Choke – Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling – Agatha’s Delicious Scissors

 Utopias Sexy Mixed Wrestling  Agathas Delicious Scissors  preview

553 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:12:20

Fetish model and exotic dancer Agatha Delicious stars as a stripper who meets her rude client at his hotel room in Agatha’s Delicious Scissors! Eli thinks he’s going to take her to bed, but Agatha has other plans. Agatha is tall 5’8″ (6’2″ in heels) and super fit at 135lbs. She works out daily to keep her awesome body in top condition. Agatha starts to dance for him wearing a sexy stripper outfit. Eli tells Agatha he wants her to wrap her long legs around him. However, he never envisioned it would be like this! Agatha gets him to lay down on the floor, but what he thinks is the beginning of their fun, turns out to be a vicious grapevine. You can see Agatha’s lean strong body as her upper body pins him down, and her muscular tight hips and butt drives the air from his lungs. Then Agatha transitions into a grueling body scissor. Her long, lithe legs bite into his mid-section right under his rib cage, when she captures him in an ultra-tight figure 4 body scissor. There is no room to move in there as she clamps on a rear naked choke. Agatha challenges him to escape but her body scissor, choke combination is unbreakable. Then Agatha climbs back on top for another grapevine. She spreads his legs as wide as we’ve ever witnessed, and drives her hips into him over and over. Lastly Agatha maneuvers around Eli’s back and traps his head deep within her thighs in a classic head scissor. He clutches at the sinewy muscle that holds him captive, but there is no way he can escape. Eli is forced to admit he can’t escape and taps his submission. Agatha is a master of verbal humiliation as well, and she gets into Eli’s head from the start. Agatha loves to deliciously scissor men! Enjoy!


Scissored – Dangerous Women – Hungarian Domination II

 Dangerous Women  Hungarian Domination II  preview

862 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:15:49

In this video the leader of a group of dominant Hungarian girls is giving some training before having their newest member, a beautiful gypsy girl, punish a guy. Like the other girls, her legs are very strong and she uses them a lot to dominate and hurt this guy. She is very strong and dominant but she needs some training so the other girls help her. However, at the end one of the girls pushes her aside (as the video is ending) so that she can beat on this poor guy who’s obviously had enough!


Foot Worship – Club Stiletto FemDom – Her Workout Slave – Miss Xi

 Club Stiletto FemDom  Her Workout Slave   Miss Xi  preview

422 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:05:46

This scene opens with an up close shot of Miss Xi as she explains how slaves come in handy for little things like working out. The camera pulls back and we see her legs wrapped tightly around her slaves neck. “This helps me keep my legs tight and toned so it helps me bust slaves balls” she giggles. Meanwhile the slave looks a bit frantic as he starts to kick. If you like dirty feet catch a good look at the close up shots of Xi’s tiny size 4’s because they are almost black. She is so small and so powerful. She rolls the slave on his side and when she asks him if he can breath he can’t even speak.
The camera moves around to the back and now you get a nice view of Xi’s toned ass and her sexy g-string panties. Through the whole scene Xi does not let up even when she takes the time to kick and slap his balls. Next she lays on the top of the slave in a forward position and you get a great overhead view of her sexy body and a frantic slave below her. She hops off and makes him lick her dirty feet but then is back on him scissoring him again. She turns sideways this time as the slave tries to pull her leg away but he can’t. Then she sits on his face, slaps his balls and then on her butt on the floor with his head back between her legs. She lifts her body up by her arms and says it’s time for the final squeeze.


Fantasy Wrestling – Mistress Iside – STRONG LEGS LIKE SCISSORS

 Mistress Iside  STRONG LEGS LIKE SCISSORS  preview

376 MB – 960*540 – mp4 – 00:13:30

Completely involved by her beauty and maximum cruelty I would like to have the honor of a custom with following plot: she is sitting on her throne at the end of a day, she is hungry and decides to order food in a pizza restaurant. An hour after the pizza guy rings at the door (I wish he was a cute boy, preferably with an uncovered face). He is very frightened and you can easily guess that he has never seen something like that by the expression on his face. At some point with a trivial excuse she grabs his neck between her legs. Then begins the real torture (please change more positions). During the video I would like to see her very much enjoyed, please do some close-ups of the boy’s face so that I can appreciate all his suffering … Kind regards, one of her faithful fan.
Completamente rapito dalla sua bellezza e massima crudeltà vorrei avere l’onore di una custom con la seguente trama: Lei è seduta sul suo trono al termine di una giornata, ha fame e decide di chiamare una pizzeria per ordinare da mangiare. Un’ora dopo suona alla porta il ragazzo delle pizze ( vorrei che fosse un ragazzo carino preferibilmente a volto scoperto ). Lui è molto spaventato e dall’espressione del suo volto si può facilmente intuire che non ha mai visto niente di simile. Ad un certo punto con una banale scusa lei afferra il suo collo tra le sue gambe. Inizia quindi una vera tortura ( la prego di variare più posizioni ). Durante il video mi piacerebbe vederla molto divertita, la prego di fare dei primi piani del viso del ragazzo così che io possa apprezzare tutta la sua sofferenza… Distinti saluti, un suo fedele ammiratore.


