Castration – Brat Princess 2 – Chloe and Natalya – Just Give in to the Training You’re Basically a Girl Already

 Brat Princess 2  Chloe and Natalya  Just Give in to the Training Youre Basically a Girl Already  preview

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Danni’s sister, Natalya, has caught him reading banned books, again. Danni’s mother has been training danni to be more like a girl with the help of her daughter, Natalya, and Natalya’s friend from school, Chloe. Part of the training involves a list of banned books. These forbidden books might put the wrong ideas in danni’s still-developing mind. The list of approved reading is very short and contains mostly works from the Romance genre. Natalya has just walked up on her brother reading a work of Science Fiction. Forbidden! Natalya takes her brother’s book away. Danni complains that he does not like Romance novels, but nobody cares about his preferences.
Natalya gives danni a Romance novel to read from. She makes him read aloud to her and Chloe. Danni does not want to do it, but the girls make him. Danni is supposed to be learning to relate to the female characters in this type of novel. The girls ask danni prying questions about his feelings about the female characters. He should be identifying with them and their roles by this point in his feminization training. The girls want danni to eroticize the thought of being taken by at least one of the strong male characters. Jack is a strong male character in this novel. The girls ask danni a lot of prying questions about his thoughts on Jack.
Danni was never made to be male. The girls point out all the physical ways in which he differs from a typical male. It’s time for him to give in to the training and fully feminize. He’s skinny, he’s hairless, he’s short. He’s basically a girl already. It’s time he accepts it and just gives in to his training.
After making danni give them the book report, the girls want to look at his pink chastity. Danni complains that it is too tight, but the girls remind him that women’s underwear are meant to be tight and he will need to fit the chastity under tight female clothes.
Mom has scheduled another trip to the clinic for danni later in the week. Danni is now learning from his sister what this trip will entail. All the psychological preparation was for a good reason. After this next trip to the clinic, danni will be permanently and irreversibly physically altered. The girls are even going to ask mom and the practitioner if they can take a hands-on role with danni’s medical procedure. Danni is very freaked out. He does not want to have his body altered, but it isn’t his choice.
The girls tell danni that prior to his medical procedure they, as a family, will begin sexually training him for his new fully-feminized role.


Foot Worship – Brat Princess 2 – Mia – Rejected Date Continues its Financial slave Training with Chastity Enforcement

 Brat Princess 2  Mia  Rejected Date Continues its Financial slave Training with Chastity Enforcement  preview

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Mia is continuing the training of her rejected date. She’s already gotten him complying nicely with worshipping her feet. Now, Mia has started with digging into her rejected date’s wallet. Mia wants him to start paying for her gym membership. At first, the reject complains that he can’t afford the added monthly cost. Mia does not like the idea of working. It’s the male’s responsibility to work for her, even if it means getting two jobs to pay for all her wants. If a male wants any involvement in her life, it needs to understand that it has to contribute to her lifestyle. Mia has brought some tools to help make her rejected date’s mind and wallet more pliable to her. She wants him totally under her control.
Mia strips and collars the male then fits him into a chastity device. From now on he will have to seriously consider the consequences of ever saying no to her. Mia smiles happily as she locks up her rejected date’s tiny penis. Collared and in chastity, the male is subdued. It finally complies with Mia’s demand to pay her monthly gym membership. It doesn’t know how it will get the extra money, but it will find a way for it’s Princess. Satisfied, Mia relaxes and uses her rejected date’s mouth for some foot worship, as she has trained him to allow her to do.
Mia wants the male to get some idea of how difficult chastity will be for it. She teases him with her cute butt in her cut off jean shorts. He has to kiss her butt and feet. The rejected date is turning into a financial slave nicely for Mia. She’s pleased. Mia has decided that she is going to make her rejected date’s life as difficult as possible, to her benefit. He will be expected to sacrifice in any way, great or small, to improve her life even just minutely.


