Femdom – Asian Cruelty – A PAINFUL DAY FOR MY SLAVE! Starring Astro Domina

 Asian Cruelty  A PAINFUL DAY FOR MY SLAVE Starring Astro Domina  preview

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Look at him he’s pathetic isn’t he old and ugly naked and fucking helpless! His worthless junk in a stockade that leaves him utterly vulnerable to my every whim and tormentive thought! I will have fun with this feeble minded one! I will break him and then keep going just because I can, Who cares how much pain he’s in or how far I have pushed him beyond his levels of comprehensible pain. For today everything changes for him!


Caning – DomNation – SADISM TIMES TWO! Starring Mistress Stella Liberty and Astro domina

DomNation  SADISM TIMES TWO Starring Mistress Stella Liberty and Astro domina  preview

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We continue welcoming Stella Liberty to the DomNation family of feminist sadists. Stella is a very well versed in dominatrix who has built a solid reputation and following! She operates in the LA area and is an excellent and most welcome addition to our line up! She also holds the honor of being Voted 2017 Sexiest Feet by Footnight International Fans! An extra bonus for those admires of very sexy feet!
You can easily find more information regarding Miss Stella Liberty at http://www.stellaliberty.com
Mistress Stella Liberty and Astro domina just like to have fun! And in this next sequence you can voyeur in and watch as they destroy their innocent victims. From one form of impact to another and from one slave to the other. Stella and Astro find plenty of sadistic reasons to wear huge smiles as they beat these two slaves into the ground.


Female Superiority – Asian Cruelty – WHIPPED AND HUMILIATED FOR MY AMUSEMENT – Goddess Mena

 Asian Cruelty  WHIPPED AND HUMILIATED FOR MY AMUSEMENT   Goddess Mena  preview

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This particular slave is overdue for a much deserved punishment session for his overly inflated opinion of himself. Tonight I will surely take him down a peg or two…or ten. He had it coming.
First I strip him naked, leaving him only in a locked chastity cage and his neck tie, to mock his apparent revered standing in the corporate sector. His position in the business world is of no significance to me. This is MY WORLD, and he is but one of a countless number of slaves willing to devote their lives to serving my wishes and desires. A fact he will better realize after tonight.
First I pin him to a vertical bondage board and use a rather intense leather whip to tenderize his ass. My agonizing whip strikes rip into his ass flesh until he proudly proclaims that he is my pathetic shoe slave and financial servant. Good, we are making progress. Ha Ha!
Next I take him to the floor, force him to lie on his stomach and secure his wrists tightly behind his back. I order him to crawl on his belly and chase after my stilettos in the hopes of catching a momentary sniff or lick of the leather. But I do not make the task an easy one, as I saunter around the room leading him by a collar and leash as he slithers frantically behind to catch up. Surely at this moment, he is painfully aware that his apparent importance and ego have no place here.
To further drive home the point, I grab another unpleasant whip and put it to his thighs, back and hindquarters as grovels at my shoes. With each strike, his position of inferiority sinks in deeper…deeper…deeper. He begs for freedom from his steel cock cage and the opportunity for an orgasm. But there shall be none. In fact, little does he know that his genital imprisonment will be a long term commitment, starting right now.
Say goodbye to the world, prestige and freedoms you once enjoyed slave. And say hello to MY WORLD!


Extreme Domination – Asian Cruelty – THE CANES OF HIS EXISTENCE – Astro Domina

 Asian Cruelty  THE CANES OF HIS EXISTENCE   Astro Domina  preview

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Today is definitely not this slave’s lucky day. Quite the contrary. He will be the recipient of a much deserved punishment caning for his indiscretions. Did I mention that this particular minion dreads the wrath of my canes more than any other form of correctional discipline I choose to bestow upon him. Deathly, deathly afraid indeed. One might say my canes are the bane of his existence.
After applying a dozen or so extremely painful weighted clamps and hemostats to his genital area to reinforce the insignificance and my ownership of his useless manhood, I feel inclined to entertain myself at his expense with my lethal canes. First a short rattan cane to soften him up. Strike after searing strike, my cane leaves an excruciating impression on both his body and psyche. Harder and harder I strike, with precision accuracy up and down the length of his ass and thighs, leaving him welted and bruised.
Next an 8′ long Cambodian Pain Cane will escalate his torment exponentially. A cane of this length, when applied with the expertise, leverage and accuracy which I possess, will deliver excruciating agony, as he is well aware. His butt cheeks are now black, blue and blooody red. And last but certainly not least, a slightly shorter and slimmer Singapore Staff is used to finish him off, inevitably breaking this cane on his thick leather like ass, scattering the air with bamboo splinters, gore and flesh.


Asian Goddess – Asian Cruelty – RELENTLESSLY THRASHED FROM PILLAR TO POST! Starring Goddess Mena

 Asian Cruelty  RELENTLESSLY THRASHED FROM PILLAR TO POST Starring Goddess Mena  preview

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With my slave helplessly bound to my inescapable steel whipping post, he has no choice but to stand there and accept whatever degree of pain and pleasure I desire to inflict upon him. And on this night, my appetite to inflict pain is on him insatiable. Not because this minion has disobeyed me, or disrespected my position of authority, but simply because I choose to. Because I can. For my enjoyment. For my pleasure. For the fuck of it. lol
Beginning with my dreaded thrasher whip, I strike his vulnerable flesh again and again until his back is a mass of beautiful welts and lacerations. His cries of pain fill the room as my whip relentlessly takes him beyond his threshold. He pleads for mercy, but there shall be none. He begs for a reprieve, and I grant him a moment to catch his breath, but only long enough for me to retrieve an even more delicious instrument of pain, that being a short leather quirt. The sting of this whip reverberates throughout his entire body, as the leather rips at his baby soft skin, cutting it like a hot knife through butter.
I am both relentless and without remorse, as I break his mind, body and soul with my dreaded whips. It is through this intense journey of pain that he learns that his only place in my realm is at the end of my whip, and at the heel of my boot beneath me. If he truly accepts his position of servitude, then and only then will he find true contentment as my inferior.


