Make Me Bi – Humiliation POV – Watching Big Cocks Cum In Vanilla Porn Turned You Into A Faggot – Princess London Lix

 Humiliation POV  Watching Big Cocks Cum In Vanilla Porn Turned You Into A Faggot   Princess London Lix preview

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I know about your vanilla porn habits. I know that you don’t stroke exclusively to femdom. I know there’s still a part of your male ego that forces you to jerk it to vanilla sex. Do you like to tease yourself that you might have that some day or do you just like to torture yourself with what you’ll never have? And I know that when you watch, you try and cum when the guy in the porn cums. And this makes sense, you know that the video ends when he cums so you want to try and cum at the end.
But then why aren’t you staring at the woman’s face? Why aren’t you staring at her pussy? Why are you staring at that big cock? Why do you love seeing that cum spurt out of it? Because you’re gay. I know you’d love to be coerced into doing something that you don’t really want to do. You beg not to suck cock, you pretend you’re not gay, but you’re watching the guy cum in vanilla porn. You jerk off to a guy cumming.
Now it may not have been your intention, but what do you think all of this jerking off when the guy cums has done to your brain? Have you noticed a little switch has been flipped? Have you noticed that cocks are becoming more and more appealing? You’re conditioning yourself to associate your orgasm with staring at cocks cumming. You’ve really fucked yourself up. But I think this is what you wanted deep down. I know that you love a woman’s body, but you also love cock. You find the idea of a cock exploding in front of you to be so sexy. It’s why you love to stare at those big dicks gushing out their big loads.
Do you like it when he shoots spurts or ropes or when it gushes like a stream? This was a trick question because no straight guy would notice these little nuances in the way a guy cums. But you’ve noticed. Because you’ve been jerking off to it for years. You love to cum when you watch other men cum. You’re a little bisexual loser or maybe you’re just a full blown faggot who is too scared to admit it.
You’ve become a bit of a cum addict. I know you’ve tasted your own. It’s only a matter of time, you’ve seen what a slippery slope this is. I don’t want you to stop. I want you to notice what you’re doing and see how you’ve trained yourself to associate your orgasm with that guy’s cock cumming. You just fucked your own brain. You can’t wait for that thick veiny cock to explode so you can cum along with it. Stroke to your new addiction, stroke to the fact that a big cock turns you on. Stroke knowing that you’re making yourself gay. I’m just showing you the reality of the what you’ve been doing to yourself all along.
I don’t want you to cum to this clip, I want you to bring yourself to the edge while I taunt and humiliate you and then I want you put on some gay porn and cum to that. No women, just big hard cocks. I want you to stroke to it and I want you to see if you can cum to it. If you can cum to a cock cumming when there’s no pussy around, then you’ll know for sure what a little faggot you are. I can’t wait to see how hard you cum for cock because I know you will. You’ll cum harder than you ever have before because you loser, are gay.


Mind Fuck – Humiliation POV – Aren’t You So Lucky That I Drain You While I Hold Your Key – Miss Tiffany

 Humiliation POV  Arent You So Lucky That I Drain You While I Hold Your Key   Miss Tiffany preview

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I know how much you love being rinsed by me. You’re a spending addict for me. Seeing me in the hot things you buy me, drives you insane. It’s a privilege for a loser like you to get to spoil a goddess like me. You’re so lucky you get to spend your hard earned cash on things I want. And in turn you get to enjoy them by jerking your cock to my hot body in the things you buy me.
But not today loser. Today I want you locked up in your cage. And your cock is throbbing inside, wanting more, wanting to be jerked off. But you can’t jerk it yet you still crave to spoil me. In fact, I think being locked up turns your brain to mush and makes you want to spoil me even more. I know how much you get off going broke for me, we’re not going to let a little cage stop you. I know that by me having the key to your cock that makes this even more of a rush for you.
So I want you to pull up my wishlist, I know even just that made your cock throb. I want your cock aching to spend on me and then I want you to start clicking and buying. Aren’t you so lucky that I let you buy me things while I hold your key? I know your cock throbs in your chastity cage when you click. I’m going to condition you to this loser. Click and throb. You can still enjoy spending on me even when you’re all locked up in your cage. I love fucking you over like this but you love it even more.
I’m going to drain you completely. I own your wallet and your cock. How hot is that? Click and throb. You’re such a lucky financial slave that I take the time to do this to you. You’re lucky to be able to go broke for me. I want to fuck you up so badly that you cum in your cage. How does it feel to be rinsed and used? To be actually useful while you’re all locked up in your cage, piggy?


