Club Stiletto FemDom – Jumped On, Trampled and Scissored – Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom  Jumped On Trampled and Scissored   Mistress Kandy  preview

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Kandy is in the forest with her carpet. We find her sitting on a bench, pounding his chest with her shoes. “If he does a poor job, he ends up buried here in this ditch,” Kandy says, as she points to a body-sized hole in the ground. She continues to stomp him, then steps on him and climbs up to the bench, where she leaps off and lands on him… hard! She orders him over to a different bench where he lies on his back so she can walk on him in bare feet.
She stomps him and jumps on him, while holding a stick to keep her balance. Kandy displays great balance as she stomps his chest and stomach, then thrusts a dirty foot at his face, to be worshiped. Just as he’s getting into the pleasure of her foot, she stomps it down on his head. Kandy continues to stomp him, then looks at you and wonders if you’re strong enough to take this slave’s place. She sits down on the current slave’s chest, slides her legs around his neck, and proceeds to scissor him. “Lights out, bitch,” she says.


Scissored – Club Stiletto FemDom – You Slaves Don’t Mind Sharing Me Do You – Miss Muscle

Club Stiletto FemDom  You Slaves Dont Mind Sharing Me Do You   Miss Muscle  preview

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Miss Muscle scissors one slave while she orders the other one to worship her boots. She explains that when she can’t make it to the gym, she likes to work out using her slave’s neck. You can see her muscles ripple as she clamps down on his neck with her powerful thighs. She inadvertently kicks her other slave in the head, but naturally he doesn’t complain as he continues to lick her dirty boots. Miss Muscle asks you which of the two slaves you would like to be, the boot licker or the one fighting for air? She changes position so she’s lying on her stomach on top of the slave.
She wraps her powerful legs under his head so you can really see her ass and muscle bound legs while she flexes. She has both slaves lie on the bed so she can face sit them one at a time, but she can’t resist scissoring the boot licker first. She moves to the other one’s chest and plays with her pussy through her crotchless panties. Again, she shifts to scissor the boot licker before she sends both slaves to their knees on the floor. She tells each one to worship a boot while she plays with herself. She touches herself before reaching for a black dildo so she can fuck herself while her sluts watch. She tells them to lick the sole of each foot simultaneously while she fucks herself with the dildo. After she cums, she presents the moist dildo to the two slaves and asks “Now which one of you gets this?”.


Blackmail – Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas – Wrestling Sex Challenge

 Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas  Wrestling Sex Challenge  preview

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Custom: You and a guy friend are at your house he’s been trying to sleep with you for years so you offer him a wrestling challenge. If he wins you’ll sleep with him but if he loses he has to be your lifetime slave.
Since he figures there’s no way he can lose to a girl he accepts. You then proceed to destroy him will all types of different scissors with reverse being my favorite. As he’s gasping for air you then tease him about being your slave and how he didn’t think this through.
You tell him he’ll be permanently in chastity and be financially dominated and pegged regularly. Feel free to add anything you wish .
After about 10 minutes or so he get’s knocked out. When he wakes he’s in some form of bondage all locked up in chastity with a collar on his neck.
You then decide you like this arrangement much better than before and tease the hell out of him causing him much suffering in chastity. He begs and begs for mercy to which you laugh just before gagging him.


Ass Smothering – Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix – Breathe If You Can

 Vancouver Kinky Dominatrix  Breathe If You Can  preview

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This unscripted video was taken with my phone and includes pieces of a recent session in a hotel room. My subbie loves being physically dominated and I enjoy working out so it was a win win situation for us. Lots of ass smothering, breast smothering, reverse scissoring, and a handjob reward. Watch me smother, choke and do pushups at the same time. If you are a fan of breathplay you will love this. Video has been dubbed with music for privacy. Be my fly on the wall and wish you could take it this hard.




1.76 GB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:18:14

Marika is back with her Aloha t shirt that she explained us means that a tsunami (her thighs) is going to hit a little hawaiian island(Ricky’s neck). She goes with front headscissor, straight headscissor, reverse headscissor (her speciality), and in the final part again a straight headscissor (but with a new technique). Marika loves to experiments. She does this straight headscissor opening her legs, sometime a bit, other times fully almost at 180 degrees, caressing Ricky’s hair faking to allow him to take a little rest on her belly, but then squeezing suddenly making him totally submitted. SPECIAL PRICE for You. I made for you a DISCOUNT of $ 5 (In the first 59 seconds of each clip you can see the preview). (Take a look at the long video preview, it lasts 59 seconds.) High Resolution HD and Great Quality Video mpeg4 1280 x 720p , 7839 Kbit/sec. 25 Fotogrammi/sec. WARNING IMPORTANT NOTICE : (To look all clips of my store, in various formats, go to the categories and click on “” all categories “” …. !!! Thank you for your kind attention, good vision)


