Sensual Domination – Worship The Wolfe – Janira Wolfe is Xenia Onatopp

 Worship The Wolfe  Janira Wolfe is Xenia Onatopp  preview

38.3 MB – 1280×720 – MPEG-4 – 00:04:51

The fantasy of being put out by sexy assassin, Xenia Onatopp from “GoldenEye” is one that is widely entertained around the world. This fan decided to bring this fantasy to life by not only re-enacting scenes from the movie, but also writing his own scene where the perfect Xenia Onatopp, Me, Janira Wolfe, takes him out. This is the final product of this incredibly hot, powerful, sensually dominant, executrix fantasy, including hand squeezing around the neck, vicious scratching, front head scissor, forward and backward throat splits, reverse head scissor (with accidental KO), and a bone-breaking body scissor.
When this fan emailed Me about this clip, he wanted for it to end in a real KO, to which I said “no”, as this is something I do not do with fans…on purpose. Then, the day of the shoot, he didn’t tap and I accidentally KO’ed him for his first time (thus fulfilling even the fantasy I initially said I would not)…and once he woke up I wasn’t that upset, because it went perfectly with the scene as Xenia punishes Her victim for going out without permission, causing his ultimate demise.


Beaten By Girl – Czech Soles – Wrestling and foot smother by strong Madam Cat – Madam Cat

 Czech Soles  Wrestling and foot smother by strong Madam Cat   Madam Cat  preview

596.7 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:15:56

Jack was having a big mouth in front of his classmate Madam Cat and she decided to teach him a little lesson. She knocked him out, literary dragged him to her apartment, tied him up and woke him out. He’s confused, Cat is sitting on top of him, he’s tied up and he doesn’t know here he is. But Cat pretty soon explains him that she’s in control now and she wants to have some fun. She puts his neck between her thighs and starts to choke him. He’s completely helpless, he’s turning red and then purple and Cat is enjoying the moment. She changes poses, chokes Jack in many different ways, puts her hand over Jack’s mouth (HOM) while having him in scissorhold and laughs at him. Than she puts her big bare feet on his face and start to smother him and she continues until Jack is almost out. This is so much fun for her and every fun has to end at some point. When Jack is laying on his stomach, she goes behind him, wraps her arm around his neck and chokes him out completely. At last she puts her feet on him in a victory pose showing everyone who is the winner here. Madam Cat is!


Face Sitting – Brat Princess 2 – Kimber – Smothers and Scissors slave to sleep

 Brat Princess 2  Kimber  Smothers and Scissors slave to sleep  preview

885.9 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:12:06

Kimber sits on her slave’s face, pressing its nose deep into her ass. She loves controlling the slave’s breath with her body. Kimber rocks and bounces her cute bubble butt while sitting on her slave’s face. She presses her pussy right up against its nose. She doesn’t want to hear any breathing! Kimber decides to scissor her slave’s neck between her thighs. The slave suffers greatly, chocking, crying out, eventually going limp. The slave is on the brink of losing consciousness, face turning purple, but still, Kimber wants him to suffer more. Kimber climbs on top of the barely alert slave and rides his face while he fades in and out.


