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There’s nothing quite as arousing as nipple domination, don’t you agree? This genre has been on the forefront for quite a long time, at least as far as our very own femdom tube is concerned. People simply cannot get enough of nipple domination.

It’s always fun to see guys with sensitive nipples get dominated by their cruel mistresses. Extreme nipple torture, light yet painful nipple play, nipple twist, nip sucking/biting, you name it. There are just so many opportunities and possibilities, it’s not even funny. For example, there’s a little something called nipple sex! A standard nipple sex video might start off fairly weird, but it’s guaranteed to draw you in because, hey, that stuff is very explicit and very extreme. We won’t even dare to describe it because it’s going to scare off most of our readers/visitors.

At any rate, even while hyping up all those other nipple play/torture/domination genres, it would be dumb not to mention the classic – nipple clamps. Essentially, nipple clamps is what most people imagine when they think about nip torture. Sure, there are more than enough lezdom clips on this femdom tube, but you’re going to see male nipple clamps clips more frequently. Those guys are going to have to suffer through a very agonizing experience because their mistresses are downright sadistic. We suggest you seek out those male nipple clamps first and then worry about the rest. You gotta set the bar real high, too!

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