Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling – Utopia’s Sexy Mixed Wrestling – Nikki’s Special Massage Knockout

 Utopias Sexy Mixed Wrestling  Nikkis Special Massage Knockout  preview

437.8 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:09:50

Muscular NPC Physique Competitor Nikki J Now comes to Utopia Entertainment and knocks Derrick out in Nikki’s Special Massage Knockout! Beautiful Nikki is 6’0″ tall in bare feet and has the longest legs we have ever filmed! The leverage and pressure she can bring to bear in her scissorhold is astonishing. She is prepping for a contest and showed up nicely cut up at 175lbs. Derrick shows up late to our shoot and he is complaining about his neck. Before I could get my camera out, Nikki is sitting behind him in a chair and giving him a neck massage. I guess she was a little miffed by him telling her he didn’t know if he should get scissored, because as soon as I said I was ready she pulls him back between her lean, muscular thighs and starts to scissor his head. Nikki has the kind of legs that bite right into the sides of your neck and Derrick starts to weaken immediately. Nikki taunts him to get free, but no way he pries those long, thoroughbred thighs apart. Nikki transitions to a reverse side scissor and has almost her full weight on Derricks shoulders in her scissors. He’s already dizzy when Nikki pulls him into her reverse scissors. This is where you can tell how massive her 24.5″ thighs are as she nearly engulfs his head. He’s all but out when Nikki maneuvers to her front scissor. She loves to look into their eyes as she flexes her mighty 14″ biceps while cutting off the supply to their head. A brutal grapevine follows, as Nikki really stretches him out. She’s 2 inches taller than him, so she literally mashes him underneath her. Lastly Nikki switches to her devastating body scissor and traps him in a choke. Her forearm is right up under his jaw and across his jugular. I don’t think she really meant to put him out (or maybe she did,) but alas Derrick goes to sleep in less than a minute in this hold. Nikki and I were a little surprised, confused and worried at the end because Derrick’s such a strong guy, that I cut the camera. I apologize, we don’t get to see him wake up. However Nikki J Now being a consummate professional smiles sexily for the camera and flexes a perfect bicep. It’s awesome! Check out sexy female bodybuilder Nikki J Now at Utopia today!


Mixed Fighting – ScissorVixens – ‘SEXY SARAH BROOKE’S SAVAGE SCISSORS!’ – Sarah Brooke

 ScissorVixens  SEXY SARAH BROOKES SAVAGE SCISSORS   Sarah Brooke  preview

1.9 GB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:25:55

SEXY Sarah Brooke finally returns to ScissorVixens and WOW…what a return it is!
When we first worked with Sarah she was relatively new to the scene although she did have some competitive catfighting experience and was known for being for very good at kicking other girl’s assess!
So she decided it was time to use her ass-kicking skills on men as well and what better way than to use her deceivingly POWERFUL THIGHS!
When you first meet Sarah…you’d never imagine the power she can generate between her thighs at only 105 pounds but trust us, and the poor victim in this video, her KNOCKOUT POWER IS VERY REAL!
In fact, within less than 10 seconds of Sarah’s SAVAGE front head scissors…he went to sleep…a COMPLETE KNOCKOUT!
It took a few seconds for him to come around and when he did…he clearly had that ‘Where the fuck am I!?’ look on his face!
I reminded him to tap out whenever he has to and boy did her ever tap out…a lot…for the remainder of his torturous time between Sarah’s SAVAGE SCISSORS!
And there were several moments no matter how frantically he was tapping out, Sarah just ignored him and kept the pressure coming!
He was scheduled to go through 20 minutes of SCISSOR HELL but at some point bit his tongue and lip from clinching his teeth so hard in response to the BRUTAL PRESSURE of Sarah’s ANACONDAS!
So, after watching Sarah DESTROY him from behind the camera…I VERY RELUCTANTLY decided to take the last few minutes of PUNISHMENT and was very happy it was only for a few minutes!
She had me tapping out in seconds and good lord…her figure-4’s and across-the-throat scissors are INSTANT LIGHTS OUT!
So check out SEXY Sarah Brooke showing she’s as SAVAGE as any in ‘SEXY Sarah Brooke’s SAVAGE SCISSORS!’.


Ruined Orgasms – ULTIMATE MIXED WRESTLING – Multi (ruined) Orgasm

ULTIMATE MIXED WRESTLING  Multi ruined Orgasm  preview

570.0 MB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:15:19

This movie is all about female controlling male sexuality. Carolina plays a mean game with poor Sabby. She puts him in various of wrestling holds and in each hold, she also milks his dick but each time he is about to cum, she stops and ruins his orgasm by keeping him in the hold and waiting till his dick goes limp again. At the end, she decides to redeem his frustration ( but not his humiliation) by pressing his body against the wall, holding his arms behind his back and milk his dick until he cum