Femdom – Reality Girls Scissors – Lola’s Violent Legs

 Reality Girls Scissors  Lolas Violent Legs  preview

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the pain-slave gets a faceful of Lola’s incredible ass; her legs explode in tiny lycra shorts, and on Charles’ neck. The powerful pretty girl makes him wipe his sweat off her amazing legs then jams the sweaty towel in his mouth as she delivers gut punches, then climbs his back on the bed, burying him in her rear naked choke, pulling back as he moans in pain through the towel. Lola forces his head in her legs and her ass and locks on a reverse headscissors. Her powerful ass makes his creak and gasp as she tells him to take more. Lola’s ass alone is addicting enough just watching — and seeing it flex pain on the pain-slut’s neck is eye-popping. She looks back as she loves causing pain. She says she feels like a snake with its prey, making him tap over and over with little but the power of her ass. She makes him crawl on his hands and knees. Brutal and humiliating standing headscissors — the tall girl owns him. Straight headscissors continue to own him as she threatens him not to push back against her. A brutal rear naked choke as he croaks his pleas. “Don’t you dare think you can take that out of your mouth; I want you to taste every drop of sweat” she says, putting him in a painful surfboard, her big calf flexing. She shakes her ass in his face and presses down with the towel in his mouth as he panics under her. She stomps him in the gut repeatedly. More standing headscissors as he screams and she taunts him. A textbook reverse headscissors, up on the balls of her feet, his head off the bed. She loves the hold and continues hurting him with it as he screams. She lets him go half in dreamland in her arms and her beauty. Duration: 16:13


Submission Hold – Reality Girls Scissors – Honoring Goddess Amadahy: 1080 HD Knockouts

Reality Girls Scissors  Honoring Goddess Amadahy 1080 HD Knockouts  preview

681 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:19:30

There is nothing to do for Goddess Amadahy again on this site. It is impossible to write with unclouded eyes here thinking of her, seven minutes and four weeks of cries and screams, and quiet and wonder. And of no importance at all to the gravity of her disappearance from the world, is that Reality Girls lost likely its biggest superstar. The one and true Goddess will never lock on another headscissors and bite her lip as she feels a neck’s ligaments give from her strength and leverage. She loved headscissors. She loved knocking people out. Goddess Amadahy loved, and was so good, at so many things. And she made good money with we lucky handful. She helped people see us. One producer, I forget who, she always remembered, once wrote that all there was to a clip hitting the Top 50 was writing the name “Amadahy” in the title. So good was she at so much that we sometimes, in descriptions, wrote to never underestimate her skill on the mat. But all who saw her needed nothing of a reminder. She was remarkable. She was skilled and beat larger opponents in competitive matches. She was a beautiful athlete. She was a swimmer and played water polo. And she was right; her legs were “assassin legs.” Her headscissors could pull your neck off at full power as her pelvis threatened to break it because it seemed she could tilt the bone up forever. She dove in clear oceans and made friends with wild things; she seemed often on Twitter, far away in a winter coat outshining mountains or highlighting them, depending which was her mood. If we are lucky, we are among those who talked to her on the phone. Amadahy would text. But she preferred talking on the phone. Part anachronism; part existentialist. At 4 a.m. in Vegas, and in all the places those in our lucky little group saw her name pop up on our phone … we all know that little extra excitement. And it’s gone. We loved her. We miss her. As all those burdened with greatness are, she was a kaleidoscope; at once beautiful and rapid and unpredictable, difficult and postured, and stubborn, and right and wrong and knowledgeable, and so damn smart. God she was smart. And her eyes were so fucking hot. All rooms were hers when she entered. In one flash nothing is the same, as it can never be when someone shining too bright on a road is gone from it. Loren Blaine and Amadahy loved one another. I watched the pinned tweet with Ava kissing Loren’s ear too many times not to take it down. They were, and are, two badass girls who met and flourished applying violent submission holds at Reality Girls over almost the same number of years, talked and listened and knocked more people out together than we would count for much less than almost a small fortune. They shared common things. One strickly common thing they shared was an extreme hatred for Thin Man. Some hate him, some don’t. They did, and do. The only thing Goddess Amadahy might have loved more than putting people in headscissors was hating Thin Man. So when the superstar blonde, Loren takes on Thin Man here for the first time since Hannah was new, it all happened, it seemed, with something about Amadahy in it. Loren brutalizes him, knocks him out in a rear naked choke, with which Amadahy loved making his head bounce off mats. Behind them is one of three orchids from Goddess Amadahy’s Orlando wake last Sunday. They are one white and two blue — all hers — but this blue one for us to keep lit, here in the window behind the beautiful Loren, who headscissors their nemesis in big, black heels; when he says bodyscissors are some of the easier holds to take, she makes him sorry, and scream. He’s sorry throughout. In front of Amadahy’s orchid, Loren wraps a metal collar and leash around his neck, tells him to “shutup” and rides him before a look out onto the sidewalk inspires her to walk him outside. She is stopped only by the pleading raccoon eyes of Fat Fuck the cameraman from parading him down a busy street. Instead, Loren takes him out back by the pool and fucks him up on the hard brick pavers, forcing his tongue from his mouth in rear naked chokes, turning him purple and putting him back to sleep; he convulses. He panics but hangs in against one of the meanest girls in wrestling. It’s a trait the two girls also shared — cruelty. Only one girl we have filmed just here has been meaner than Goddess Amadahy and Loren Blaine, and that’s because the forever nameless girl has no soul. We wish she’d come back. Amadahy, whose soul seemed always reaching for something great or dangerous or new or familiar, might or might not have liked the evil girl, but she would have been intrigued by her. And she would surely have been smiling here, or jumping in, or watching with those laser eyes, or all of it — as there were few more favorite sights for her than the pain of the man Loren is draining the existence from — Thin Man — hurt and panicked here in reverse headscissors, slapped — totally brutalized by Loren Blaine. Whether something more than here exists, Goddess Amadahy would have loved it down on this cruel world, from which as brilliant a star as will ever be has vanished. Duration: 19:31


