Feet – Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Sweaty, Stinky Armpits

Cybill Troy FemDom AntiSex League  Sweaty Stinky Armpits preview

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Its a heatwave in NYC and Cybill’s slave forgot to set the air conditioner, leaving the Mistress drenched in a thick layer of glistening sweat all over her body. Worst are her armpits, which have perspired heavily and have become very smelly! Cybill’s slave must lick her sweat-soaked armpits clean with his tongue, and breath in their odor as punishment before removing her boots and sucking the sweat from between her toes.


Armpits – Club Stiletto FemDom – Not My Tits, Just My Pits Starring Mistress Lydia

Club Stiletto FemDom  Not My Tits Just My Pits  Starring Mistress Lydia preview

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A Clips4Sale Top 10 Seller – Armpits * Lydia has her brother jumping through hoops to serve her, and now it’s time for some armpit cleaning. The BF is arriving momentarily; her pits must be pristine before then! Lydia is very amused at bro’s resistance to this dirty task, but after all, he must learn to love the sweat; indeed, to love every dirty part of her body. Besides, if bro does a lousy job, Daddy will be informed of his pervy behavior. And Daddy will side with sis! To stick the knife in deeper, Lydia exposes her tits and taunts her brother that only real men get to play with them. Bitches like him get the pits, not the tits. And bro can’t help being turned on by all this, no matter how perverse, especially when his sister starts playing with herself….Bro’s reward? He gets to jerk off in front of sis!


Sweat Fetish – Club Stiletto FemDom – No Need for Deodorant – Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom  No Need for Deodorant   Mistress Kandy preview

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Mistress Kandy has been putting her bitch through his paces all day, accumulating quite the sweat. She orders her bitch to lick her pits clean. Why wash or use deodorant when one has a slave? Naturally, the slave doesn’t get to lick the juicy parts. Pussy and tits, for instance, is reserved for the boyfriend. But sweaty feet and pits are the province of the slave. He is made to lick up, down and around, until Kandy does the smell test to determine if they have been adequately cleaned. The verdict is a resounding “yes”, which means the slave is now free to service her sweaty feet! Be sure to check out sexy Mistress Kandy Kink at her Kandy Kink Femdom clips store.


Ass Worship – Club Stiletto FemDom – Everyone Loves A Stinky Goddess

Club Stiletto FemDom  Everyone Loves A Stinky Goddess preview

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The scene opens with sexy young Mia in a sweet summer dress, just in from some Goddess time in the sun. She tells her slave she has worked up a real sweat and as she sniffs her own armpit, the slave dutifully sucks on her filthy toes. She has him trained to lick her feet the instant she enters the house. “Don’t you think you should do something about my armpits?” she asks, which immediately causes him to crawl over and start licking. “No one likes a stinky Goddess” she says, before looking directly into the camera and whispering “Everyone loves a stinky Goddess”. And it’s true – what slave wouldn’t be thrilled to lick something… anything… from her body, especially her armpits? Being a bit ticklish, Mia giggles as she says “They need to be cleaned”, and she allows him to service one armpit before ordering him to do a good job on the other. Her slave just loves the dirty stuff. And for you foot lovers, the camera moves down her body enticingly to give you a great close-up of the soles of her feet. Meanwhile, as the slave hovers on top of the Goddess, she torments him by saying “If you were a real man I might let you actually lie on top of me and fuck me… but you’re not, and that’s why you’re licking my dirty armpits”. She asks if he wants to service her armpits and feet every day, and he enthusiastically replies “Yes, Miss.” She asks if he wants to lick her ass, and he naturally says “Yes, Miss!” but with an air of desperation in his voice this time. “Even if it’s dirty? Especially if it’s dirty?” Mia asks. She directs him back to her first armpit where there’s still a bit of odor. She asks if he wants to suck her tits and bursts out laughing when he says “Yes, Miss”. As if!! She rolls onto her side, exposing her magnificent ass, and you’re treated to an amazing visual. She has him kiss each ass cheek and reminds him how lucky he is to be in this position. “And all you have to do is clean my house, be my toilet, take regular beatings, do whatever I say, and have no friends.” She says he only needs one person in his life and asks who that person might be. “Why, You, Goddess” he replies. Mia thinks she needs to fart and orders him to stick his nose between her ass crack as the scene ends.