Submission Hold – Squeeze n Smother – JENNI CZECH ‘s ANACONDA LEGS

 Squeeze n Smother  JENNI CZECH s ANACONDA LEGS  preview

1.3 GB – 1920×1080 – MPEG-4 – 00:22:05

JENNI is waiting for room service at her hotel. She is dressed in a very simple black top over INCREDIBLY SEXY SNAKE SKIN PRINTED LEGGINGS! She ordered fruit juice and wanted to complain about the cleaning of her room. As the room service guy enters, she is very surprised because he did not bring anything. He says he forgot about which juice or so incredibly senseless stories. Actually, he stares at her legs in the snake-skinned leggings.
– What are you watching? She asks. And her tone is so dominant that he feels obliged to admit everything: He is completely mesmerized by her legs wearing boa constrictor leggings. As big snake’s geek, he is found of anaconda and boas and cannot help watching her legs which simulated snake skin SEEMS SO REAL. He asks her what kind of material is used to give this illusion. She is amazed by this naive old man. ” Come closer and watch, if you want!”. But he can’t help TOUCHING HER LEGS !!! Foolish snake geek!
He will feel the reality of these ANACONDA LEGS! Not only the skin looks so real! The STRENGTH OF HER HEADSCISSORS makes JENNI so realistic as anaconda girl! HER LEGS GET AROUND HIS NECK IN MANY DIFFERENT WAYS as frontal, back, reverse HEADSCISSORS. Of course, the FIGURE FOUR one is the “must” of this great session!
From the beginning, she applies a COBRA HOLD, (JENNI founds the name by herself and it’s perfect for this occasion!), king of TRIANGLE FIGURE FOUR HEADSCISSOR that cannot end otherwise but a REAL K.O.
In the second part, SHE SITS ON HIS THROAT, in a very SEXY SCHOOLGIRL PIN, and SMOTHERS him. She crushes his throat so that he cannot breathe properly and even if he tries hard, speaking seems impossible to him!!! Then, she closes his mouth and nose with her fingers. He cannot escape nor try to do anything but just accept to be submitted to her, forced to wait for the torture ends.
In the end, she persuades him to have a free week staying in this hotel and he will pay for her! A kind of findom femdom contract!


Nelson – Fabulous Laylas Fighting Clips – Double Teamed by Angry Amazons! with Layla Moore & Amazon Annie

Fabulous Laylas Fighting Clips  Double Teamed by Angry Amazons with Layla Moore  Amazon Annie preview

335.6 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:09:07

This guy! Thinks he can take on Annie, but Layla too?? What was he thinking?? Thinking with the wrong head led him to the wonderful world of submission holds! Steve thought this was going to be a fun time, but instead he gets a vicious beating at the hands of Layla and Annie!! They pounce on him, and Layla softens him up with a nasty choke, and Annie keeps him still, by laying her 220 pounds right on his slender frame!!! Clearly having too much fun, Annie wants a turn to choke him for a bit, so Layla tangles him up and crushes him with a vicious bodyscissor! Annie has fun choking him, but would rather punish him with her very powerful thighs… so she decides to crush his head with a nasty head scissor!!! The amazons have hi all wrapped up in their strong legs! Soon they are sitting on his chest and face, smothering him out with their weight!! Just for the hell of it, they put him in a double boston crab!!! That has to hurt!! They have more fun with him, just punishing him with their thighs and overall strength! These ladies are not playing around! A full nelson with body scissor is very painful, but when Annie has him all wrapped up that gives Layla full advantage to work on his exposed legs and ankles!! She works a nasty leg bender in there, just to amp up the PAIN!!! Layla squashes him some more sitting on his stomach and chest while Annie school girl pins him… Annie moves to sit on his face for a nice bicep flexing victory pose, and decides she isn’t quite done, yet.. Layla holds him in a nice camel clutch choke while Annie gives him a nice and personal view of her sexy sweaty ass… with a Stinkface!! How sweet! What a beatdown!
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Weak Male – Torvea Customs – SuperGirl Fights – Jacquelyn Velvets

 Torvea Customs  SuperGirl Fights   Jacquelyn Velvets  preview

461.1 MB – 1280×720 – mp4 – 00:12:15

Supergirl (Jacquelyn Velvets) catches Scott Torvea robbing her house and demands that he surrender. No man has ever defeated her and she collects them as her personal slaves. He’s cocky that as a man, he can fight this seductive but petite cosplayer and pushes her.
Without missing a beat, she puts him in a standing sleeper hold and he slowly weakens, slumping to his ass. Her hands rests on his forehead as she teases him with a lullaby. His struggles are futile as he tries to remove her arms, and she throws him to the ground as he turns red.
A camel clutch tests his flexibility and makes him squeal as she alternates with hands under his chin and hand over mouth while pinching his nose. This dolt thinks she got lucky, but this super heroine proves her mettle by putting her bare foot on his chest and kicking him. Wrapping her curvy legs around his biceps with a lotus lock, her feet clench as she mocks him for getting beaten by a girl.
An Indian Deathlock makes him flail helplessly and shows off her sexy ass next to her wrinkled soles. Showing her strength, she cracks his bones in a figure 4 leglock. Leaning back, she enjoys his screams while teasing him with her cute, girlish voice.
Giggling, she accepts his surrender. Crawling to his knees, she handcuffs him. Not one to miss an opportunity, she demands her feet be worshipped by this fallen criminal. He humbly kisses her red toenails before she kicks him to his back and does her victory pose!


Role Play – Goddess Alexandra Snow – Interrogation of Agent 38051 – Part 2

Goddess Alexandra Snow  Interrogation of Agent 38051  Part 2  preview

597.1 MB – 1920×1080 – mp4 – 00:10:09

Agent 38051 is in deep water still. After a failed mission to retrieve a chip from a competing government agency he was captured in interrogated by the best agent in Europe. After tormenting him with her body in the initial interrogation, this special agent is going to wring out the information from him with her powerful thighs. He gasps and chokes in her grip. She’ll get the information out of him somehow. Totally exposed and alone there’s no one in the world that can help him now.
Either he gives up the location of the chip, or he suffers a slow, breathless demise.