Brat Girls – Humiliation POV – My Orgasms Are More Intense Knowing You’re Being Denied – Chastity Mindfuck – Princess Grace

 Humiliation POV  My Orgasms Are More Intense Knowing Youre Being Denied  Chastity Mindfuck   Princess Grace preview

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My Orgasms Are More Intense Knowing You’re Being Denied – Chastity Mindfuck
From: Humiliation POV (8891 Clips)
Princess Grace
I know you want to know how to please me. Ever since you saw me you can’t stop thinking about how to please Princess Grace. Well money is a very good start. But you know what else makes me happy? Chastity. I love seeing cocks locked away in a chastity cage. There’s nothing more exciting than knowing that a man can’t jerk off or get any sort of release without my permission.
Now maybe you’ve never considered chastity before so let me explain why it’s fun. First of all think about how good it will feel to please me. Think about how it will feel to be tormented while you watch all of my videos and to not be able to jerk off. You’ll have waves of pleasure filling your body and you won’t be able to do anything about it. But the great thing about it is that your torment and your frustration really please me and isn’t that what you really want?
Your suffering, your cock locked away in that cage are making me really happy. I’ll think about your locked cock while I’m getting fucked by a real man. I get to have orgasms, you don’t. I get to know that I’m just controlling you, controlling every aspect of your life. I’ve got your cock locked away, you can’t orgasm. Nothing for you. Just pleasure that you know you’re bringing me happiness. And I know that you want to make me happy.
So I’m planting seeds in your brain so you can start thinking about how good it will feel to put your cock in a cage for a powerful woman and how you can make me happy that way. Knowing that you’re not going to be touching yourself. You’re going to be a good boy, locked away in chastity.
I know that whenever I talk to my slaves about chastity, they’re always begging me to lock them up. They want me to be their key holder. They want to make me happy. They like knowing that it will make my orgasms more intense knowing that you’re not getting one. That’s a real turn on for me, it’s a rush for me, knowing that I’ve got your cock locked away.


Ass Worship – Humiliation POV – Jerk Yourself Into A Mindless Spending Frenzy For My Ass – Princess Macey Jade

 Humiliation POV  Jerk Yourself Into A Mindless Spending Frenzy For My Ass   Princess Macey Jade preview

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I know it’s been awhile since I’ve paid attention to you, since I’ve given you a dose of my humiliation that you crave so much, since I’ve made you weak with desire and arousal. And I know you can’t wait to get back at it. I know your weakness. I know your little fetish for my ass and it looks so hot in these cut off jeans shorts. I know my ass makes you so weak. It makes you want to worship me. It makes you want to pull your cock out and jerk.
So fucking stroke it loser until it’s throbbing in anticipation of my perfect ass in your face. Pump it. Jerk your brains out loser for my perfect fucking ass. I know how badly you need my ass. But if you want to see it, you have to pay. You know that you are undeserving and that losers like you have to pay to see an ass like mine. And I know you want to. Paying while you jerk to my ass makes your cock throb.
Click click click loser. Click, jerk, and worship like an addicted ass loser like you should. Click and jerk, click and jerk. My ass owns your mind, your cock and your wallet. Jerk yourself into a mindless spending frenzy for my ass. You fucking love this. It feels so good. Stroke and pump your cash out for my ass. I make you weak. You don’t stand a chance.
The more you stare at my ass and jerk the dumber you get. And the dumber you get, the more you spend. You’re lucky I even let you pay my ass, aren’t you loser? I know you’re on the edge but don’t cum yet. I don’t want you cumming until your brains are leaking out and your wallet is empty. Allow your arousal to take over, don’t think, just obey. Now let go of your cock and send another tribute. Good boy. I’ll bet it’s twitching in the air. Click and twitch loser. Now jerk it again. Hard and fast while you stare up at my ass from your knees thinking about all the cash you just blew. You’re going to explode so hard aren’t you loser? Only paying and worshiping my ass makes you cum that hard.