Toilet Humiliation – Club Stiletto FemDom – BBW Armpit Servitude – Ms Blaze

Club Stiletto FemDom  BBW Armpit Servitude   Ms Blaze preview

270.2 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:03:30

Ms Blaze tells her slave she has worked up a hell of a sweat, as she just finished flogging him as seen in the clip Think of Me When You Sit Down. Her boyfriend is on his way over and she needs the sweat from her armpits licked up. The slave obediently licks her pits as she tells him “Take deep whiffs.” This clip is primarily the slave licking both of her armpits while she degrades him and tells him his purpose is to suffer for her, lick her armpits, her feet, her asshole, sniff her farts, and be a receptacle for her p1ss and . The slave acknowledges her every word knowing his purpose is to do as told. “You’re the lowest form of life.”, she tells him before moving him to the other pit. Her nipples are exposed for the slave but she tells him those are for her boyfriend, he does not get tits or pussy. ever.


Humiliation – Club Stiletto FemDom – Pheromone Frenzy – Miss Xi

Club Stiletto FemDom  Pheromone Frenzy   Miss Xi preview

406.8 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:06:19

A Clips4Sale #1 Seller – Sweat Fetish * Miss Xi has gone out dancing in her stilettos and returns with sweaty feet. Her slave is very eager to lick the perspiration off her arches, and Xi wonders what it is about her sweat that he loves so much. Is it the scent, the taste, the thought that he thus has access to her bodily fluids? Whatever- She also has tangy pits that need some cleaning, and the slave is made to tend to those. Xi rubs her pits all over his face, and even holds him in an head lock, but it quickly becomes apparent that this bitch doesn’t need to be f()rced to perform his nasty duties. He is really enjoying it! As Xi orders him to inhale deeply while he isn’t licking or kissing her pits, she wonders what is next for him…..Stinky gym socks? Her ass?….Well, that would be giving the slave too much of what he wants! He is relegated to pit duty for now, and as you jealous viewers out there can contest, Xi sure knows how to drive men wild with her pheromones…..Be sure to check out stunning Mistress Xi at her Mistress XI web site.


Smell Fetish – Mistress Petra Hunter – Made to Smell Mistress Petra’s Stinky Armpits

 Mistress Petra Hunter  Made to Smell Mistress Petras Stinky Armpits  preview

275.7 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:07:14

Mistress Petra Hunter is extremely disappointed in her slave. He deserves to be punished, and what better way to do so than by making him smell her stinky, sweaty armpits? Mistress Petra makes her slave smell her ripe pits, and he can’t stand how awful they smell. She then makes him lick, kiss, and worship her armpits to add to his humiliation. This poor slave will never disappoint Mistress again!
[Contains: Female Domination, Armpit Worship, Armpit Licking, Scent Fetish, Smelly Armpits, Punishment]


Armpit Worship – Club Stiletto FemDom – Your Afternoon Snack Is My Body Sweat – Princess Lily

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Your Afternoon Snack Is My Body Sweat   Princess Lily  preview

440.2 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:06:00

Princess Lily is on the elliptical and working up quite a sweat. She takes a drink of her water and then tells you to hold the bottle as she resumes working. She tells you to kneel there and hold the bottle and as the camera pulls back you can see she’s working out in a sexy black panties bra set with fishnet stockings. The camera moves down and behind Lily and you get a magnificent view of her plump ass gyrating on the machine. You can see the sweat start to run down her ass cheeks. She asks if you’re thirsty and then says that maybe if you are Lucky some of the sweat will drip off her ass and you can lick it up. The camera holds in this position for sometime so you can just admire her ass in motion and see the sweat continue to form and drip off her body. “I can feel the sweat beading down my skin” she says and then calls you in closer to see for yourself.
When she is done you will be licking her entire body clean. “And you’ll also be licking up the sweat that falls on the elliptical” she tells you. Now Lily tells you to bring your nose between her ass cheeks and to sniff her asshole. “Because you’ve been such a good bitch it’s going to be your afternoon snack.” Finally Lily brings the elliptical to a standstill. She gets off and lifts her arm and the sweat literally comes pouring down her arm. “Come up here and lick it all off” she tells you, “I don’t want to drip all over myself, I want it to drip into your mouth.” Next she leans forward and now her sweaty ass is right in your face. She orders you to lick that too. She has really worked up an amazing amount of sweat. Just when you think it can’t get better she leans forward again and slides her panties to the side so you get a birds eye view of her beautiful pussy and anus. She fingers herself to torment you, then takes off her panties and stuffs them in your mouth.