Discipline – Asian Cruelty – PERFECTLY RED – Goddess Pepper

 Asian Cruelty  PERFECTLY RED   Goddess Pepper  preview

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I am perfection in my skin tight red latex dress. Accompanied by my lethal cane, which also just so happens to be red. His ass cheeks will follow suit shortly.
With my pain pet helplessly secured and vulnerable to my sadistic whims, I use one of my most intimidating canes to break him down both physically and mentally. With each searing blow, he falls deeper and deeper into a mindless, obedient state of mind, willing to suffer for my pleasure. Perfect. As it should be.
When I have turned his ass cheeks to an appropriate color red worthy of being in the same room as my glorious latex, I escalate his torment with an even more severe cane capable of unimaginable pain. Also of the red variety. I typically prefer my canes to be red, so that when I rip his flesh, and of course I will, his splattered bloood will blend into the cane perfectly. As a true Goddess, I will not tolerate imperfection.
And so on this night, I will continue to terrorize the baby soft flesh on his derriere until it is perfect and to my liking. And with his punishment, he too will fully comprehend the privilege of serving perfection, Goddess Pepper.


Female Supremacy – Asian Cruelty – HANGING IN THE BALANCE – Goddess Luna Li

 Asian Cruelty  HANGING IN THE BALANCE   Goddess Luna Li  preview

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I have my pet in quite the precarious position today. Naked, blindfolded, and helpless in my floating, rotating slave cage. Hovering in mid air, I can spin him around and around as I choose. The fact that he is blindfolded only adds to his sense of confusion and vertigo. He is at my mercy as I stalk my prey from all angles, never knowing from which direction I will strike. It’s such a delicious game of cat and mouse.
I look magnificent in my patent leather ensemble of tight leggings, corset and elbow length gloves. And he, a leather fetishist, or perhaps better said, a leather addict, as I have fed his fetish needs for years on end. He simply cannot live without it. Not that it will do him any good in this particular case, as his blindfold prohibits him from taking in my leather clad exaltedness.
My harshest leather paddle cracks his ass cheeks with cruel intentions and a thunderous clap, as he spins helplessly in circles. With each turn, I strike his ass again and again, as he squeals out in agony. The fact that he can’t see it coming, only serves to intensify the impact. I offer him a brief reprieve, but only to slap his face, kick his nuts, and spit in his mouth.
And just when he thinks his torment has concluded, I surprise him with a thick leather slapper painstakingly designed to bite the skin with the venom of a rattle snake. Blow after agonizing blow, I pound his flesh until he is begging for mercy. But mercy is a far cry from what he can expect this evening. But crying is a good start, so go ahead slave. Cry for me, while I spin you like a top.




168 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:05:58

Tonight I intend to bestow upon this undeserving slave a much deserved beating, the likes of which he will not forget anytime soon. I will break him of his annoying habits, and mold him to the point of possibly being useful to me. I start with an unassuming short leather quirt, a whip one typically might consider a warm up instrument. But for me, and even more so for him, a warm up will not be necessary.
Each and every time I throw this whip, it shall be done with cruel intentions…there will be no mercy, his demise is inevitable. His desperate pleas fall on deaf ears as I relentlessly tear his flesh with this modest whip. Again and again I strike with precision accuracy, as I welt and lacerate his torso from top to bottom. He is at his breaking point…lost in a masochistic dream state…no longer of the strength to even beg for a reprieve.
I continue the beatdown of my helpless slave with all the passion and fury one might expect from a true sadist. I transition to a braided galley whip as my appetite for his pain is insatiable. His broken and tattered state has no effect on me as nothing can quench my thirst to inflict more suffering on his prone body. His knees buckle as he holds tightly to the whipping post to steady himself.
His body is enveloped in a sea of scarlet cuts and bruises…he has lost the ability to think clearly…he is now mine to do with as I will. But we are not finished until I say so, and I say he shall take MORE until he earns absolution from his Goddess.


Bondage Male – ClubDom – Miss Roper’S Dungeon Slave – Whipped

 ClubDom  Miss RoperS Dungeon Slave  Whipped  preview

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“The best thing after a nice deep fuck, is a cigarette,” says Miss Roper to her kneeling obedient slave. She has just given her bitch a proper strap on fucking and now Miss Roper is relaxing on her throne. Miss Roper has her slave light her cigarette so she can blow her smoke in his face and use his mouth as her ashtray. Impact play usually isn’t Miss Roper’s favorite thing but she is in a particularly sadistic mood today! She informs her bitch that she is going to destroy him with her red dragon tail whip! Miss Roper commands her slave to stand on the whipping platform and she secures his wrist cuffs to a bar positioned above his head. Now that he isn’t going anywhere and can’t run away, Miss Roper begins her slave’s discipline. She starts by warming up his back and then begins to whip her slave harder. Miss Roper has no mercy n ignores the screams and moans of her helpless victim. By the end of the beating the slaves back is covered in red welt marks from Miss Roper’s whip. Too bad for him that Miss Roper’s thirst for pain is not quite yet quenched!