Pantyhose/stockings – Men Are Slaves – Wanna Smell – Ella

 Men Are Slaves  Wanna Smell   Ella  preview

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Ella knows her feet smell absolutely delicious to her slave. She just has to dangle them and in no time he is begging and groveling to sniff them. It’s a simple way to keep this male pet fully enslaved by giving him the possibility of smelling her well-worn stockings. Nonetheless he will have to beg for this honor, just because she loves to watch him grovel.


Balls Busting – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Totally ruined by My feet

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Totally ruined by My feet  preview

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My city break vacation is nearly over, and My slave has served Me admirably. I know how much he craves to be near Me, to be touched by Me, and even to kiss Me. At the end of this long day I shall introduce him to the only part of My body he will ever intimately touch: My feet and My feet only. This slave will never feel the caress of My hands, the firmness of My breasts, or the tenderness of My lips. I’ll tease him, dominate him, trample and torture him, using just My bare feet. I’ll control his cock using only My toes, I will make it hurt and bruise, but I will also make him cum purely with My soles, ruin his orgasms in the high arches of My divine feet. Why not, for he is just a slave at My disposal, an inferior under My feet, in the place he belongs.
This clip shows a part of a private play and was filmed with the camera on a tripod.


Foot Smelling – Nessie the Bully Girl – Daddy Wants His Face Full of Feet: Jasmine & Nessie Forced Foot Worship

Nessie the Bully Girl  Daddy Wants His Face Full of Feet Jasmine  Nessie Forced Foot Worship  preview

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This clip includes: Taboo, Sweaty Feet, Nessie Catches Daddy Sniffing Her Gym Sneakers, Forced Foot Worship, Scissorhold, Foot Smothering, Teasing, Taunting, Brat Girls, Femdom, Powerful Woman, Calves, Muscular Legs, Wrinkled Soles, Socks, Sock Smelling, Sneaker Smelling, Sweaty Gym Feet, Nessie Squeeze, Jasmine Mendez, Contains NO NUDITY
Jasmine and Nessie are kicking back on the couch after an intense workout at the gym when they catch Nessie’s dad sniffing her sneakers. He tries to be authoritative and make excuses, but they saw with their own eyes and they won’t let up on it. They can’t believe he has a foot fetish! Since he won’t admit it, they decide to force their feet on him until he does. Nessie puts him in a scissorhold so Jasmine can put her bare Latina feet in his face to torment him. Then Nessie has him remove her socks and smell her feet, too. Their feet are so smelly and sweaty from the gym.
They can tell he likes it, even though he’s trying to convince them he doesn’t, but they catch him taking whiffs of their feet. Nessie grabs his nose with her toes and pulls him closer so they can put all 4 feet in his face at once. They make him lay down like a footstool and lick their feet clean. He sucks on his daughter’s milky white toes and licks Jasmine’s wrinkled soles. When they’re satisfied that their feet have been cleaned, they push him away with their feet and tell him to get on with his “nap.” Haha.


Foot Fetish – Men Are Slaves – Choke On It – Sara

 Men Are Slaves  Choke On It   Sara  preview

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This slave is hacking up a lung and really having difficulty breathing. That could be because Sara is shoving her whole foot in his mouth. He struggles to fight the gag reflex as her toes enter his throat, hacking and spitting while trying not to throw up. Sara meanwhile laughs, she finds his struggles hilarious and only removes her foot briefly before shoving it right back down his gullet.