Brat Girls – Humiliation POV – Admit It, You’re Emotionally Cheating On Her With Me – Princess Amai Liu

 Humiliation POV  Admit It Youre Emotionally Cheating On Her With Me   Princess Amai Liu preview

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I know you come here to watch these videos every night. Do you have to sneak away to get privacy? Of course you do. And you need to just admit it, you know that you’re cheating on her with me emotionally, right? You keep checking for my updates or to see what I’m doing when you know you’re supposed to be taking care of her and paying attention to her. But she’s not good for you and she’s never going to compare to me. She is never going to be as pretty as me or as smart as me or know how to get inside of your head like I do. We are just completely different and she can’t fulfill you like I can. She can’t give you what you need, she can’t make you happy.
So you should just leave her and refocus your life because we both know that your heart doesn’t belong to her, it belongs to me, just like your wallet and your mind. You are mine. Not hers. You’re fucking cheating on her right now. This is where you want to be. You think about me during the day. I make your heart race. And you’ve known this for a long time now. You’re never going to be happy with her, you’re always going to end up coming back here. You’re always going to find yourself sneaking off to watch my videos.
You shouldn’t wasting your time and your money on her any more. You’re lying to her and wasting her time and yours. You know it’s true. I’m more important to you. Your relationship is never going to last as long as you keep sneaking off and we both know you’re not going to stop doing that. Your mind is in the clouds, you keep thinking about me, you could care less what she’s doing. Because she’s not what you want.
Your relationship is a sham and you should refocus your life to better serve me. Because I’m what makes you happy. I am your obsession. I’m what you’re really into. Men who are happy don’t run off from there significant other to jerk off to me. She is just a way to pass the time until you can jerk to me again. That’s a sad way of living. You’ll be so much happier once you can focus completely on me. When you don’t have to run and hide any more. With me you will have a purpose and you will feel fulfilled. You’ll never have that with her.
You might be able to build some kind of ‘life’ with her, but you’re never going to be happy. You’re always going to end up coming right back here for the rest of your life. Or until I’m done with you. And even after I cut you off, you’ll still be thinking about me because that’s how fucked up and obsessed you are. She will never be able to do what I can do for you, what I can take from you, she will never have that level of control over your life. Never! And that’s why it’s never going to work for you. Otherwise you’re just going to keep emotionally cheating on her.


Toilet Fetish – Club Stiletto FemDom – I Know How You Hunger For It – Princess Lily

 Club Stiletto FemDom  I Know How You Hunger For It   Princess Lily  preview

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“There’s nothing more relaxing at the end of the day than having a glass of wine” says beautiful Princess Lily as she brings her beverage up to her lips. “Especially when you are using your slave as a toilet” she adds and as the camera pulls back you can see she her toilet table over her prone slave who is waiting with his mouth open to receive her gifts. She laughs at his lowly status and mentions that she has him on a carpet so he has to be sure not to miss anything, “but I do have him pretty well trained, he just opens his mouth and swallows everything that comes in his direction. As toilet time is generally a private thing she has her slave blindfolded so he can only taste but not see and he will have to sense where her waste is landing. “If he misses any he will spend the entire night licking the carpet clean” she says, adding that this is a high traffic area often frequented by friends and lovers and naturally a dirty carpet would be embarrassing for her. “Are you going to catch everything, slave?” she asks him and when he says yes she says she believes him “because I know how you hunger for my waster.”
Lily leans forward and pulls up her top so you get a view of her amazing ass along with her slave. She tells him to open his mouth wide and tells him to stroke his cock as she wants him to always think of this as a sexual moment, she even lets him cum as she is feeding him and through this training she has found he gets instantly aroused when she says she has to relieve herself. “I’ve trained him well to love what I give him” she says. She stands up and looks at him and comments how pathetic he is, she makes him open his mouth wide. The scene then rolls and now you get the slaves perspective, on the floor looking up at her ass and pussy. Well the slave can’t actually see but you can and you see why any sub male would long to be right where he is. “I can feel it coming” she says and then gets into some very nasty toilet talk so if you dream of being a human toilet you will not want to miss this clip. Lily will totally seduce you with her sexy voice, pretty face and divine ass, we predict this just might end up being our top selling clip in 2018.


