High Heels – THE MEAN GIRLS – Left Behind As A Trample Mat – Princess Amber, Princess Gemma and Princess Carmela

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Left Behind As A Trample Mat   Princess Amber Princess Gemma and Princess Carmela  preview

425 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:06:04

So I had to leave one of our shoots, but I left my slave there and commanded it to lay there and let any Mean Girls walk all over it as much as they wanted while I was gone. (And this was Princess Amber’s first time ever walking all over a slave!) Gemma and Amber both have fun walking on my bitch in my absence. -Princess Carmela


Foot Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS – Gold Medal Trampling – Princess Skylr

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Gold Medal Trampling   Princess Skylr  preview

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So I let this fat loser pick out his “fave” outfit that he would love seeing me in more than anything. The catch? After I change into it, I am going to let him know what I want to do to him! And I get to do ANYTHING I want to him! The worst part for the slave is, I know what his LEAST favorite fetish is..haha! TRAMPLING! He absolutely hates it because apparently it is like really fucking painful or something.
Oh well, too bad. So after he gets done drooling all over the floor when he sees me come walking out in this outfit, I command him to lay on his back so I can walk all over him! His poor, fat heart sinks lol. I explain to him that this is the most fun for ME because I know he hates it and because I know it hurts him so much! (Look at his face in the preview pictures! Haha!) I love it! And I tease him the whole time that he DESERVES this pain if he wants to be able to gaze up at my beauty while I am dressed in this hot outfit! (And no, the slave really did not know what fetish I was going to pick before we shot this clip!) -Princess Skylar


Pribcess Amber – THE MEAN GIRLS – The Art of Good Trampling – Princess Skylar and Princess Amber

 THE MEAN GIRLS  The Art of Good Trampling   Princess Skylar and Princess Amber  preview

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Skylar is pretty new to all this, but she turned out to be a “trampling prodigy” based on the feedback we have heard from Our fans, so Goddess Platinum asked her to help Amber trample slaves better. Skylar’s key advice to Amber?–> “The most important thing is don’t give a FUCK about the slave- and if you are really good, you forget it is even underneath you.”
This clip includes a full-length shot, as well as close-ups of the heels reeeaaally digging into the slaves’s flesh. (And he looks like he is in REAL agony!)
Both Mean Girls Skylar and Amber were on this slave at the same time for the ENTIRE duration of the clip- and they barely move from the same spot the entire time- except to maybe lean waaay back on their heels toward the end! Haha.


Female Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS – When A Goddess Has To Do Dishes – Goddess Platinum

 THE MEAN GIRLS  When A Goddess Has To Do Dishes   Goddess Platinum  preview

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So this slave was told to do the dishes by Goddess Platinum, but it seems to be taking its good ol’ time. Platinum decides to show it what happens when chores aren’t done. She commands it to lay down on the floor in front of the counter- and she casually steps up onto its chest in her 4″ designer Jimmy Choo red stilettos! The heels on these shoes literally look like NEEDLES! And she does not hesitate to lean waaaay back onto them and let them REALLY dig in to the slave’s flesh underneath her- while SHE “does the dishes herself”. She takes her time, too. In fact, she spends practically the entire video casually “cleaning” just ONE glass! The slave is in obvious agony underneath her…he is learning a hard lesson!! And he is also learning that “Goddess Platinum” is the newest “Mean Girl” that you do NOT want to piss off! She is absolutely heartless. She twists and drills her heels into this slave’s chest without the slightest care for its suffering. She even comes back later (wearing a different pair of heels that are just as dangerous-looking as the first ones!) and the poor slave still isn’t done because it says it “can’t keep up” with all the dishes the other Mean Girls are tossing into the sink! He says as soon as he thinks he is “done”- another glass or dish gets tossed into the sink! It is never-ending! Platinum does NOT care. “Back on the ground, bitch”…his painful lesson is going to continue…


Femdom – The Queendom – Tenderizing Her Meat (Full Video)