Domination – Christina QCCP – Too Big to Fail

 Christina QCCP  Too Big to Fail  preview

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You know me well enough now, you know I love boys. I’m a flirt, I’m boy-crazy, I’m a tease–so it should be no surprise that, when it comes to size: big or small, I break em all. �� In a good way.
My favorites are the ones who “warn” me they have big penises, like after everything you know I can do, somehow, my evil flirt magic will evaporate when faced with a big dick. (Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate it, but a male is a male is a male.) And if I’ve learned nothing else, the bigger they are, the easier they bust…


Cock Locked – The English Mansion – Nothing To Declare Part 1 – Lady Nina Birch and Miss Eve Harper

 The English Mansion   Nothing To Declare Part 1   Lady Nina Birch and Miss Eve Harper  preview

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[Femdom 2018] The English Mansion – Nothing To Declare Part 1. Starring Lady Nina Birch and Miss Eve Harper [Chastity, Locked Dick, Cock Locked, Cock Cage]
It’s a busy day at the airport, the female security guards are scanning a businessman when they pick up some unusual readings. They decide to strip search him n are shocked and amused when they see the cause of the problem, a chastity device with a metal padlock. The guards then continue to humiliate and punish him in various sadistic ways, before sending him off to catch his flight, with a very sore bottom.


Locked Dick – Dominatrix Annabelle – Smoking Seductress

Dominatrix Annabelle  Smoking Seductress  preview

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Film Noir, Femme Fatale! Hobson sits in my leather chair, wrists shackled. I lean forward while holding my long black cigarette holder in my leather gloved hand. I purse my crimson lips together creating a circular hole, and blow! Perfect smoke rings propel forward into hobson’s face. As I blow another set of smoke rings, I grip his caged cock with my other leather gloved hand and squeeze! Oh yes, a bulging muscle!
Soft jazz plays in the background creating a mellow ambiance, and I’m ready to tease hobson’s throbbing phallus with my sexy fishnet bodice. Crimson lips, my hypnotic voice, leather gloves, and thigh leather boots all combine in making this movie highly erotic n incredibly sensual. In fact, it’s almost too much for hobson to bear, as his cock swells inside his cage, making it almost impossible to remove! Before I pull, twist, wrench, and tug it off, I torment his muscle!
I gyrate my hips, and sink my cheeks over his caged cock, pressing down, and then raising my buttocks back up, gently teasing it again n again. I lean back so my long luscious hair smothers his face, so he can smell my heavenly perfume! I place my used stocking across his mouth and tie a knot at the back of his neck. Oh yes, how I love teasing hobson’s stiff muscle, making him feel every pulsating throb. I love to make him feel the intensity, his balls heavy, ready to explode! As I begin to remove his cage, hobson lets out a deep moan. Oh WOW his cock is too big to budge. I slap it, and slap it again, and again, while his cage grips tight. A little more tugging, a little more pulling, Oh WOW, it’s only half way there! I slap it again, slapping it harder n harder!
Until . . . . finally, I jerk it off and hobson moans again. I wrap his cock nice and tight with my used stocking and wank him hard! I sink my teeth into his very wet head, another deep moan, another intense sensation!
As I continue to wank his throbbing meat, I lean over his body and thrust my full breasts into his face, smothering him! This is one incredible sexy, seductive, erotic and highly explosive Office Seductress movie! And WOW hobson really felt it!!!