Neckscissors – ScissorVixens – JOLENE’S SAVAGE SCISSORS – PART 2 – Jolene Hexx

 ScissorVixens  JOLENES SAVAGE SCISSORS  PART 2   Jolene Hexx  preview

1.6 GB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:21:58

The always BEAUTIFUL and always BRUTAL Jolene Hexx returns to ScissorVixens in a continuation of her previous and very popular SAVAGE SCISSORS video in Part 2!
The last guy she totally DESTROYED with her long, lethal legs has not been seen on ScissorVixens since (for real!) after the scissor beatdown she administered to him so enter his little friend…Fluffy.
We did warn Fluffy, as did others who have felt the wrath of Jolene’s thighs, that he’s got to be ready for some REAL PAIN and to make it stop…just tapout when you have to.
Needless to say…there’s a whole lotta tapping in this video!
One of Jolene’s trademarks is SCISSORING YOU SENSELESS WITH A SMILE on her pretty face along with a few giggles at your helpless situation between her SAVAGE SCISSORS and you get plenty of that as well!
At one point, while trapping Fluffy’s poor little neck deep into a front head scissors, she laughs and says…”Watch this, his eyes BULGE every time I squeeze!”. So we move the camera in for a closer look and sure enough…those sexy, pulsating inner thighs around his neck nearly pop his eyes out of their sockets!
Fluffy is a little guy and in the beginning you’ll see just how much Jolene TOWERS over him while they are standing next to each other making locking him into a rig-busting figure-4 around his body as easy as tying a knot with her eyes closed! And of course her body scissors literally leave him both speechless and breathless!
But it doesn’t stop there of course as Jolene shows him her full array off leggy torture including ‘NOT A CHANCE!’ reverse head scissors and -like figure-4’s around his neck that nearly turn his lights out in seconds!
And that’s exactly what she does in the end with a BRUTAL across-the-neck scissors that sends poor Fluffy to la-la-land!
After slapping him back to semi-consciousness she tells him to get the hell off of the mat and looks at the camera with disappointment that she didn’t even break a sweat and has to still go to the gym to get a real workout!
So if you like Jolene’s previous SAVAGE SCISSORS then you’ll LOVE this one just the same!
As is always with Jolene Hexx…it won’t disappoint!


Scissorhold – ULTIMATE MIXED WRESTLING – Her Punching Bag – Sandra

ULTIMATE MIXED WRESTLING  Her Punching Bag   Sandra  preview

169.2 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:04:32

Sandra came to the gym and sees Ron trains with the punching bag. She asks him if he wants to do some boxing together but he dismisses and pushes her away. Sandra doesn’t like his chauvinist attitude and start punching his body until he fells to the ground. Although is down, she keeps punching him while pinning and scissoring him until he can’t take it anymore and gives up. Content and proud at her self, Sandra leaves him on the ground and goes to throw some punches of her own on the punching bag.


Neckscissors – ScissorVixens – ‘HARLEY QUINN SQUEEEEZE!’ Full Video Download featuring Olivia Rose

 ScissorVixens  HARLEY QUINN SQUEEEEZE Full Video Download featuring Olivia Rose preview

1.5 GB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:20:49

Well-known fetish model, Olivia Rose, finally returns to ScissorVixens to portray a character that is not too different than Olivia’s real-life persona!
We asked her to play the role since we knew she’d be a perfect fit for the playful, yet dangerous, Harley Quinn not knowing she’s done this several times before our latest shoot with her.
“I’ve been playing Harley Quinn long before Squad ever appeared and LOVE getting into that character!”, Olivia explains.
And boy did she ever get into Harley Quinn ‘mode’ by sinking her POWERFUL THIGHS into the neck and body of a man fantasizing, and eventually, dreaming about what it would be like to meet the gorgeous Harley Quinn!
As he dozes off into Harley Quinn dreamland she suddenly appears straddling him on the couch and wakes him up by saying…”Wakey-wakey!”.
He slowly opens his eyes thinking that this is the dream he’s been waiting for, BUT is it just a dream or something else!?
Olivia Rose’s thighs are SCARY POWERFUL as we found out the first time we shot her a few years ago. And she made sure to warn us…”They are every bit as powerful, if not more, than last time I had them around your neck!”.
And that is indeed a VERY SCARY thought!
In fact…our poor victim goes nighty-night for a brief moment as Harley Quinn’s thighs prove too much at one point!
And for you reverse head scissors glute-pulsating fans…well…it doesn’t get any better than this!
In the end, Harley Quinn tells him…”It’s time to put you back to sleep!” and does so by pulling him up into one last BRUTAL reverse headscissor!
He eventually wakes up thinking it was indeed only a dream, or in this case, a nightmare!
But then he notices a black smudge on his face, the same color as Harley Quinn’s lipstick and begins to wonder…was I only dreaming…?, or maybe not!
You’ll love GORGEOUS Olivia Rose bringing to life Harley Quinn’s super playful, super sexy but super dangerous character in ‘Harley Quinn SQUEEEEZE!’.