I was so excited that I got carried away while thrashing him that I beat him all over, the side of his fat belly, the back of his legs….. I was a pure sadist on him! He was crying like a bitch begging me to stop bashing him, but a deal is a deal, and 10 minutes is 10 minutes. This is extreme! Let this be a warning to anyone who says they will do anything to meet me;)