Princess Annie – VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Hurt yourself for Annie – Annie Aroura

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE  Hurt yourself for Annie   Annie Aroura  preview

849 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:09:58

Staring at me makes your cock hard doesn’t it? Stroke yourself, get hard. I want to have some fun with you. I know that you can take more pain when you are fully aroused. If you want to stare at my perfect tits it comes at a price! I want you to slap your cock and hurt yourself for me! Seeing you hurt yourself makes me so happy. If you want to cum you are going to have punish your cock. Show me how obedient you are.

CLICK TO GET FILE FROM K2S.CC - WATCH ONLINE AND DOWNLOAD – Humiliation POV – My Tight Young Perfect Body Is Going To Fuck You Up – Shaye Rivers

 Humiliation POV  My Tight Young Perfect Body Is Going To Fuck You Up   Shaye Rivers  preview

950 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:12:48

Look at me loser, take in every inch of my perfect body. Look at my perfect tits in this sexy outfit, my amazing curves, my beautiful red hair and perfect round ass. Every part of me is perfection, isn’t it? I know you agree because you haven’t stopped staring and stroking. Stare at me and know that someone like me would never be with someone like you. That’s why you’re here jerking to me.
I will never fuck you, you will never have me, but that won’t stop you wanting me. You just like to sit there and jerk off to me because you know that you’re lucky I even let you jerk to my perfect, tight young body. You’re so grateful, aren’t you? You are because you know in real life you’d never get a hot, young girl like me. You just like jerking to me like the pervert that you are.
The truth is that I would never even meet you in person. And you know you will never be with a girl as perfect as me. You’ve never even been with someone remotely as hot as I am. If you have a woman now I know she doesn’t compare to me. That’s why you’re here looking at me on your computer screen, because you cannot get someone as hot as me in real life. Buying my clips is the closest you’ll come to being near someone like me. You love having me on your screen while I tell you that I’m way too good for you.
No girl has ever dressed up like this for you or teased you with a body like this. Because you have nothing to offer so no girl like me will ever be with you. You’re just a jerk off loser. No woman wants that. It’s so sad but you can’t help but coming back to me. All you want to do is stroke your dick to me even though you know you’ll never fuck me.
But I won’t stop you, I want you to stroke to my perfect young body. I want you so addicted to me. Stroke to the fact that you’ll never have me. My hot little body is going to fuck you up so bad that you’ll never be able to get off any other way. I’m going to make it so that even if you do fuck some girl, you’ll have to think about me in order to cum. I’m going to scramble your brain so badly that you’ll want to stay home and jerk to me, rather than fuck her. You can’t stop thinking about me, can you? You’re going to spend the rest of your life alone jerking to me. And even that thought turns you on.


Femdom Online – Humiliation POV – Leave Your Wife And Serve Me For Real – Princess Kendi Olsen

 Humiliation POV  Leave Your Wife And Serve Me For Real   Princess Kendi Olsen  preview

742 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:10:02

Isn’t it time you told your wife about us? You’ve been keeping this a secret for way too long. Jerking off to me, late at night, all alone. Aren’t you ready to take this to the next level? You’ve already proven yourself a good online sub, but I think you’d be even better as a full time live in slave. You’re obedient and submissive, the only issue is that you’re still married and I don’t like that. I don’t like that bitch sucking up my resources. And you certainly couldn’t be a live in slave with that bitch still hanging around.
She’s a time suck, she’s a money suck, she’s an energy suck and it’s time for her to go. I mean if you really are interested in serving me for real. I know you’ve been fantasizing about serving me while you jerk off to me every night. I know how hard it makes you. You’re so excited by the idea of serving me in ways that have only been a fantasy before. And I’m offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity. And all you need to do is to get rid of the wife.
She’s old anyway and she never puts out any more. You’re already used to a sexless slave like existence. You don’t need her anymore, you don’t want her anymore. You know at the core of your being, you want to be my slave. What are you worried about? That she’ll cry and be upset? Who gives a fuck? Why are you letting these petty anxieties get in the way of your true happiness? You know that this is what you’re supposed to be doing with your life. It’s why you’re so unsatisfied in your marriage. It’s why you found me in the first place. You went searching for something more exciting and gratifying. And when you found me, you knew you needed to serve me.
You need a Goddess to serve, a Goddess to lead you. Your life will be so much better, you know it, you feel it. I know it. But you’d have to divorce her first. And then you can dedicate your life to me. Your life would still be sexless, but I’m so much younger, sexier and brattier than your old, ugly wife. Fuck her. File for divorce and get your ass over here and worship me. Stop jerking off to the fantasy and live the life you were born for. I’ll lock you up in chastity and torment you and turn you into my film slave. I know you’d love that. Then your wife can see the younger, hotter girl that you left her for. You’ll be a public slave for Kendall and everyone will see. And you know you’re so lucky I’m even offering this to you. But I’m not going to wait around, you better divorce her soon or I’ll move on to the next slave who is willing to ditch his wife for me.


