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In case you’re not completely satisfied with the cookie-cutter bullshit you normally see in femdom online porn clips, then you have come to the right place! Femdom slapping category is all about beautiful mistresses dishing out physical punishment. They aren’t going to pull any punches, their main goal is to see their slaves wince in pain or start bawling their eyes out. This femdom tube porn genre is unapologetically sadistic, so be warned – you’re going to see something 100% visceral.

Let’s start from the top. Face slapping is the most common type of femdom slapping you’re going to encounter here. Seeing a gorgeous mistress resort to face slapping because she’s either pissed or wants to have fun is downright riveting. It’s both humiliating and painful and it can serve as a precursor to something even more violent, i.e. ballbusting or choking.

Even though this particular online porn category oftentimes gets mixed with other types of femdom tube content, it’s hard to find someone that considers it to be a slap in the face. Honestly, while slap face femdom porn is pretty hot on its own, you still need something else to elevate it, give it a much-needed boost. So, to put it in a nutshell, most slap face fetish clips here are going to feature a different kind of femdom action as well. For example, cuckolding vids oftentimes feature a slap in the face or two. There are also slap sex XXX vids in which a slave gets to fuck his mistress, but still gets slapped around like a bitch because, hey, you gotta know your place in life.

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