Footlicking – Subby Hubby – Raven and Alyssa’s New Hire Part 1 – Foot Worship

 Subby Hubby  Raven and Alyssas New Hire Part 1  Foot Worship  preview

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Raven Eve n Alissa Avni need a new slave. They`re sitting around the house waiting for applicants to interview for an ad they put in the paper. The 1st 2 victims.. or prospects as they say, are about to arrive. The 2 men meet each other outside the house and discuss how desperate they`re for a job. They are about to find out exactly how desperate soon. Raven n Alissa sit the 1st prospective “boss” on the couch and explain that he must obey them completely and do exactly as he is told. He is then ordered to get on his knees, in his proper position, under the feet of his new Mistresses. Raven orders the slave to worship her high heel shoes. Licking them and sucking on the heel like a good boy. The new slave is told to worship Mistress Raven and Mistress Alissa’s bare feet. The slave does a good job licking and sucking their feet and toes. He is then told that his name is not Cameron anymore. The sissy slut will now be known as Cami. He needs this job bad and he will learn to be a proper foot licking sissy bitch now!


Cuckolding – Subby Hubby – Vanessa Teaches the sissy How to Part 4

 Subby Hubby  Vanessa Teaches the sissy How to Part 4  preview

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Vanessa Cage is ready to train her sissy slut for his new profession. She wants her sissy slut to earn extra money sucking cock n being fucked in the ass. She has expensive taste, so her sissy slut will have to perform on the highest level. She has two strap ons, one for his mouth and the other for his tight man pussy. Vanessa decides that he will suck on the larger of the 2, and her sissy slut smiles, so eager to please his Princess. He sucks on that cock with great enthusiasm. Her sissy slut truly enjoys the cock, whether in the mouth or the ass, just as long as it’s in one of his holes, he’s happy. Her sissy slut is sucking her cock, slobbering everywhere. Vanessa is dreaming of all the money she`ll make with her slut on the street sucking cock for money.HER MONEY.


Chastity Male – Brat Princess 2 – Natalya – Daily Ass Smothering Training with Scissorhold Punishment

 Brat Princess 2  Natalya  Daily Ass Smothering Training with Scissorhold Punishment  preview

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Natalya has decided that she will begin every morning by smothering her slave underneath her ass. This is to remind the slave, first thing every day, that it is beneath her. The slave tries to squirm for air and Natalya gets mad. She uses her thighs to lock the slave into a scissorhold. She does this so that the slave realizes that things can always get a lot worse. Natalya is brutal in this clip. She uses multiple methods to deprive her slave’s brain of vital oxygen. Caught in a thigh lock, or trapped beneath her ass, the slave’s life is completely in her hands. When Natalya is finished with the cruel training, she orders her slave to get under the bed and stay quiet. Her boyfriend is always horny in the morning and she wants to fuck him on the bed.


Cuckolding – Brat Princess 2 – Kimber and Raven – Mom and Daughter serve Cuck Dinner

 Brat Princess 2  Kimber and Raven  Mom and Daughter serve Cuck Dinner  preview

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Raven is upset that her husband, Marcello, expects her to cook dinner for him. When Raven expresses her feelings, Marcello apologizes for his outdated gender expectations. He promises that he will never ask his wife to cook him dinner again. But Raven is still mad. It’s not like this is 1952.
She will show him. Just this once, Raven and her daughter will serve Marcello dinner. Marcello is very excited that his wife has prepared a meal for him. Raven asks her daughter, Kimber, to present the dinner service to her husband.
When Kimber lifts the silver cloche from Marcello’s plate, he does not see food. Instead, his wife and step-daughter have prepared for him a lovely presentation of condoms. The condoms are filled with semen from their bulls. Marcello is extremely sad. He thought that for once, his wife was being sweet to him. He was wrong. Now, he will be forced to swallow the contents of the four condoms collected by his wife and step-daughter.
Raven pours her boyfriend, Antonio’s, cum into her husband’s mouth. Antonio is very virile. He shoots a huge load and it’s a lot for Marcello to have to swallow. Even after Antonio’s massive load, there’s more! Kimber has saved two condoms from her boyfriend, Peter. Raven has saved the fourth condom from a surprise lover. Marcello must swallow it all.
Then, Raven and Kimber expect Marcello to pay for them to go out to dinner. They haven’t eaten one thing and Marcello’s got a nice full belly of cum! Raven pours the biggest load down her husband’s throat last. The women put the empty condoms all over Marcello’s face and take a few selfies to text to their bulls. Raven and Kimber go out to get their dinner at a nice steakhouse on Marcello’s dime. That will reach teach him to expect a woman to cook him dinner!