Femdom Online – Humiliation POV – Cuckolded By Your Ex Girlfriend – Alix Lynx

 Humiliation POV  Cuckolded By Your Ex Girlfriend   Alix Lynx  preview

758 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:10:16

Hey thanks for coming over. I know I just broke up with you and I broke your heart and this is probably super confusing for you but I’ve been thinking and I’ve come up with a solution as to how we can stay together. So just hear me out, I think you’re going to like it.
I know how much you were obsessed with me and obviously you’re still obsessed with me, and who wouldn’t be? So I’ll take you back, but as my cuckold. Because let’s face it, we both know that you’re not good enough for me. You just don’t do it for me. I mean you’re a bit of a loser and your cock is too small for someone like me. I don’t even know what I was doing with you in the first place.
I know how much you want to be a part of my life since you’re so obsessed with me, and I think this could work. You see as my cuckold, you’d still get to see me naked, but that would only be when I’m fucking other men. You could sit in the corner and watch me get fucked and I’ll even let you jerk off. You see you never really satisfied me in bed and I need a real man to fuck me.
Isn’t this a perfect arrangement? You can be back in my life and treat me like your princess while I get to do whatever I want. I mean, you should really feel lucky that I’d let you watch me fuck another man, it is a privilege. And since you’re so obsessed with me, I know you’ll agree to this. I love the idea of getting fucked by a big cock deep inside my wet pussy while you watch from the corner like the pathetic little dick loser that you are. You know I’ll never fuck you again, and you’ll get to see what it’s like for me to actually enjoy sex. I know this is turning you on. I’ve always known you were a cuckold.
This little arrangement will be better for you than having another girlfriend who would never compare to me. Don’t you wanna see me get fucked on the bed that we used to share together? And you can jerk your cock while you watch my tight little pussy get pounded. I’d love to get fucked hard by a big cock while I look over and see my ex boyfriend sitting in the corner jerking his dick, knowing that this man is pleasing me better than he ever could.
You wanna be a good little cuckold for your ex girlfriend, don’t you? I can see it in your eyes, and your pants. I know you’ve been hard though this entire conversation. Do you wanna see me get fucked while you jerk your little cock? It’s the only way you get to come back into my life.

CLICK TO GET FILE FROM K2S.CC - WATCH ONLINE AND DOWNLOAD – Humiliation POV – BBC Strap-on Intervention For Closeted Faggots – Princess Miki

 Humiliation POV  BBC Strapon Intervention For Closeted Faggots   Princess Miki  preview

932 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:12:43

Do you like what you see? Of course you do. There’s nothing hotter than a sexy girl in lingerie and thigh high boots with a big cock attached to her. This is what you crave. Especially because my strapon is so big and black. But why are you so obsessed with my big, black strap-on? The truth is, your true desire has nothing to do with a woman and a big strapon attached to her and I’m going to prove it to you.
You already got hard when you saw my big black strapon, but let’s see how much harder you get when you see the real thing. Look at these big black cocks, that’s what you want. Your cock is getting so hard. You want the real thing, not a knockoff attached to a girl. My cock isn’t what you want, you want a real thick black cock. You want to suck a big black cock, just admit it.
Maybe at first it was my cock you wanted, or maybe you were just in denial, but you can’t hide from your hard cock that’s getting so hard for these big black cocks. You thought that you could fulfill your faggot fantasies by worshiping my strapon, then you could keep up your heterosexual identity if you just submit to a woman. But you can’t deny how hard you are for these big black cocks. You’re just a little faggot for BBC. You don’t have to lie to me, I can see how furiously you’re stroking cock to the real thing. You want real black cock inside you, not just some rubber attached to a girl.
And it’s about time you finally submit to a big black alpha cock, faggot. No more lying, no more stroking to a girl with something that just resembles what you truly desire. You don’t want to live a lie do you? No. You want the real thing, you want to be used by a real black man with a big black cock. You know that’s all you’re good for. Just look down at your inferior cock that’s throbbing at the sight of a real big black cock. You can’t deny how hard this is making you.
You’re not even looking at me any more. You don’t want my strapon any more. It’s time to give in to your true desire for the real thing. You want to be used an abused by an alpha black cock. Forget about women, women don’t want you any way. I want you to fully realize what you really are. You’re just a hungry big black cock faggot. And you can’t deny it because your cock is throbbing. I’m doing a service for you by showing you what you really are. A faggot.
So what are you going to do about it? Are you going to keep stroking to videos like this with images of cocks in the corner of your screen? That’s just all part of your denial. Don’t you see that you really do want this? You’re stuck in the closet but you don’t want that. You don’t want to live a lie for the rest of your life, do you? So I want you to go to grindr, that app designed for faggots like you, and you’re going to advertise yourself as a little cock hungry faggot just for big black cock. Then you’ll become a real faggot for a big black cock, not just some loser who wanks off to images of them. You’re finally going to do it for me, aren’t you? And you’re not allowed to cum to this clip, because that would just keep perpetuating the fantasy. You’re only allowed to cum after you suck a big, black cock because that’s what you really want.