Ass Smothering – DomNation – MANHANDLED BY THE CRUEL COLOSSUS – Lady Towers

 DomNation  MANHANDLED BY THE CRUEL COLOSSUS   Lady Towers  preview

443 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:17:08

Standing 6’4″ in her bare feet and weighing in at 220 pounds, Lady Towers is truly a giant among women. Dominating men comes naturally to a woman of her stature, especially since men literally throw themselves at her feet on a daily basis…in the supermarket, on the street, at her day job…begging for the opportunity to be her slave.
And when unruly slaves are foolish enough to disobey her, their punishment is swift and severe. This puny worm is trapped beneath her full weight, and she can literally do anything she wants with him. And she does. Ass smothering, face slapping, rib crushing butt bombs, leg scissoring, and more. He is putty in her hands and she uses her enormous physical strength and size to completely manhandle this insect effortlessly.


Scissored – FemmeFataleFilms – The Challenger Part 1 – Miss Zoe

 FemmeFataleFilms  The Challenger Part 1   Miss Zoe  preview

60 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:05:53

Miss Zoe is world renowned for her FemDom wrestling prowess, so when an inferior male puts her to a challenge on the mat, it is all she can do not to laugh hysterically at him. It’s not long before his cocky smile is wiped firmly off his face and smothered perfectly by Miss Zoe’s posterior. Again n again she wrestles him into submission, proving that size and strength is not the most important thing when it comes to tangling with a female dominant. who well n truly slapped him down, both verbally n physically!


Choke – Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling – Agatha’s Delicious Scissors

 Utopias Sexy Mixed Wrestling  Agathas Delicious Scissors  preview

553 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:12:20

Fetish model and exotic dancer Agatha Delicious stars as a stripper who meets her rude client at his hotel room in Agatha’s Delicious Scissors! Eli thinks he’s going to take her to bed, but Agatha has other plans. Agatha is tall 5’8″ (6’2″ in heels) and super fit at 135lbs. She works out daily to keep her awesome body in top condition. Agatha starts to dance for him wearing a sexy stripper outfit. Eli tells Agatha he wants her to wrap her long legs around him. However, he never envisioned it would be like this! Agatha gets him to lay down on the floor, but what he thinks is the beginning of their fun, turns out to be a vicious grapevine. You can see Agatha’s lean strong body as her upper body pins him down, and her muscular tight hips and butt drives the air from his lungs. Then Agatha transitions into a grueling body scissor. Her long, lithe legs bite into his mid-section right under his rib cage, when she captures him in an ultra-tight figure 4 body scissor. There is no room to move in there as she clamps on a rear naked choke. Agatha challenges him to escape but her body scissor, choke combination is unbreakable. Then Agatha climbs back on top for another grapevine. She spreads his legs as wide as we’ve ever witnessed, and drives her hips into him over and over. Lastly Agatha maneuvers around Eli’s back and traps his head deep within her thighs in a classic head scissor. He clutches at the sinewy muscle that holds him captive, but there is no way he can escape. Eli is forced to admit he can’t escape and taps his submission. Agatha is a master of verbal humiliation as well, and she gets into Eli’s head from the start. Agatha loves to deliciously scissor men! Enjoy!