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Time for you to enter the world of femdom smother! See some of the hottest mistresses you can imagine engaging in facesitting smother, headscissor torture, ass smoothing, all sorts of breath play and strangulation fun. These video clips are NOT for the faint of heart, so you’ve been warned! Anyway, let’s discuss this femdom tube porn genre real quick to give you a good idea of what to expect.

See, this particular genre of online porn focuses on PHYSICAL superiority. Most female domination online porn genres focus on situations that do not require the women to assert their dominance in a physical way. For example, cuckolding porn is more about the mental aspect of it all. Well, our collection femdom-style breath play porn is entirely different. The girls basically cut off their slave’s oxygen and see them whimper pathetically. Nothing beats watching a femdom smother video with a slave that looks scared shitless, thinking he’s gonna die or a slave that passes out completely after all that hot facesitting smother action.

One more thing to consider is headscissor XXX. This selection of headscissor porn focuses on knockouts or Kos, i.e. dudes passing out while their head gets squeezed in between some sexy thighs. Naturally, some headscissor porn clips try to up the sexual ante by introducing headscissor neck snaps, executrix-style action, all that taboo shit that you love. Well, we got plenty of that content as well. You won’t, however, find girls scissoring on here, that’s an entirely different thing. Girls scissoring is related to lesbian sex (tribbing), there’s no place for that on our femdom tube.

Now that you know what to expect and what not to expect, let’s wrap this up by saying that you can actually DOWNLOAD every single video you see in this awesome XXX category. No exceptions, no foul play on our part. You just pick a video you like and download it. Our free porn site aims to provide you with the best possible femdom porn experience, don’t you ever forget about that.