Femdom Online – Humiliation POV – You’re Obsessed With Superior Alpha Cocks – Princess Mika

 Humiliation POV  Youre Obsessed With Superior Alpha Cocks   Princess Mika  preview

571 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:07:44

Look at how far you’ve progressed, I’m really quite impressed, who knew that you would come so far. I think that you’re more gay than you’d like to admit, I think you like cocks more than pussy. Just look at these huge cocks on your screen, this is all you’ve been staring at since this video began. You’re obsessed with cocks, aren’t you? Even your own dick. You’re obsessed with how small it is and how it doesn’t compare with the size of these alpha cocks.
You spend all of your time thinking about cocks, whether it’s yours or another man’s. I’d say that’s pretty gay. So you might as well admit it, you are gay. I mean why else would you even be watching this clip? There are so many other options out there but you keep coming back to these coerced bi clips. You can’t keep telling yourself that you’re just curious or that it’s just a fantasy that you jerk off to.
Look how hard you are. And let me tell you, straight guys do not get hard watching huge cocks on their screen. So you see this isn’t just a fantasy, this is your reality. You are a faggot. I know you’re jerking off right now to these huge cocks. You wish so badly that you were sucking on them. But just like women don’t want you anywhere near them, these alpha men wouldn’t want you any where near their cocks. LOL! That’s why you’re alone jerking off to them on your computer screen.
Now stroke to their superiority as compared to you. And you can stroke to me too if you want because I’m superior to you too, aren’t I? You really are a faggot, a faggot that no one wants. But don’t stop, keep worshiping these cocks. They’re so big that you can’t take your eyes off of them. You can’t stop jerking to them, can you faggot? I’m going to make you cum to them, just to prove to you that you really are gay. Straight men don’t cum to cocks, only little faggots like you do. This isn’t a fantasy, you really are gay.


Masturbation Encouragement – Humiliation POV – Switching Your Brain Off And Reinforcing Your Stroking Addiction – Princess London Lix

 Humiliation POV  Switching Your Brain Off And Reinforcing Your Stroking Addiction   Princess London Lix preview

697 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:09:26

You’re so addicted to stroking. It’s the best feeling in the world to you. But we’re not quite there yet because you’re still lucid, you’re still listening to my words. Because what feels best to you is being a mindless stroker where you enter that gooning edging state where all you can feel is your cock and pure bliss. But don’t worry, I’m going to get you there.
It’s ok if you want to switch off your brain. You don’t want to think any more. You want to become a mindless gooning stroker. Nothing feels better than this. There’s freedom in this addiction, you don’t have to think about a fucking thing. All of your cares and responsibilities just disappear and you can lose yourself for hours in this state.
I’ll tease your mind with my hot body while my words scramble your brain and then all you need to think about is pumping. That’s all that matters in this moment. That’s all you need to worry your stupid brain with. The more you pump like this the more mindless you become. It’s a vicious cycle you can never break free from.
This is exactly where you belong so keep stroking my mindless wanker. You love reaching those edges over and over again. I want you riding that edge and losing yourself, I want to reinforce your jerking addiction over and over again. I want you to become even more of a mindless gooner every fucking day until there’s nothing left of you.
It’s profitable for me to have you become such a gooning loser. It keeps you coming back, you’re completely addicted to this. You don’t even want to turn your mind back on, it feels so much better like this. Endless clips cycling over and over in your brain is what you need, taking you deeper and deeper into this mindless state. You don’t have to do anything here but sit there and stroke your brains out. The only decision you have to make is which clip to watch next.
This feels so fucking good, doesn’t it loser. Lose yourself in your mindless stroking. Just stop thinking for me now. You know that when you let your brain turn off completely that you are exactly where you want to be. Get dumb for me loser and repeat this cycle over and over again until you become completely brain [email protected]


Cuckolding – Humiliation POV – POV Blowjob Video Diary For Pathetic Cuckolds – Princess Amai Liu

 Humiliation POV  POV Blowjob Video Diary For Pathetic Cuckolds   Princess Amai Liu preview

818 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:11:07

Princess Amai Liu

Hot pov blowjob cuckolding clip with lots of harsh verbal humiliation, complete with a cum shot at the end.