Feminization – Humiliation POV – Sissy Castration, Your Little Penis Will Now Truly Become A Clitty – Lady Fyre

 Humiliation POV  Sissy Castration Your Little Penis Will Now Truly Become A Clitty   Lady Fyre preview

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So sissy, I’m a little irritated that we have to have this discussion today. But clearly you haven’t learned your lesson. Do you know what you’ve been doing wrong, sissy? No? Well I’m quite disappointed to hear that but we are going to remedy the situation very quickly and take up as little of my time as possible because I have spent months training you and you just aren’t getting it.
You have been stroking yourself, haven’t you? I keep telling you that you have a clitty and not a penis because girls don’t have penises and you still insist on stroking your penis instead of rubbing your clitty. I have reminded you numerous times that you are only to rub your clitty. I’ve tried hyp n0 t!zing you to think of your penis as a clitty, and nothing I do seems to be working. And honestly I’m exhausted of having to remind you. I’ve punished you and put you in chastity and beaten you on your clitty and still you don’t get it.
I know that you really want to serve me, don’t you? You like dressing up in your frilly clothes, and your high heels and pantyhose and serving me. Don’t you feel pretty sissy? You look so girly yet you just can’t seem to let go of this penis of yours. You can’t seem to accept that sissies have clitties.
So I’ve got an extreme solution for you. I’m sorry we have to do this but nothing else is working and this is the last resort. I’m going to castrate you. Well I’m not personally going to do it but I’m going to have one of my slaves do it. But you are going to be castrated. You are scheduled for castration tomorrow morning. Don’t worry, one of my slaves is a doctor and he has performed castrations for me in the past.
So I want you to make some peace with this tonight. There is no other way. So if you want to stay in my service, you will be castrated. We’re going to turn your penis into a vagina. They will actually create a clit for you so you can still experience stimulation and sexual arousal but it will be very different for you from now on. This is the only way I can see to help you. So this is what’s happening. So you better come to terms with this. And I really hope sissy, that you choose to embrace this. I mean you will now actually have a clitty. And you should be grateful that I’m taking the time to do this to you. Do you know how many sissies would love to be in your place? You will truly have a clitty and not a penis. And this is your fault because you couldn’t do it on your own. Now you will truly be a sissy.


