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This is probably one of the most brutal ballbusting clips on this store- and THAT is saying something. It is amazing while watching it that the slave could keep getting up and taking more for its Goddess… Also, to get this clip in HD for $1 less, click HERE: Sadistic Couples Entertainment (HD)
Goddess Randi and her boyfriend just got back from a nice dinner paid for by one of the several slaves that serves them. Randi decides that she wants to have her friend Raven bust one of their slave’s balls for her & her BFs entertainment. It makes them laugh, makes them feel superior, and turns them on at the same time. (and gets them in the mood to fuck!) They LOVE watching their slaves being hurt and torturred while they relax, laugh at how pathetic they are, and direct the action. Plus, it is a great test of a cuck-slave’s devotion- how many times will it keep getting up and spreading its legs when We command it “Get up, bitch!” kick after kick…even with no break and no mercy. Obviously WE couldn’t care less how much pain its in. After all, WE cant feel a thing! LOL! And this cuck moron will continue to serve Us no matter what we do to it…so who cares how much damage is done to it?
We even offered to pay Raven more money based on how badly she could hurt the fucker! LOL! Needless to say, after that, she literally tried to toe-punt the fuckers balls up into his throat! I love this girl. She didnt give a fuck about a piece of sh*tt slave’s balls- She just wanted to get PAID!!
This is one of our toughest ball-kicking slaves and it was literally crumpled on the ground in the fetal position by the end of the video when we were through with it…and we all just laughed our asses off and went out to party! LOL! While the poor ballkicking bitch has to stay at home in its cage and edit the video of its own torturre session for us so we can watch it when we get back and be entertained some more by its suffering!! ��