Cock Tease – Christina QCCP – Objects Don’t Object

 Christina QCCP  Objects Dont Object  preview

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Layer 1: Pantyhose full coverage nylon encasement.
Layer 2: Plastic wrap
Layer 3: Vertrap
Layer 4: 4+ rolls of duct tape
Let the pantyhose pulling begin. I get so lost in the bondage I forget it’s a boy, not a toy, and treat him thusly. You, too, will forget you’re a person, seeing how easily I transform a sweet, mobile human man into no more than a toy for female amusement…
Highly recommended for those of you who like REAL, ridiculous, over-the-top bondage … and then the teasing. ��


Faceslap – Subby Hubby – Degrading the Boss – Lexi Luna

 Subby Hubby  Degrading the Boss   Lexi Luna  preview

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Just another typical day for Lexi Luna. Spending quality time with her boyfriend, getting fucked, until her day is ruined due to her boss texting her. She becomes increasingly frustrated until she conjures up the perfect solution. She decides to invite her boss over to have some fun with him. She forces him to his knees, completely turning the tables on him, she is not only his boss, but now his Goddess. She verbally degrades him, while slapping him repeatedly in the face, and spitting all over his pathetic face and in his mouth. He becomes her complete spittoon slave. Lots of degradation, spitting, slapping, and teasing with Lexi Luna’s beautiful breasts. The transformation to Gaping Gabriella is just beginning.


Bondage Male – Brat Princess 2 – BP – Edged all Day by Three Sexy Teasers

 Brat Princess 2  BP  Edged all Day by Three Sexy Teasers  preview

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Chichi, Mariah, and Natalya are going to edge their slave all day. The more precum the slave produces, the more the sexy teasers earn. He’ll be aroused for hours, but never get to cum. Tied down tight and teased by tireless machine, the girls are so happy to be making maximum profits with minimal effort. Girls love money and they hate losers. They will extract money from their losers by any means necessary. The teasers don’t care if the slave feels pleasure or pain. Whatever motivates it to produce the most precum. They know all their slave’s mental triggers. The teasers know just how to control the slave’s mind and body completely and use it to their advantage. After a profitable afternoon of teasing, Chichi decides to have an orgasm using the slave’s face after the other two girls have left the room. The slave can’t cum, but she can!


Alrik Angel – Miss Roper – Knock & Get Fucked

 Miss Roper  Knock  Get Fucked  preview

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After a wild night of partying I stumbled into my home and on the couch, day light creeping in through the windows but my heavy eye lids allowing for sleep. However my rest doesn’t last long as I’m stirred by a rapid knock at the door. On the other side is Alrik, a young promising pastor who wishes to spread the word at a very unholy hour. However, he doesn’t wake me; just causes me to move about in my sleep. The knock occurs again, louder, and I curse under my breath at the sound and sleep takes hold of me once more. The third time, Alrik knocks so hard that it pushes open the unlocked door and he welcomes himself in. A mistake he will find himself regretting. I shriek in my intruders direction, but slowly change my tune as I see that he is merely a harmless fly; an annoyance gripping at a bible. A wild idea enters my sadistic mind as I allow him to sit on my couch and begin to give his spiel, offering to go to the kitchen and grab him something to drink as his throat must be parched from bullshit spilling from it. Spiking it with a little something to silence him, I watch with a wicked smile as he gulps it down and slowly finds himself drifting as I had been trying to on the sofa. When he awakens, he enters into a nightmare. His ankles cuffed, mouth stuffed with a ball-bag, and his neck and wrists shackled by a steel stockade. That pure virgin cock of his stuffed behind a plastic prison. He squirms, attempting to fight my bondage with wide eyes as I approach. I’m going to enjoy every minute of toying with him. Squeezing his full balls, clawing up his toned muscular body. My tongue flicks across the cage and my fingers poke at the skin leaking through as his cock tries to grow rock hard. This promising pastor as no idea what kind of trouble he’s gotten himself in with knocking at my door. This is only the beginning…


Teasing – Sweet Femdom – Amadahy Kissing Castration – Amadahy

Sweet Femdom   Amadahy Kissing Castration   Amadahy  preview

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Sweet Femdom – Amadahy Kissing Castration. Starring Amadahy [Ball Squeezing, Tease & Denial, Tease, Denial, Teasing]
Domina Amadahy takes her time turning her pretty slave into a eunuch. She gets so turned on by ruining men. She kisses him and teases him with her perfect body while she squeezes n dismantles his balls with her bare hands.