 The Queendom  Tenderizing Her Meat Full Video  preview

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Thanks to all of the new giantess hook up apps its easier than ever for women like Helena to find men willing to be shrunk and used. “I LOVE a vore slave,” Domina Helena says as she climbs on top of her latest victim. This man dreamed of being swallowed alive by a beautiful giantess and Helena is happy to make that dream come true, but first Helena wants to try out this new method of tenderizing shrunken slaves. It starts with trampling her meal, softening up all of his muscles by crushing each and every part of his body. Helena’s beautiful feet (which have crushed countless tiny men) crush her slave’s chest as she walks up and down his body. The slave groans and weakly protests, he didn’t realize Helena would want to tenderize him like this, but like a good vore slave he is willing to endure anything to satisfy his Goddess. “You’re going to taste so good,” Helena says, staring into her slave’s eyes and rubbing her belly as she tramples his chest. “Look at your chest just caving in!” After 10 minutes Helena thinks the slave has been properly tenderized, now its time to subdue him with smothering! Sitting on the slave’s face and starving him of oxygen will begin to make him delirious and prevent him from putting up too much of a struggle as he’s swallowed whole! Normally this wouldn’t be necessary, but Helena intends to leave this meal several inches tall, much bigger than her usual shrunken man snack! At that size he could easily get stuck in her throat so Helena makes sure to give him a good, thorough smothering. Her sexy bubble butt covers the slave’s entire face and when she strips off her leggings her cheeks form a perfect seal of the slave’s nose and mouth. The slave becomes completely overwhelmed by the sensation of Helena’s ass pressing against his face, he even begins to wonder if he would rather be an ass slave instead of a vore slave. That choice is no longer his to make though, Helena is hungry and after putting in so much work tenderizing and subduing the slave she is determined to eat him alive! After about 12 minutes of facesitting Helena can tell that her meal is finally, properly prepared! She snaps her fingers and the man disappears from view.
The view changes to POV and you see Helena looking down at you with hungry eyes. She scoops you up and holds you close to her stomach, pressing and rubbing it with her hand as talks about how full you will make her. “You’re going to be so good, I can’t wait to taste you!” Eventually, after you are slowly digested what’s left of you will end up in Helena’s ass. She graciously gives you one last look at her beautiful butt before bringing you up to her mouth, stuffing you inside, and swallowing you whole! “I can totally feel him kicking,” Helena says with a little laugh. The bulge in her belly is the only sign of your existence, but it will only take a few days for the bulge to go away as her stomach relentlessly works to digest you. Helena bought a stethoscope just so she could check in on you and she quickly grabs it. “Let’s just see what he has to say.” She’s a little surprised to hear you screaming for mercy. “Well it is supposed to hurt, you’re being digested silly!” Helena rubs her full belly as she talks to you, reminding you that this is the date you requested. “You could have picked any giantess date, but that’s what you chose so that’s your lot in life. But that’s enough talking to you,” she says, removing the stethoscope without any sign of sympathy for her regretful date. To Helena he is just a meal that’s getting exactly what it deserves!
Domina Helena, Trampling, Facesitting, Giantess, Vore, Femme Fatale


Financial Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS – Trampling Madness – Princess Kiki and Princess Carmela

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Trampling Madness   Princess Kiki and Princess Carmela  preview

1.18 GB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:13:50

***See “An Hour of Madness” for full background of how this slave found itself under Our heels! This is a member of Our site that paid to come be tortured by Us in Our videos!!!***
This particular clip is JUST the TRAMPLING portion of this slave’s “Mean Girls Torture Test”…
It was in soooo much pain during this portion of its test haha. But it is just SO easy to hurt a slave with your heels though! Especially when 155lb Kiki stood on it in her stiletto boots!


Female Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS – Heels That Heal – Princess Skylar

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Heels That Heal   Princess Skylar  preview

923 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:13:42

This is a true story, but we had to kinda reenact the first 30 seconds or so to catch it all on camera. I am walking by this fat loser that we are keeping in the corner, and it refuses to bow down to me as I walk by!! (This is something I get like a HUGE kick out of- I absolutely love making the fucking losers around here literally bow down to me like I am fucking royalty…Meghan Markle aint got nothin on ME! Haha.)
So I demand it tell me why it is not bowing down to my royal ass, and it says that it’s “back hurts” LOL! So I decide to use my HEELS to HEAL it! It is like stiletto acupuncture LOL. I make it flop onto the floor and proceed to stomp all over its “delicate” back in my needle-thin Louboutins.
BTW this is totally true – this slave’s back was “out” or whatev – and it was in total agony throughout this clip. (You can tell by the look on its face that it is like hating it haha.) And it actually was MUCH better after I got done walking all over it! See?? I am like a doctor or something! Anyone else want to experience my “Louboutin miracle back cure”? Haha. It is worth the pain, slave…Princess Skylar will make you all better after you suffer enough.


Female Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS – Euro Trash Abuse – Princess Chanel and Princess Ashley

 THE MEAN GIRLS  Euro Trash Abuse   Princess Chanel and Princess Ashley  preview

544 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:24:03

In this clip we just generally abuse this foreign loser that is like a huuuge fan of ours and wrote in to us.
We’ve already kidnaped him from his hotel room, taken all his money (in other clips) and now we have him strung up out in our “punishment garage” in the middle of the desert and are going to HURT him – like BAD. We tell him this to his face too – and he is like SO scared! HAHAHA.
We whip him while he hangs in front of us helplessly from chains and he just SCREAMS like a little girl!! He totally cannot take it. He is such a wimp! So we just beat on him some more and laugh. He told us in his emails to the site before he came here that he wanted to SUFFER for us and that we should ignore his please for mercy – no matter how “convincing” they may be! So me and Chanel were happy to oblige with that request haha!
Then we take a Smoke break while he is hanging there like a piece of meat, and we use his mouth as our personal ashtray. Like, we seriously have NO respect for this piece of human garbage.
Then we unhook him and flop him down onto the floor – so we can WALK ALL OVER HIM like the euro-trash that he is. LOL This slave is a TOTAL wimp BTW. He like can’t take anything. He screams and begs for mercy like a little bitch as soon as he is hit a few times. But we don’t care.we keep walking all over him in our stilettos anyways. We think his screams are kinda funny, actually.
So if u like that sort of thing.this is your clip.


Unterwerfen – Boot Heel Worship Cbt Humiliation – FaceUnderFlipFlops

 Boot Heel Worship Cbt Humiliation  FaceUnderFlipFlops  preview

321 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:07:08

The face of a worthless slave is even good enough for crushing it, for trampling on it…for abusing it as a footstool under a worn pair of shoes! A great opportunity for the Mistress to humiliate and torture her slave without effort…without giving him attention! Lady Katharina wears a worn pair of flip flops for showing her devoted slave where he belongs! Under the soles of her shoes and her sexy high arched feet! While reading a magazine she crushes his face knowing for sure that he suffers at her mercy. Watch it with great POV scenes and nice close ups. 1920×1080 MP4.