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Posted: April 23, 2018

 Young Goddess Kim  Doormat in Chastity  preview

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I’ve locked this slave back in chastity and left it leashed and chained to the door as I went out shopping for the day. On My return, in full black PVC outfit, it drops to its knees to kiss My red sole patent leather boots. A slave must always prove itself useful to a Goddess, and right now its most useful as My personal doormat. I use its face and tongue to wipe and lick My boot soles clean, and wipe them dry on its carpet of a body. I degrade the slave into nothing but My object with the simple purpose of My doormat – to be used throughout the day for My arriving guests too. I notice it does a much better job in chastity, its desperation to please Me is satisfying. Doubt I’ll unlock it anytime soon. or ever again.
Includes: Boot Domination, PVC, Female Domination, Humiliation, Sole Licking, Trampling, Boot Worship, Chastity, Goddess Worship, Human Furniture, Femdom POV, CFNM


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