Mind Fuck – Humiliation POV – Love Sick Wallet Slave – Goddess Luna Sapphire

 Humiliation POV  Love Sick Wallet Slave   Goddess Luna Sapphire preview

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HumiliationPOV introduces our newest Brat, Goddess Luna Sapphire!
If you are not already in love with me, you will be. You are going to fall deep, deep in love with me. And you are also going to fall deep into debt for me. Love and money are so intertwined. I seek passion and wealth and you seek to serve the only woman who rules your life. Don’t you see my pet, there’s no better way for you to express your affection for me than by giving me your money. Allowing me to take control of your finances. The same way I’ve taken over your heart, your mind and your life. Give in to it. Allow me to take total control.
Show me how much you care. Spoil me like I deserve, like you love me. Treat me like the Goddess I truly am. Submit your life, your heart, your soul and your wallet to me. Just allow yourself to fall in love with me. Just relax into euphoria. Embrace pure bliss, financial servitude and love addiction. You are addicted to me. You are in love with me. You are in servitude to me. You’re going to show me what a good, obedient, love sick slave you can be.
You’re going to show me just how much I control you, how much I mean to you. You will prove your love to me through your wallet. You won’t be able to help yourself. You will spoil me because I deserve it. You will drain your account because you will be so helplessly in love with me. You feel it. I have your heart and you know I deserve your money.
You will show me love, servitude and devotion. Love is generous and selfless and you are going to sacrifice for me because you love me. You want to please me. As my slave you must make me happy. You will spend on me without hesitation because you’re so deeply in love with me. Don’t I deserve everything you have? I know I do. And you know too. So give in my pet. Give me your money and your heart. Say it out loud, ‘I love you.’ Doesn’t that feel right? I own your heart and your bank account.


Mental Domination – Humiliation POV – Hyp n0 Therapist Manipulates You And Increases Your Porn Addiction – Enchantress Sahrye

 Humiliation POV  Hyp n0 Therapist Manipulates You And Increases Your Porn Addiction   Enchantress Sahrye preview

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Hmm I see, so how many times per day do you jerk off to porn? This is a serious issue you have. You seem to have a chronic masturbation addiction to pornography. But you’re not the only one. I’ve had lots of cases like this. So rest assured that you’re in capable hands. My method of expertise is in hyp n0 s!s. I will put you into a deep hyp n0 t!c state where I will infiltrate your subconscious and I will cure you of your porn addiction. I understand that porn addiction ruins lives. You can barely function in society. It keeps you from living a normal life and maintaining any normal relationships. But I am here to help you.
Relax, get comfortable. Take nice deep breaths. Follow my pendant. Back and forth. Feel your body relax and let yourself slip away as you follow my pendant back and forth. Your eyelids are getting heavier at the sound of my silky voice caressing your mind. Allowing you to slip further into the abyss. Allow the darkness to consume you. The velvety tone of my voice feels so nice in your brain. Feel your body melt into your seat. And now I will count you down into a deep trance. Deep sleep.
You have a very severe case of porn addiction. You masturbate all day long to pornography. I know you thought that I would help you stop stroking your life away, but I in fact want you to be addicted. I want you to think about porn every single waking moment of the day. You need to jerk off every single minute of the day. I want your cock hard all day long as you think of porn and how it consumes you. You watch it on your computer, on your tv, on your phone, you’re never anywhere without a source to watch your porn. You’ll need to find places to go to stroke your cock even when you’re in public. Your cock and your porn addiction are never going to leave you alone.
You’ll stroke and cum and stroke even when you can’t cum anymore. I’m fucking with your brain. I want you completely addicted to porn. And not just any porn, but loser porn. Porn that reminds you how pathetic you are. You need beautiful girls to constantly remind you how inferior you are. You’re a fucking loser and that’s why I’m doing this to you instead of helping you. Because I can, because you need me to. You’ll come back and see me every single week. You’ll pay me anything I demand. Because without me you won’t be able to function. You won’t even know what I’m doing to you. You’ll just keep mindlessly coming back as I increase your addiction to me and to pornography.
When I snap my fingers you will return and have no recollection of what just transpired. You’ll think that you’ve gotten a handle on your addiction and that you’ll only have me to thank. And you’ll keep coming back for more.


Financial Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS- P O V – Grovel For Us Slave – Princess Beverly and Goddess Nina

 THE MEAN GIRLS P O V  Grovel For Us Slave   Princess Beverly and Goddess Nina  preview

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We are a Superior Goddess and a true Princess–and a loser like you belongs beneath us. we love making our little minions grovel for us, it makes us feel all the more powerful! you are helpless in our presence and therefore you can’t help but OBEY your superiors! We will instruct you on exactly how you will bow to us repeatedly and at the snap of our fingers you will be Ready to submit to us. Good. Pray to us, bow before us, and worship