Subby Hubby – Lexi’s Chindo tease for her Pathetic Husband P2

 Subby Hubby  Lexis Chindo tease for her Pathetic Husband P2  preview

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With her pathetic husband kneeling at her feet, Lexi is once again disappointed. Her husband friend was supposed to come by to please her, unfortunately he couldn’t make it. Just another of the many disappointments in her life, however she does have an alternative.the CHINDO!! Lexi will make use of her pathetic, chastised bitch of a husband, he can fuck her, just not with that pathetic 2″ dick, but with a Chindo. Finally, after years of marriage, Lexi is finally pleased by her pathetic husband, sadly it’s with a Chindo. Lexi allows him to fuck her with the Chindo from multiple positions, all the while reminding him how sad and pathetic he is. Now that he is locked in chastity, will she ever let him cum again? Pay back for all those years of bad sex for her.


Femdom – Obey Melanie – Lick the cum out of their balls

 Obey Melanie  Lick the cum out of their balls  preview

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A cuckold knows his lips are to serve cock. A man wants his cum sucked out of his balls. So I’m going to teach you. I”m going to teach you to lick their balls until their cocks cant take it anymore. You’re going to beg them to empty their load on your face. Gag on their cocks while they shoot it in your mouth. And when you’re done sucking all that cum out of their balls, I’m going to show you how to lick their shafts clean and thank them for their load.


Handjobs – Goddess Alexandra Snow – Dinner Date Prep

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Dinner Date Prep  preview

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For a woman like me, stay-at-home cock just won’t do. I’m a woman that needs new experiences, new thrills. This is unfortunate for my house husband. He has the pleasure of being in my presence daily, but the torture of being a lowly cuckold. I grew bored of his cock a long time ago. So now, whenever I go out on a date, I’ve just decided to milk him mercilessly. If he doesn’t get an orgasm out before I leave he just doesn’t get any work done. He’ll be restrained in rope tied by my skilled and beautiful hands and robbed of his seed like he was a milking cow. But his humiliation doesn’t end there. Before I come home, he’ll have to clean up his mess by eating his cum out of a bowl I’ve provided. While I’m jerking him, I’m going to tell him of all of the fun I’ll have tonight without him.


Double Domination – Subby Hubby – Human Blow-Up Doll Part 1 – Pussy Tease – Goddess Tangent and Sunny Chase

 Subby Hubby  Human BlowUp Doll Part 1  Pussy Tease   Goddess Tangent and Sunny Chase  preview

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Goddess Tangent n Sunny Chase are relaxing on the couch having a drink when they start having a conversation. They go outside and find Sunny’s boyfriend checking out a blow-up doll. Outraged but then amused, they decide to make HIM a blow-up doll by turning him into a total slut. He can’t have pussy ever again, so they decide to tease him with Sunny’s pussy and show him what he can’t have anymore. They tease him with Sunny’s gorgeous pussy, and this is only the beginning of his torment.


Cuckolding – THE MEAN GIRLS – Sissy Maid Cleans Up Our Boyfriends Mess – Princess Beverly and Princess Lilly

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Sissy Maid Cleans Up Our Boyfriends Mess   Princess Beverly and Princess Lilly  preview

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***This is being written by the new “clip description slave” that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls’ clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***
Princess Beverly and Princess Lilly had such a good time entertaining their boyfriends during last night’s wild party! But the next morning they discover the house has been left a total mess. One of the worst things about throwing a big party is the cleanup afterward. Fortunately being mean girls they can get Tipsy as fuck, have sex with their boyfriends all night long, and then just order the sissy maid to clean everything up. Princess Carmela and Princess Lilly command the sissy maid to clean up the mess that their boyfriends made at the party that he (I mean she) was not even invited to. LOL! To make it even more entertaining they dress the sissy maid up in slutty red high heels, lacey panties, and matching bra. The emasculated sissy maid is forced to clean up the mess as Princess Carmela and Princess Lilly stand over her and verbally abuse her as she scrubs the floor clean dressed in her slutty uniform. Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it a “6.5”