Chastity – Brat Princess 2 – Mia Martinez – Shiny Bodysuit Scissorhold

Brat Princess 2  Mia Martinez  Shiny Bodysuit Scissorhold  preview

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4K Ultra HD Mia looks great in her shiny bodysuit. She is excited to show her slave how strong her legs are. Mia clamps the slave’s neck between her thighs. She squeezes. The slave is in a lot of pain but gets the privilege of being very close to her cute Princess ass. Mia gets him good, squeezing as hard as she can while laughing at his misery. The slave tries to tap out, but Mia hits him. A male can never touch a female without her permission! Mia could have him arrested in a heartbeat. Mia puts her ass directly in her slave’s face. She can tease him with her body as much as she wants, and he must follow her rules. The slave is in agony as she clamps his neck and Mia thinks it’s hilarious. Pretty girls can do whatever they want with no consequences. Mia decides to intensify the slave’s suffering by forcing him to swallow her boyfriend’s hot load from a condom. The slave hates it but cannot escape her powerful thighs. Mia might decide to put the old loser out of his misery with the taste of her boyfriend’s cum still in his mouth. After sparing his life, Mia makes the loser lay on the floor of the bathroom so that she can pee down his throat.