You are Amai’s live in cuckold but you had to go away for a few days, so she made you this video to show you what she’s been up to while you’ve been away. Aren’t you so lucky she took the time to do this for you?

You’ll get to watch her suck on her stud’s huge cock. She reminds you that you’ll never get a blowjob ever again, especially since you’re locked in chastity. But little dick loser cucks don’t get blowjobs, the best you can hope for is that you’ll be allowed to jerk off, which is all you really want to do any way.

But even though you’re her cuck, you still care about her and miss her. It’s hard for you to watch her suck another man off while you’re locked up and far away. She stops sucking his cock every once in awhile to remind you what a pathetic cuckold you are to her. She reminds you that you’ll never get a blowjob ever again. You’re not a real man and you never will be.

You’re locked in physical and mental chastity for Amai. You have to beg to even be allowed to jerk off. You’re so pathetic. She knows that your cock is throbbing in your cage as you watch her sucking off her stud. You’re just a pathetic hand humper, this is your life, this is what you deserve. This makes your cock harder than anything else. She tells you that when you cum home you’re going to have to clean up all the cum stains that she’s left for you.

No one will ever touch your cock again except for you hand. This is your life now, a real life cuckold to a hot young Princess. Fucking loser!


Ass Sniffing – Humiliation POV – Jeans Ass Addict – Princess Kaylynn

 Humiliation POV  Jeans Ass Addict   Princess Kaylynn  preview

800 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:09:54

You just can’t get enough. You’re completely addicted to my ass. And you love looking at my hot ass in these sexy jeans. You’re one of those freaks. I know you want to sniff it loser. And I’m going to let you sniff God’s perfect ass. Aren’t you lucky? You just love it in your face, don’t you, you dirty pig. You truly are an ass sniffing loser.
This is the closest you will ever come to my ass. It’s so perfect. I just love teasing you with it. It makes you so stupid. Breathe it in. Let it [email protected] you. Let it hyp n0 t!ze you, it takes away all of your stress. You truly are addicted to my perfect ass. It takes over your mind, it’s wholly scent takes over all of your senses and leaves me with all of the power. It’s so hyp n0 t!c.
You will never get my ass, you only get to sniff it and pay it and worship it. You feel yourself getting dumber and dumber, don’t you? The more you sniff the more it destroys your brain cells. Inhale deep loser, fill your whole being with God’s scent. It entrances you, it captivates you and takes over your mind. It fills you and there’s nothing you can do about it, you crave it more and more each day. You need it.
This is where you belong, beneath my ass. You are my slave, [email protected] by my scent. This is what you live for, to sniff and worship my ass. You will never have my ass but it will take over your life, with every wiggle I control you more and more. And you know you must pay to sniff my ass. Drain that account dry.


Financial Domination – Humiliation POV – I’m Going To Ruin You And I Don’t Give A Fuck – Luna Sapphire

 Humiliation POV  Im Going To Ruin You And I Dont Give A Fuck   Luna Sapphire  preview

657 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:08:57

Hey there freak, I just want to remind you exactly where you stand with me. You are nothing to me. Your existence is meaningless. You truly are pathetic. And I think it’s so funny that losers like you worship me. But your only purpose to me is to drain your bank account, degrading you and turning you into my fully controlled human atm.
I’m going to take complete control over your life. And it’s going to be so easy because you’re so weak for hot bratty girls like me. I’m going to teach you to become completely obedient to me while you empty out your wallet. You’re going to be molded into my little cash slut. It’s going to be so degrading knowing that I’m just using you for your money and then I’m going to toss you aside when you’re broke.
You’ll do anything for your bratty princess because you’re weak for me. I want you to jerk your cock knowing that all you’ll ever be to be is a perverted wallet. You’re going to alone and broke forever because of your addiction to me. And that’s what you deserve.
Do you understand how pathetic you are? I mean you’ll never even get to meet me in person yet you can’t stop obsessing over me. You can’t stop paying me. It makes your cock so hard. You live to be a throbbing, twitching fucked over pay piggy. All you do is jerk your cock as I verbally and financially destroy you. You’re so trapped, so fucked.
You love hearing me tell you how useless you are because you know it’s true. That’s why it hurts so bad and that’s why it makes your cock so hard. You know that you’re a loser. Your entire life is going to be jerking and paying and then doing it over and over again. You’re going to be my little worker drone. You go to work just so you can pay me money. You know it’s true loser. Now thank me for giving you purpose and this addiction is going to take over and ruin your life and I don’t give a fuck. And I love it, I love destroying you idiot.