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Greetings to all the true femdom porn fans! This online porn genre is one of the most popular on our website, so let’s get the ball rolling. Let’s talk about why people enjoy facesitting videos and what kinda pornography can you expect to see here.

Femdom facesitting seems uncomplicated because everything you ever needed to know about this porn genre is right here, in its very name. The beautiful dommes with large asses and oozing pussies sit on their slave’s ugly mugs, sometimes enjoying face riding, sometimes cumming all over their facesitee. Easy-peasy, right?

Well, it’s not THAT simple. You see, facesitting videos have an insane amount of variety to them. Some femdom facesitting vids feature famous pornstars, some feature amateurs that practice femdom fucking in their free time. Some prefer petite girls to sit on their face, some enjoy it when a landwhale of a woman (a BBW) almost crushes their head with her disgustingly deformed derriere. Everybody is different and every single facesitting domination video is unique. We’re not even talking about the action because, hey, some people prefer eating ass in this position, some only care about cunnilingus.

Some prefer forced facesitting clips that feature an unwilling participant. Some perverts love facesitting domination clips with farting, which might be too much for most of our viewers, but those guys cannot get enough of it. So, in short, this online porn genre opens up at least a million possible scenarios and you just have to explore every single one of those. Seriously.

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