Wrestling – Brat Princess 2 – Natalya – Fart Scissorhold

 Brat Princess 2  Natalya  Fart Scissorhold  preview

428 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:05:50

Natalya throws one of the slaves onto her bed. Even though she is smaller, it’s easy for her to physically dominate him because she is in much better shape and he is a pushover. Natalya has something in store for the fat pushover. After throwing him on the bed, she straddles his face and lets a loud fart rip. She continues to fart on the slave while pinning him down. Natalya pulls the slave further down until his head is hanging off the bed. Then, she locks his neck between her thigs in a strong scissorhold. While locked in the scissorhold the slave struggles to stay conscious. Natalya continues to fart straight in his face. She tightens her hold and he cries out in pain. As the slave struggles, Natalya keeps yelling at him to sniff up the farts that she keeps unleashing straight in his face. If she doesn’t get a KO with her powerful legs, she’ll probably get a KO with her stinky farts!


Sensual Domination – Worship The Wolfe – Janira Wolfe is Xenia Onatopp

 Worship The Wolfe  Janira Wolfe is Xenia Onatopp  preview

38.3 MB – 1280×720 – MPEG-4 – 00:04:51

The fantasy of being put out by sexy assassin, Xenia Onatopp from “GoldenEye” is one that is widely entertained around the world. This fan decided to bring this fantasy to life by not only re-enacting scenes from the movie, but also writing his own scene where the perfect Xenia Onatopp, Me, Janira Wolfe, takes him out. This is the final product of this incredibly hot, powerful, sensually dominant, executrix fantasy, including hand squeezing around the neck, vicious scratching, front head scissor, forward and backward throat splits, reverse head scissor (with accidental KO), and a bone-breaking body scissor.
When this fan emailed Me about this clip, he wanted for it to end in a real KO, to which I said “no”, as this is something I do not do with fans…on purpose. Then, the day of the shoot, he didn’t tap and I accidentally KO’ed him for his first time (thus fulfilling even the fantasy I initially said I would not)…and once he woke up I wasn’t that upset, because it went perfectly with the scene as Xenia punishes Her victim for going out without permission, causing his ultimate demise.


Beaten By Girl – Czech Soles – Wrestling and foot smother by strong Madam Cat – Madam Cat

 Czech Soles  Wrestling and foot smother by strong Madam Cat   Madam Cat  preview

596.7 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:15:56

Jack was having a big mouth in front of his classmate Madam Cat and she decided to teach him a little lesson. She knocked him out, literary dragged him to her apartment, tied him up and woke him out. He’s confused, Cat is sitting on top of him, he’s tied up and he doesn’t know here he is. But Cat pretty soon explains him that she’s in control now and she wants to have some fun. She puts his neck between her thighs and starts to choke him. He’s completely helpless, he’s turning red and then purple and Cat is enjoying the moment. She changes poses, chokes Jack in many different ways, puts her hand over Jack’s mouth (HOM) while having him in scissorhold and laughs at him. Than she puts her big bare feet on his face and start to smother him and she continues until Jack is almost out. This is so much fun for her and every fun has to end at some point. When Jack is laying on his stomach, she goes behind him, wraps her arm around his neck and chokes him out completely. At last she puts her feet on him in a victory pose showing everyone who is the winner here. Madam Cat is!


Face Sitting – Brat Princess 2 – Kimber – Smothers and Scissors slave to sleep

 Brat Princess 2  Kimber  Smothers and Scissors slave to sleep  preview

885.9 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:12:06

Kimber sits on her slave’s face, pressing its nose deep into her ass. She loves controlling the slave’s breath with her body. Kimber rocks and bounces her cute bubble butt while sitting on her slave’s face. She presses her pussy right up against its nose. She doesn’t want to hear any breathing! Kimber decides to scissor her slave’s neck between her thighs. The slave suffers greatly, chocking, crying out, eventually going limp. The slave is on the brink of losing consciousness, face turning purple, but still, Kimber wants him to suffer more. Kimber climbs on top of the barely alert slave and rides his face while he fades in and out.